Current Trends in Your Industry

Current Trends in Your Industry

Recent years have seen a lot of changes in the workforce. With so much opportunity, the new generation is more entrepreneurial than ever. Industries are shifting towards more tech and automation. Many recent trends are disrupting traditional work environments and shifting them towards a more individualized work style. Here we discuss some of the most prominent trends and what it means for the workplace.

1. Automation

As technology advances, businesses can automate previously time-consuming and tedious tasks. This allows them to focus on more complex tasks and increases their productivity. Automation is especially prominent in industrial and manufacturing. Algorithms have been implemented behind the scenes, decreasing human error and increasing efficiency. It also gives employees more time to work on creative projects or relax.

2. Transformation to Virtual Firms

Virtual firms allow employees to work from home, allowing them greater flexibility. This will enable employees to focus on projects without phone calls or office interruptions. Mobile technology has made it easy to set up a virtual office, and access to cloud storage has made it easy to share files and information. There are still some downsides, though. Discipline must still be used to avoid procrastination and distractions. A virtual office can be a great way to attract employees who value work/life balance or want to work in different locations than their homes. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, brands and organizations that haven’t embraced a virtual model are losing a large portion of the workforce.

3. Combining Online and Offline Services

For many industries, online and offline services can be combined to be more effective. Restaurants, retailers, and dating services use online delivery. This makes it easier for customers to access these services without being stressed about missing out on an opportunity if they don’t get there quickly enough. The internet has essentially eliminated the need for complicated delivery options. Customer service representatives are often overworked and stressed out and have much more time to deal with customers in person. Employees of these businesses can spend less time on the phone and more time with the customer.

4. Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions. This system creates a great way to record, share and secure information. It can be used in almost any industry to give business owners more control over their knowledge and improve the reliability of their data. Many online databases have been the subject of hacking scandals. The blockchain can secure information with little risk of errors. This will allow companies to create more valuable databases, which can be used for various functions like customer interaction, sales, etc. Recent and more intelligent systems enable companies to store and analyze data more effectively. This will give companies better control over their information.

Both employees and employers need to understand the changes that are happening in industries. While some jobs may become obsolete, new opportunities are opening daily. A bachelor’s degree has always been the standard qualification, but employers look for more than just a piece of paper. An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to adapt in response to change can be pretty valuable. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, industries need people who are highly motivated and can work well in a group.

How to Manage Your Staff While Traveling

How to Manage Your Staff While Traveling

Dr. Jordan Sudberg thinks that traveling for work can be an excellent opportunity to visit new places, connect with colleagues in other cities, and expand your network. But traveling also entails extra obligations, like packing, preparing your home for guests, and booking flights. It is where it’s essential to make sure that everything is managed well so that you can focus on work when you’re away from your base office. These five tips will help you manage your staff while traveling.

1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

When you’re in a different city, you may be tempted to log off for some time. But as the boss, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team’s needs are met. Ensuring that there is always someone in the office who can take care of urgent tasks while you’re away. According to a study by the Center for Creative Leadership, most employees who experience “high levels of job dissatisfaction admitted that they had higher expectations of their supervisor than their more satisfied co-workers.” In simple terms, if your staff expect more from you, you should deliver more by ensuring that everything is managed smoothly even when you’re away from the office.

2. Delegate Tasks to Other Staff Members

It would be best to use specific standard tools like email and conference calls to get things done. However, since many of your team members are on the other side of the world, it’s hard for them to do their part in completing daily tasks. It is why you should ask other staff members to help meet some of the functions that are not so critical but still need your attention.

3. Keep their personalities in mind

You should know that not every team member can handle specific tasks when delegating tasks. You should also know that not all personalities are suited to particular tasks. For example, if someone in your team is known for being a stress case, they might not be the best person to deal with a stressful customer phone call.

4. Give them autonomy

Helping out with daily tasks doesn’t mean you have to control their entire work day. Instead, you should ensure that your team members are given the autonomy to do the jobs themselves, which will help them perform better in the long run. According to a Cornell University study, “employees who felt they had control over their workday were more satisfied with their jobs, happier with their colleagues, and higher in overall productivity than employees who did not have that control.”

