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  • 3 Technologies Improving the Transportation Business

    Transportation businesses are in exciting times, as technology is making transportation safer, faster and more efficient. And when your business is delivering packages, supplies or goods, it’s even more important that technology is incorporated to lower accident risks and keep inventory safe. Businesses are starting to incorporate the following technologies into their businesses to improve

  • How New Technology by LifeWave Can Help Activate Stem Cells

    It seems information about stem cells is everywhere these days. That’s with good reason since these unique cells hold remarkable potential for improving health and wellness as scientific understanding of them increases. However, even as understanding in the scientific community changes, there is still plenty of work to be done in educating everyday people in

  • Shasta Ventures and their Advanced Ideas

    How Shasta Ventures Helps Encourage Tech Innovation

    Venture capital firms have provided the fuel behind the modern technological explosion. The backing of these firms can grant a host of benefits to entrepreneurs, including funding, go-to-market support, institutional experience, and more. But not all of these firms are created equal. To get a sense of how a prominent firm can truly encourage innovation

  • Work of Jonathan Cornelissen Shows Impact of Education

    Education is a key part of what makes any economy function. As the population grows, jobs become increasingly specialized, requiring new and unique kinds of training to maximize effectiveness. One area in which this has become especially relevant is in the field of data science. To further explore this topic, we looked to the work

  • How To Protect Your Data: 4 Ways To Stay Safe

    It seems that every day there is a new data breach being reported. Thieves and hackers have gotten very good at finding vulnerabilities to exploit to gain access to people’s bank accounts and more. If they are so good, is there anything that you and I can do about it? After all, they are professionals

  • Why Manufactures Are Struggling to Become “Smart”

    Smart manufacturing is nothing new. However, with the growth of smart manufacturing predicted to peak at $299 billion by 2023, the outlook is positive. As technologies develop like AI, collaborative robots and industrial machine vision, these concepts get implemented in a manufacturing environment, hence the term smart manufacturing. However, smart manufacturing is much more than

  • What To Do After Creating A Successful App

    Creating an app requires a lot of work, effort, and time. But, if you already have a successful app, what should you do next? Or maybe you’re just starting and need to know the steps for creating an app. Either way, you should know these little things after developing an app!  Developing an App First

  • Integrations And Plugins That Will Transform Your Squarespace Website

    When aiming to enhance the functionality of your Squarespace website you can choose between numerous plugins and integrations that will help you transform your site from ordinary to extraordinary. Because boosting web traffic is a major concern for businesses, enhancing your website is crucial. While plugins are third-party tools that can be added to your

  • 3 Technologies That Can Help You Breathe Easier

    When it comes to healthy living, people often think about heart health and weight loss. However, your respiratory health also plays a huge role in your overall well-being. New technologies, from artificial lungs to high-tech air purifiers, are improving the quality of life for people everywhere. Keep reading to learn about three state-of-the-art devices with