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    What is Biodiversity?  

    The importance of biodiversity It’s no secret to anyone that the world’s ecosystem is an essential concept of protection, no matter what. With that said, Shalom Lamm believes that there is a lot to be learned about the Earth’s environment and what people can do more to help preserve. There are also many aspects of

  • Africa’s energy resources have the ability to create sources of economic growth. Creating beneficial deals have been difficult, until now.

    Business deals with energy companies, associations, and beneficial investments are the wisest strategies to promote sustainability in global economies. Africa has begun to utilize their developmental resources. The International Energy Agency (IEA)states that with the growing appetite for modern and efficient energy sources, Africa emerges as a major force in global oil and gas markets.

  • 5 Things you should consider when buying fuel injector cleaner

    For proper and efficient engine function, it is important to keep your engine clean and lubricated. Experts suggest that you use fuel injector cleaner. It is always best to work with a professional but if you are a DIY-kind of person, you can do the task on your own. Doing so will protect the overall

  • What are the Uses of Silver as Per Science?

    With the passage of time, scientists have discovered several elements for the use of mankind in diverse manners. Silver (Ag) has been used for multitude purposes since for centuries. The metal is held in high regard for its decorative beauty and electrical conductivity. Many people are aware of the value gold, silver and platinum holds

  • Cyborg Implants And The Rise Of The Human Cyborgs

    In the late 1970’s people watched a science fiction film created by Martin Caidin entitled ‘Cyborg’. It featured how an individual lost an arm and a limb but was immediately replaced with mechanical prosthetics using cyber technology. These bionic replacements were stronger and powerful than the original replaced extremities. Inspired with this new fictional concept,

  • How our Brain Interprets Smell and Taste

    How our Sense of Smell Affects Taste [intro]Eating is an activity which involves the collective effort of taste, sight and smell. Therefore the smell of the food can influence its taste. Similarly, the color of the food or the look of the dish can change the taste of a meal. In most cases, something which

  • The Weird & Wonderful Mind of Nikola Tesla

    The Bizarre Mind of Nikola Tesla [intro]Nikola Tesla, a well renowned and respected physicist born in Smiljan, Croatia, in the 1800s, and contributed greatly to the world of physics, engineering, and development of science. These include but are not limited to: A.C. electric power, the hydro-electric power plant at Niagara Falls, the diffusion of power without

  • why do zebras have stripes?

    Why do Zebras Have Stripes?

    How the zebra got its stripes, with Alan Turing [intro]Where do a zebra’s stripes, a leopard’s spots and our fingers come from? The key was found years ago – by the man who cracked the Enigma code, Alan Turing.[/intro] In 1952 a mathematician published a set of equations that tried to explain the patterns we see

  • Biohacking: It’s A Science/Art That let’s You Hack Your Way To Awesomeness

    Humanity has already made substantial advancement in testing, understanding and managing their own biology. Today, the minds behind medical science and technology believe that the very first immortal human being has been born already. That’s right, immortal human being–with indefinite lifespan. Last year 2013, it was possible to get your personal genetic makeup sequence analyzed

  • A Genetic Glimpse Into Human Evolution

    A genetic glimpse into recent human evolution gives very interesting results. Studies indicate that the evolution of man from his ancestoral apes stretches over 6 million years. This evolution was characterized by development of various traits that include bigger brains, hunting, and bipedal walking in the earlier years. Human evolution enabled man to acquire culture