5. Relax

According to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg, when people feel overwhelmed, they do everything at once. It can often lead to a sense of anxiety, stress, and more work. When you’re constantly stressed while on vacation, you’re not going to have time to relax. You should keep a separate account on your phone with some relaxation apps that are used just for times like these.

These tips will help you manage your staff while traveling. Dr. Sudberg, “psychological stress can arise from many different causes. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, work to find the root cause of your stress and address it.

Right to be Forgotten

The Supreme Court and the right to be forgotten

In recent year, the ‘right to be forgotten service‘ has become increasingly popular. For example, a search engine operator can be oblige to remove certain result from a list of search result. Since the Cotija judgment by the highest European court in 2014 , the number of removal requests to online search engines has increased enormously. The question under which condition such a request must be grant has led to much lower case law. Recently, the Supreme Court , the highest Dutch court, also had to consider this. What was the situation?

A man is sentence to six year in prison for attempt murder. The appeal in the criminal case is still pending. The man has since mention in various media. The case even inspires an author to write a book in which a murder is committee by a character of the same name. Entering the man’s full first and last name as a search term in Google Search displays results from web pages related to it.

Which interest outweighs?
The man start summary proceeding against Google in which he demand that the hyperlink be remove. In these kind of case, different interest are oppose: the privacy interest of the man, the economic interest of the operator of the search engine and the interest of internet user. The court and the court of appeal ultimately attribute decisive importance to the interest of the public.

Court too short through the bend
The Supreme Court states first and foremost that the privacy interest of a natural person generally carries the most weight, but that this may be different if special reasons justify the interference with the right to privacy. Focusing on the present case, according to the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal was too short-sight. 

The court should have check whether the public has an interest in the relevant search result being show if the full name of the man is search. The court should then have weighed this interest against the interest of the man, taking into account that his conviction is not yet irrevocable. The Supreme Court refers the case to another court for further settlement. 

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What is the ‘Right to be forgot’?

The Right to erasure is one of your right under the GDPR – it is also know as ‘Right to be forgot’. This means that in certain circumstances you can ask an organization to remove your personal information, or ask a search engine to remove links to content about you that is inadequate, irrelevant or excessive.

Children have special protections because they may be less aware of the risks of providing their information to organization. Even if you are now of age, you have the right to have your data delete because it was collect from you when you were a child. However, there are some limitation to the right to be forgot, especially when there is a public interest in the information.

When can I ask an organization to delete my personal data?

You can request the deletion of your personal data. if for example the company that has your data. No longer needs it you have withdrawn. Your consent or you object to the processing of your data.
More information about the ground for this can be found on the Data Protection Commission.

What happens if an organization has to delete your personal data?

The organization must delete your personal information and also take steps to let anyone. Who has shared your information know that you have request that it be delete. The only exception is if this would be impossible or would be disproportionate to attempt.

Are there situations where the Right to be Forgot do not apply?

Yes, certain grounds require a person to request the gdpr case studies. These include where there is also a right to freedom of expression. Due to legal obligations or where there is a public interest in the information.

How to Correct Workplace Errors

How to Correct Workplace Errors

Workplace errors are inevitable no matter how great an employee is, especially in a fast-paced environment. Mistakes are even more pronounced for those with limited workplace supervision. It is not a case of there being no one to look after the employee; instead, it is a case that the supervisor lacks sufficient experience to look after everything. One will always fail in their job if they cannot attend to their work and even guide inexperienced people.

1. Taking Responsibility for the Error

Taking responsibility is one of the best things that one can do to correct workplace errors. The most important thing is to make sure that they identify the error and not make excuses for it. Delaying responsibility for something they did wrong does not get anything done. It should be noted, however, that taking responsibility has its limits, such as when someone has done something unintentionally. Without making long explanations, accountability should be taken immediately when a mistake is noticed.

2. Self-Reflection – Learning from Mistakes

After taking responsibility for the error, the employee should learn to see what they did wrong to rectify it the next time. To do this, they should reflect on the error and analyze what made it happen. This is extremely important because self-reflection allows them to see what happened and why. It will also help them build a better track record from mistakes in the future.

