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  • 5 Great Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

    We all love to carry out improvements at home to make our living space that little bit more comfortable, which also adds value to the property. It might be an exterior make-over, or perhaps a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and with that in mind, here are a few home improvement projects that won’t break the

  • 3 Technologies Improving the Transportation Business

    Transportation businesses are in exciting times, as technology is making transportation safer, faster and more efficient. And when your business is delivering packages, supplies or goods, it’s even more important that technology is incorporated to lower accident risks and keep inventory safe. Businesses are starting to incorporate the following technologies into their businesses to improve

  • Jacques Poujade: 4 Ways Law Firms Are Keeping Clients Safe For Closings During COVID-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way many industries do business and has changed the way many customers want to approach businesses. Many customers are concerned for their health and wellbeing, and rightly so.  But despite the pandemic, many businesses need to continue functioning, including law firms and mortgage lenders. Many legal businesses and mortgage

  • Zynn, New Video-Sharing App

    Who and What You’ll Find on Zynn, the Short-Form Video Sharing Innovator

    Are you tired of constantly flipping past cookie cutter videos from a small group of social media influencers? Are you growing bored with limited customization options, sterile algorithms, and clunky interfaces on your social media platforms? Would you like to see more diversity, authenticity, and community-based focus in your short-form video sharing platforms? If so,

  • What Is The History Behind US Military Medals?

    What Is The History Behind US Military Medals?

    America is the land of the free because of our military heroes. Throughout the entire history of the United States of America, soldiers have given everything in the name of the red white and blue.   Chances are that you have also probably had an encounter with one of these heroes.   While there are ways they

  • What are the NFL Free Pick Predictions?

    The NFL is easier one of the world’s most popular leagues to bet on. Thousands if not millions of fans cheer for their favorite teams and star players throughout the seventeen-week regular season and all the way through one of the most important and heavily anticipated events of the year: The Super Bowl.  With the

  • person putting out car fire

    What to do if your car catches fire

    Drivers have several fears and phobias while on the road. Some worry a sneeze could trigger a pileup on the highway, while others cope with the mental and emotional damage leftover from a previous accident. One such terrifying scenario would be driving along when, all of a sudden, your car catches fire.  What would you

  • MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit on Why Mini Cables Rock

    For Seymour Segnit, the founder and CEO of MAGFAST, changing charging for good isn’t just a business plan; it’s a way of life. MAGFAST has crafted a powerful, unique line of interlocking device chargers, and the company has put more work into every component that makes up each device in the MAGFAST Family – Extreme,

  • How New Technology by LifeWave Can Help Activate Stem Cells

    It seems information about stem cells is everywhere these days. That’s with good reason since these unique cells hold remarkable potential for improving health and wellness as scientific understanding of them increases. However, even as understanding in the scientific community changes, there is still plenty of work to be done in educating everyday people in