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  • How Businesses Can Advance Philanthropy

    How Businesses Can Advance Philanthropy Philanthropy is an important part of the American tradition, and businesses are often looking for ways to be more charitable. When it comes to the business world, many people are looking for ways to give back. Some businesses have found success in giving back through philanthropic efforts that allow them

  • Ways to Avoid a Personal Injury Incident – Tips on Protecting Yourself

    Everything is possible, from accidents to injuries, but it is your prerogative to protect yourself and your family from serious personal injury. But, you can try to prevent these injuries as much as possible. There are many types of personal injuries, and your lawyer will be able to advise you about the various possibilities. But,

  • How to Size Up a Startup

    how startups can really take off Start ups are starting up all over the place since the pandemic of 2020 which led to the “Big Quit”(or Great Resignation). Yes, the big quit is the name that has been given to the large number of employees who resigned from their jobs. Many of whom left their

  • 6 Types of Resilience that Companies Need Today

    6 Types of Resilience that Companies Need Today The word resilience is used to describe the capacity of an object or person to recover quickly from difficulties. In today’s business world, it is crucial for companies to be resilient. There are many different types of resilience that businesses need in order to survive and thrive

  • How to Handle Pain as You Get Older

    How to Handle Pain as You Get Older Pain is, unfortunately, something that we all experience. However, the good news is that there are ways to handle the pain as they get older and make it more manageable. Jordan Sudberg has written a blog post about how to do this. According to Sudberg, “Pain does

  • Are Slogans Still Effective in Advertising?

    Are Slogans Still Effective in Advertising? Slogans can be an effective way to get a consumer’s attention, but according to Father George, they may not be as effective as they used to be. Father George Rutler, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, wrote about the effectiveness of advertising slogans in the 21st

  • How to Change Your Career at 30

    Are You 30 and Thinking about Changing Your Career? Age should never limit anybody from doing what they love most in the career world. At times, people want to change their careers, but they feel that age 30 and above is too late. That has never been the case for the successful Jonathan Osler. He

  • Problem Solving Tips

    Problem Solving Tips Problem-solving in any business is defined as the processes implemented to remove or reduce an obstacle that is a barrier to the company accomplishing its goals. Alexander Djerassi is an entrepreneur and foreign policy expert situated in the United States of America. As an entrepreneur, he knew a lot about business, and

  • The Key to Inclusive Leadership

    The Key to Inclusive Leadership  Recently, Alexander Djerassi published an article in the Harvard Business Review discussing how to develop inclusive leadership. He talks about the importance of creating a culture of trust – where employees feel comfortable taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes. This is essential for organizations that want their