3. Identifying Disadvantageous Situations

One can easily be a victim of their own mistake when one cannot identify the situation that led to it. One might keep on making the same mistakes no matter how hard one tries to avoid making them. Recognizing this situation means that one should know when and where they have made a mistake before they can improve on their track record. Dr. Jordan Sudberg says that it is essential to be aware of one error and the learning opportunities that come from them. The awareness will allow one to see them and realize where they can improve.

4. Developing a Learning Culture

One of the most important things people do wrong in their workplace is that they lack the habit of learning by observing others more than they do by themselves. Dr. Jordan, an expert at correcting workplace errors, says that catching up with other people’s mistakes is one way for people to learn without wasting time and effort. The more people spend their time around others, the more they learn from their mistakes.

5. Constructing a “Learning Timeline.”

Constructing a learning timeline is another way for an employee to catch up on things that happened to them in the past. This is important because it helps in having a better idea of what has happened and how badly they have done them. Once one is aware of how poorly they have done things before, one can determine where they can improve on their work record going forward; this would allow them to make sure they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

The most effective way to correct workplace errors is for employees to understand what they have done wrong and learn from it. Identifying the situation that led to it and learning how to avoid repeating those mistakes are things that will make one a better person at their job. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, it is essential to have a culture of learning in which one learns from their own mistakes or those of others. One should be able to see what they have done wrong and correct it in the future.

How to Create a Modern Website

How to Create a Modern Website

A website is often the first thing that potential customers see when they learn about a business, so it’s important to make a good impression. According to former arbitrage trader, Helen Lee Schifter, a modern-looking website indicates that a business is keeping up with the times, and can help attract a wider audience. The following are some tips on how to create a modern-looking website:

1. Use Plenty of White Space

White space, also called negative space, is the area of a website design that is left empty. It’s the space between elements on the web page, and it’s an important part of creating a modern look. In the past, web designers tended to pack as much information as possible into every available space. These days, however, less is more.

Using plenty of white space gives the website a clean and spacious feel. It makes the content easier to read and navigate, and it can help improve user experience. White space can also be used to highlight specific elements on the web page, making them more likely to catch someone’s eye.

2. Stick to a Minimalist Design

A minimalist design is another key element of creating a modern look for a website. Minimalism is all about stripping down the design to its bare essentials. This means using clean lines, simple shapes, and a few colors. It’s important to be intentional with every element being included in the design and only keep the necessary ones.

3. Use Bold Colors and Simple Graphics

Bold colors and simple graphics are another way to create a modern look for a website. In the past, web designers tended to use a lot of small graphics and subdued colors. These days, however, designs are much bolder and more vibrant. Subtle colors can still be used if it will be appropriate for a brand, but it’s always nice to experiment with different shades and tones.

4. Incorporate Large Fonts

Incorporating large fonts into a website design is another great way to create a modern look. According to Helen Lee Schifter, large fonts are easy to read, which is especially important for people who are browsing on mobile devices.

They also make a statement and can help draw attention to specific pieces of content on the web page. The fonts should also not be very large as they will be difficult to read.

5. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Finally, it’s important to optimize the website for mobile devices. In recent years, there has been a shift from desktop computers to mobile devices as the primary way people browse the internet.

As a result, it’s now more important than ever before to make sure that a website looks good on all types of browsers and devices. Mobile optimization can be achieved through responsive design or by creating a separate mobile version of the website altogether. Whichever method is used, the website should be easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Final Remarks

Creating a modern-looking website is not a very difficult task. By following these simple tips—such as using plenty of white space, sticking to a minimalist design, using bold colors and simple graphics— it is possible to create a website with an updated look that will appeal to a wider audience.

Furthermore, with so many people now browsing the internet on their phones and tablets, it’s more important than ever to make sure that a website looks good on all types of browsers and devices.

Why It’s Important to Learn to Read Music

Numerous people who recently began learning piano could not be guarante to comprehend. The reason why they ought to endeavor to understand music. All things considered. Numerous extremely renown performers do not know how to perceive notes on a staff . That surely didn’t keep them from accomplishing an incredible degree of progress as well as creating astonishing melodic abilities. Nonetheless. Farzin Fardin Fard

It is vital to take note of that perusing music could help you. as a novice. To really get to know the instrument and comprehend what it is that you’re doing. Improvising is perfect and can positively permit . You to play all your number one radio hits. Yet on the off chance that you are truly keen on learning music and not just an instrument and become an all the more balance performer. Read underneath to comprehend how perusing music can help you.

