Treating Your Employees Like Family: Tragedies They Can Encounter And How The Company Can Help

Companies that have close staff are usually more productive and have the potential to do something special. This all starts with company culture as some companies look at their employees as a paycheck number and the attitudes/production of the employees reflects that. There are going to be times where certain members of the staff are going through a personal tragedy. How the company responds to this will be viewed by staff in a negative or positive fashion. Below are tips to help staff through difficult times that commonly occur.

Hurt In A Car Accident

Being injured in a car accident is scary but that fear can turn into frustration as medical bills pile up. Recommending a great attorney like can be valuable as not everyone knows what to do during this stressful time. Being flexible about hours or working from home until the injury is healed can be great. Not all jobs can do this though as some require employees to be at the office or with the team.

Divorce Is Pending

Divorce is common to say the least as many people know a large percentage of marriages end in divorce. The odds are that the company is going to have to deal with multiple divorces over the course of only a few years. Allowing this person to work flexible hours or at home during times to meet with their divorce attorney is important. Even allowing them to receive mail at the office can be a huge help as nobody wants a spouse to find out about a divorce from opening the other’s mail. Divorce is life changing so it might take time to adjust which is important when evaluating the employee’s performance.

Family Member Dying

A family member dying should be met with sympathy by allowing a few deadlines to be pushed back and time off for the funeral services. There is going to be a grieving period so if there is a small drop in production or quality of work understanding this is imperative. With this being said, this should be for important family members close to the employee. A second cousin’s godmother is not good enough reasoning to immediately take off unless the employee has PTO. Not every case is the same so take this one at a time as a distant relative could be important to a person due to them being raised by them due to unusual family circumstances.

Personal Health Concerns

Personal health concerns can range from a variety of things like a heart issue, cancer, to Crohn’s disease. The employee is going to be to be up front about this as otherwise the company might not be able to accommodate them in anyway. Doctor’s appointments being scheduled during work hours can be fine in some circumstances as long as the hours are made up. In shift-based jobs allowing the person to work a different shift if they desire will allow them to attend the appointment as well as not lose any money in the process.

As you can see people go through issues that are going to impact their performance at work regardless. Trying to help these people will resonate with the culture of the rest of the company.