The Best AirTag Wallet In 2022

61% of Apple users are planning to invest in AirTags. And with good reason. No one enjoys losing their stuff.

AirTag, which is technology from Apple, makes everything trackable from school bags to car keys. Simply, anything you attach an AirTag to is trackable.But our favorite AirTag integration has to be in wallets. Below, we will tell you all about AirTag technology and the best AirTag wallet to consider for 2022.

What is AirTag Technology?

AirTag is Apple’s tracking device which uses the company’s Find My application. The tech is compatible with any device running iOS 14.5 or any version released after. AirTag uses the U1 chip embedded in Apple devices and can locate any object through the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.

AirTag Wallet Features

The best AirTag wallet for 2022 should have a few distinguishing features. What you are buying is a smart wallet, after all.

1. RFID Security

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a system of communication developed to identify any object attached to it. The system uses electromagnetic frequency plus radio frequency. This makes it easy for cardholders to make payments without having to swipe cards, but rather by tapping them. This also means that anyone with a scanner can read your card and process payments without your knowledge, from your pocket. But with RFID blocking wallets, your cards are protected from hackers. RFID blocking wallets interrupt the communication between the RFID chip in your card and readers.

Pop-up Mechanism

A great AirTag wallet, like the Ekster AirTag wallet, has a pop-up mechanism. This mechanism makes it easy to store and access cards. A lever, at the bottom of the wallet, can be pressed to display your cards.

Design Capacity

Capacity should be at the core of your decision when picking an AirTag wallet. But this depends largely on design. Thinly designed wallets allow you to carry more cards and make it easy to place your wallet in either the front or back pocket. Some wallets on the market can carry 15 cards, while others have a capacity of 8.

AirTag Wallet Holder

And lastly, we have the AirTag holder. If you are buying a wallet for your AirTag, then you will need a holder that includes an AirTag holder section in the wallet, while still preserving the style and design of the wallet.

The Best AirTag Wallet for 2022

Here are the leading AirTag wallets for 2022. Every wallet included in the list encompasses all the above features and more:

1. Ekster AirTag Wallet

Ekster AirTag wallet takes first place in our list, not only for its environmentally certified leather and 12 card capacity but because of its effortless design. With RFID blocking technology, quick card access and custom pocket for Apple AirTag, this wallet, which retails for $79, will give you value.

2. SWISST AirTag Wallet

In second place, we have an offering from SWISST. These stylish handmade AirTag wallets are produced from Italian leather and carbon fiber. Premium at its best. The SWISST wallet can only accommodate 8 cards and has a price range from $39.95.

3. Spigen AirTag Wallet

If you are a Star Wars fan, then look no further than Spigen. The futuristic-looking AirTag wallet can hold up to 12 cards and some banknotes. Though not made with leather, the genuine aluminum still creates an eye-catching design. Thinking this could be the perfect gift? It retails for $35.

Buying AirTag Wallets

Getting the best AirTag wallet in 2022 is no brainer. Not only do you get RFID blocking technology but you also get awesome designs with a lot of capacity. If you are looking for the perfect gift, then these wallets are the answer.

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