Understanding music, so, is the specialty of utilizing printed music to assist you with playing tunes. A printed music incorporates a staff, notes, high pitch and bass clef, and so forth. To unravel this multitude of images. You’ll have to have an essential comprehension of musical figures (half notes, quarter notes, and so forth) as well as knowing the name of the notes in view . Their situation on the staff (the gatherings of 5 lines on which the notes are drawn). Farzin Fardin Fard

You can without much of a stretch advance this large number of fundamental ideas by finding support from an able educator . Just by looking into online instructional exercises or books and strategies, for instance. It appears to be overpowering, and to this end numerous piano understudies like to advance by ear as opposed to invest the energy and exertion expected to comprehend and peruse printed music. Be that as it may, in the event that you are significant about learning piano, perusing music will before long turn out to be natural and will permit you to play probably the hardest sytheses at any point

You’re simply beginning to play piano – you likely have practically zero information on this large number of ideas previously mention yet more significantly. You are exceptionally scare by seeing the actual instrument. There are a great deal of white and dark keys to look over and you have no clue about where to get everything rolling. Generally. Youngsters (and more establish understudies obviously) would realize utilizing what is allude to as ‘techniques’. Farzin Fardin Fard

These are essentially books making you through each step of learning piano. expanding the trouble of each piece as you turn the pages. Whether you need to be the following John Lennon and compose your own music or fantasy about playing Rachmaninoff. You really want to begin some place. Perusing music will permit you to get everything rolling gradually, by playing pieces that are adjust to your level. Rather than requiring hours and days to sort out a tune by ear (which can be similarly overwhelming as a novice). Perusing music will permit you to learn short melodies found on the web or in fledgling books consequently causing clearly you to improve over time. This will likewise assist you with turning out to be more acquainted with the instrument and knowing where to put your fingers, the name of the notes on the console, and so forth. Farzin Fardin Fard

Perusing music can likewise be fundamental relying upon the class of music you are keen on. For instance, assuming you are keen on learning traditional music, knowing how to peruse music is fundamental. In the event that you’ve at any point paid attention to old style music. You definitely realize that there is a ton happening in there – improvising isn’t really the most effective way to go. The equivalent can truly be said to describe all music sorts . You can learn pop melodies and jazz principles by ear, on the off chance . You are truly inspire, but it will probably require .You twofold the investment to gain proficiency with a couple of bars. Farzin Fardin Fard

So. Figuring out how to peruse music is an extraordinary way for all fledglings to comprehend . What they are playing. Yet in addition to play level-proper melodies and see improvement rapidly. Get to know the instrument and learn tunes quicker than somebody improvising. Obviously. Everybody has different learning examples and capacities. Yet one thing is without a doubt: knowing how to peruse music is an expertise that will separate . You from the wide range of various performers out there. Consider it rehearsing medication without knowing the name of the human organs! Printed music is an extraordinary device to utilize . When you begin learning piano . The capacity to peruse music will be of colossal assistance as you explore in the realm of piano books, printed music and all that accompanies!

Best Construction Firms

This is one development organization that stands as the network of the Gathering’s administration framework and pioneering society. They have decentralized hierarchical construction, a benefit culture, organizing, individual obligation and strengthening at neighborhood level. Along these lines, the Gathering has twofold its income and they have the consistent improvement in their administrations and items. They have live up with serious areas of strength for the of development market.

The Vinci Development is a French market head of development. They are the world’s significant development organization. They bring abilities of building, pressure driven designing, structural designing and other related benefits generally together. Their business is separate into significant correlative parts.

Central area France. The organization which was shape in the year 2007 has 400 benefit communities organization. These focuses are immovably convey in the provincial and neighborhood markets of France.

Nearby market outside the central area France. This is covered by auxiliary organizations that have full scope of development exercises. These auxiliary organizations are VINCI PLC in USA, CFE on Benelux nations, VINCI Filiales Internationales in Focal Europe, Germany, abroad France and even Africa.

