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  • How New Technology by LifeWave Can Help Activate Stem Cells

    It seems information about stem cells is everywhere these days. That’s with good reason since these unique cells hold remarkable potential for improving health and wellness as scientific understanding of them increases. However, even as understanding in the scientific community changes, there is still plenty of work to be done in educating everyday people in

  • Life Was Great Until The Misdiagnosis Of A Child

    Lorina and Jason Troy had a good life. They had a four-year-old son and Lorina had just given birth to their second. They lived in a nice house in Texas. Jason had a good, top-secret, job with the government. They thought all was well; however, that was soon to change. Their newborn, JJ had been

  • Instagram CBD Marketing is a Different Beast

    CBD is something of a hot button topic these days. Which is strange because the vast majority of people talking about it believe in its abilities as a healing and soothing product. Yet still, it has not gained universal support because of state and federal laws surrounding its legality. That hasn’t stopped many people from

  • 6 Tips to improve sleep

    How Can I Improve Sleep? Many people have difficulty sleeping for various reasons.  If they are an insomniac, they will need to get professional help for improving their condition.  For most people, they merely will need to try other ways to get the rest that they need. Do You Get The Recommended 6 – 8

  • 3 Tips for Choosing the Ideal House Temperature for Baby

    As babies grow older, they’re more capable of regulating their own body temperature, meaning they can withstand slightly more extreme variants in their environment. However, for newborns especially, it’s essential that you keep your home at the right temp. Just a few degrees too cold or too hot could spell poor sleep or even illness

  • Fertility Issues: Evening the Odds

    If you’re diagnosed with a health issue that affects your fertility, either directly, through the action of the condition itself, or indirectly, through the medication or other treatment for the issue, it’s easy to feel defeated. Fertility can feel like a very binary issues: either you’re at the peak of reproductive health, or you will

  • Areas of Your Health You Shouldn’t Neglect

    We’re pretty much aware that it’s important to keep our hearts healthy, and most of us also care for the health of our lungs, even if we do struggle to quit smoking. We try to eat healthy and not put on too much weight. But it’s still easy to overlook certain areas of our health

  • 4 Health Risks That May Come From Using Marijuana

    In October 2018, marijuana use became legal in Canada under the Federal Cannabis Act. Consequently, Canada joined Uruguay as the only two countries worldwide that have legalized this drug for medicinal and recreational purposes. More than 3.4 million Canadians aged 15 years and above used marijuana in 2011. The number of users is higher today

  • Getting Your Loved Ones the Care That They Need

    Have you taken responsibility to take for one or more of your loved ones, whether they are family members or simply good friends? Caring for other people can be one of the most generous and meaningful things that you can do with your life, but it can also be very difficult and stressful for the