Overall extent of exercises. This incorporates significant designs by VINCI Development Grands Undertakings, high specialized content particular structural designing by Freyssinet, establishments and soil advances by Solétanche Bachy and digging by DEME.


This organization is remember for the main number of organizations that drives the worldwide development specialist co-ops. They offer incorporated answers for all development projects like land, framework and offices. The center capability of the organization is development.

They center around conventional development business as well as development the executives that is in the field of structural designing, building development and furthermore foundation offices. They have a worldwide organization that causes them to give inventive answers for every one of the requirements of development.


This organization drives all the development bunches on the planets. They have such skill on improvement of private and business undertakings, development and public to private organizations. They are dynamic in the fields of both development and task advancement. Their activity incorporates a wide range of construct climate. This incorporates even the most intricate ventures of development.

The organization’s vision is to keep up with and reinforce the center of the designing industry. The organization help to foster new abilities and exercises. They wish to have the option to answer the changing requirements of their clients.

They are resolve to improve overall standing in all areas to have the option to fabricate predominant worth by upper hands. The organization means to keep up with worldwide far reaching showcasing network, keep up with elevated expectation of administration in each task the executives, embrace every one of the way of life of the nations where their stores are available, partake in all undertaking improvements, take on an adaptable and open methodology towards their clients, foster stable client, and create long haul and economical benefit.

The clients of the organization can be have confidence of an elevated requirement project. They should rest assured that the overarching set of rules of the organization satisfies the norms of the climate guaranteeing the security of each and every individual.

More development organizations are work to answer the requirements of additional clients. These organizations offer practically similar types of assistanc.T he type of the goods and services they provide make up the bulk of the difference. Prior to concluding which organization can accomplish a development work for you, hear a few criticisms clench hand so you wouldn’t wager wrong.

Diritto all’oblio

What is the “right to oncological oblivion”

At the end of June, the Senate Justice Commission began examining a bill on the “right to cancer oblivion”, which would allow people who have recovered from cancer not to provide information on their previous illness in certain circumstance in which it is currently require. If the proposal becomes law – and at this moment it is very difficult to say.

Given the crisis that led to the fall of the government led by Mario Draghi – it will help to at least partially reduce the inconvenience that people who have recovered from cancer often have to face, to which may happen to not obtain a mortgage, an insurance policy or not being able to proceed with the adoption procedures precisely because of their illness, even if they finished medical treatment years earlier.

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Oncological Oblivion

It is a concept that is define as the right to oncological oblivion on the cast of the right to digital oblivion : the right, that is, to make less accessible or hide online – after a certain period of time – true news but that can damage honor or activity personal and professional background of a person, such as his or her legal history. The promoters of the law ask that something similar be guarantee even to those who have been ill with cancer but have now been cure for at least ten year.

Presented in February in the Senate and its first signatory is Paola Bodine, senator of the Democratic Party and vice president of the Health Commission. As Bodine explained, in Italy 3.6 million people are living with a diagnosis of cancer, of which about one million have recovered, often after courses that involve long, complex and painful interventions and therapies.

Various Organization

The problem is that those who want to apply for a loan or insurance are often force to provide information on their state of health, use by bank and insurance company to estimate the customer’s life expectancy and assess the level of risk of the loan or the policy. The result is that in very many cases, after a healing, these request are reject cos’è il diritto all’oblio.

It is not easy to accurately estimate the number of people who have been denied funding or services due to their past illness. Various organizations dealing with cancer patients, such as the AIOM Foundation (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) and the abracadabra association , which specifically supports people with mutations in the BRCA1 and 2 genes.

Right To Resume

They said they frequently receive testimonies and reports of this type. For example, the abracadabra association, located in the province of Milan, has received about a hundred, “but the numbers are certainly much higher”.

For many healed people and for the associations that deal with the issue it is a form of discrimination , which according to Bodine does not only concern the right to resume ” a normal life “, but also that of forming a family through adoption.

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Humility is a Leadership Trait

Humility is a Leadership Trait

A sense of humility is essential to leadership because it authenticates a person’s humanity. Humility is a quality that enables people to see themselves as they are and not more than they are. A humble leader can listen and empathize with those they lead. Empathizing with others creates the foundation for being an effective leader because it builds trust. When a sense of humility is coupled with strong personal values, there is integrity in the actions of a leader. Here are reasons why humility is a highly desired leadership trait.

1. Leads to Better Listening

The ability to listen is a quality that all good leaders possess. It is proven that those considered to be good listeners are better able to lead their followers. For the best results, leaders should be in tune with those they lead, which is a sign of good leadership. A humble leader can listen and empathize with those they instruct.

2. Bonding and Trust

According to former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter, a sense of humility is critical for leaders. She says that her humble nature enabled her to bond with and trust her followers. A leader who maintains control and influence over those under their guidance will be someone who can be charged because they can constantly listen, understand, and share the same values as those being led.

3. Imparting Wisdom

Humility is a quality that empowers leaders of all backgrounds to see leadership as a privilege. A humble leader will view leadership as an honor and will not take it lightly. Those humble can impart valuable lessons to those they lead through their actions in turn, which is rarely done. For example, every leader should be able to point out how the leader made mistakes before assuming that role.

4. Increased Collaboration

Those humble and have a strong sense of humility will be able to lead united teams. Listening and empathizing will allow leaders to bring out the best in others. Helen Lee Schifter says that as a leader, she listened to her followers’ discouragement and fears and went on to work with them. As a result, leaders united their followers toward certain ends. Those humble are willing to work together even if they come from different backgrounds, which is vital for an organization’s success.

5. Sense of Purpose

Humility is a trait that motivates leaders to have a sense of purpose. Those who have humility do not take leadership roles for granted but rather acknowledge the responsibility that comes with the job. A humble leader will be able to lead with purpose, enabling them to inspire followers and make a difference in the lives of those being taught. This sense of purpose has motivated leaders to communicate better with their followers, establish trust, and engage in many other activities that lead toward achieving organizational goals.

Humility is a leadership trait that can positively impact an organization. Leaders with a strong sense of humility will be able to appreciate their role as leaders and lead with purpose.

Centralized Decision Making

Centralized Decision Making

An organization whose decision-making is concentrated at the top level is a centralized institution. In such firms, upper-level managers retain decision-making. However, the degree of centralization is determined by several factors, such as the management style, the quality of managers, and the organization’s size. In centralized decision-making, the senior managers make decisions, and the middle and lower managers have to follow these directions. The final decision is distributed to the lower managers through the chain of command.

However, the executive board can also make centralized decision-making. If problems arise at the lower levels, the lower managers must consult with the top-level management for their decision-making. This article discusses why companies should adopt a centralized decision-making system, according to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg.

Why do companies adopt a centralized decision-making structure?

1. To address issues with the decentralized structure

Sudberg says that a decentralized organizational structure usually has several problems due to a lack of harmony within the institution. He believes lower managers may make poor decisions because they may not consider many factors before developing their ideas. Sudberg says this can lead to more problems than solutions because conflict may arise. Thus, he believes that if top-level managers did decision-making, such problems would be non-existent.

2. The quality of the decision

Jordan Sudberg says top managers usually evaluate issues before establishing ways of dealing with them; hence they are qualified to make decisions for an organization. Sudberg believes middle and lower managers are qualified in functional areas, meaning they may not be good at solving significant crises for the firm. Jordan says these inexperienced decision-makers should do more training before they can be allowed to make decisions for an organization.

3. Poor decision

Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes centralized decision-making results in good decisions, unlike middle and lower-level managers who make poor decisions. Sudberg says if each department in an institution were making its own decisions, there would be no coordination, and the lower managers would make poor decisions at their discretion. He says the decisions will be random, inconsistent, and undirected.

Sudeberg explains centralized decision-making as the best way to overcome the above failures. He also says that if an organization adapts to centralization, the top-level managers will make independent decisions. There will be no obligation to consult what the managers below them think. Sudberg says if a company hires specialists and uses a centralized decision-making structure, the professionals will not be allowed to make their own decisions. Specialists have no role in establishing decisions for a company that uses a centralization structure.


Centralized decision-making is where the power to make decisions is concentrated on the organization’s senior management. The duties of the lower managers are to implement what has already been decided. Centralization is a good control system because all the company affairs are controlled from the top. It also reduces costs and allows for quick implementation of decisions.