Solving Customer Complaints

Solving Customer Complaints

When you establish a business, it is not just about making money. It is also about creating customer service that keeps your customers satisfied. Jordan Sudberg has helped several companies. He explains the complaints process of a company to keep you informed. He gives insights on how to avoid any customer complaint before it happens and what should happen when it does occur.

How To Solve Customer Complaints

1. Understanding the Complaint Process

When a complaint comes in, it is the first hurdle. It could be a problem with a product or service or an issue with a company’s customer service. As you have probably already figured out, this should never happen.

2. Working with Customers to Solve the Problem

The customer complaint process is a lot like a funnel. The ladder begins with customer service, moves to management, and then to customer relations. The management always tries to solve the problem independently before sending it down further. If management cannot have it resolved by whatever time frame you have set for yourself, then send it down the line.

3. Resolving Customer Complaints

Once you figure out your customer complaint process, you can begin handling actual complaints. When the customer complaint hits your door, they will probably be in a bad mood. Be very careful with this, because you could lose that customer forever. It is essential to take it slow and easy when trying to resolve the problem. Only get frustrated or pushy with the customer if your boss tells you you have to.

4. Applying Positive Reinforcement

It would help if you had positive reinforcement for this whole thing to work well. Customers need to know that you care about them. They may think you are desperate if you go overboard with your compliments. Just say a few kind words and then give them some positive feedback. Another important aspect is to get all the facts straight before making any decision because the customer will notice it immediately if you take an opinion before gathering all of the points.

5. Maintaining Strong Customer Relations

The resolution process can be very intense at times. Customers can get frustrated and start yelling or cursing at you but do not let that interfere with how you handle the problem. If you are arguing with the customer on the phone or face to face, you need to make a better first impression. Try to keep your paperwork in order and be very professional in your dealings. Doing this will make sure that you own all customers.

Jordan Sudberg‘s customer service strategy is effective in resolving customer complaints. It is practical and beneficial to keep customers satisfied by solving their problems. This customer service assistance strategy also helps in maintaining customer relations. He urges customers to give constructive criticism and positive feedback to improve the company. If a customer has to ask for a refund or replacement, it is also helpful to be kind and understanding while they go through their frustrating process.

The Benefits of Seeing an Osteopathic dr jay Feldman

Osteopathic medicine dr jay feldman may be able to relieve aches, pain, or stiffness resulting from accidents or injuries.

What will the Osteopath do?

On your first visit, the osteopath or his student or secretary will take a full medical history and want to know the details of your problem.

The osteopath will perform a physical examination. You will be require to do a few simple movements. The osteopath can observe your posture and your mobility. He is gently palpate your joints, tissues and ligaments tenderness. It fact-finding appointment to thirty minutes.

On your second visit, the osteopath will try different techniques. These may include any or all of:

  • Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) involves “hands-on” care. The osteopath will use his hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses or injuries.
  • Soft tissue stretching is a manual therapy technique use on the muscles and fascia. The osteopath uses his hands to stretch or relax dysfunctional soft tissue structures. Soft issue stretching technique is useful on the paraspinal muscles. The ultimate goal is to get the muscles to relax.
  • massage
  • muscle energy technique
  • manipulation of the spine
  • rebalancing the body
  • heat stimulation

As a follow-up the osteopath may ask you to do specific exercises. These are design to make you more flexible or to prevent pain from returning. You use ice packs and techniques to ease pain.

How many Osteopathic Medicine Dr jay feldman Sessions will I have?

Dr jay feldman Recent injuries can often be ease within just one to three sessions. Chronic problems may take three to six sessions.

Some people benefit from regular maintenance treatments to aid mobility and keep pain-free.

What do Osteopathic Treatments cost?

It is normal to pay outside London. Check your benefits package. You may get some assistance.

How do I go about getting an Appointment?

You may ask your family doctor for a referral to an osteopath. Or, you can make own appointment. Check with your benefits plan company. They may insist the referral come through your doctor. In some areas you can get osteopathy treatments on the NHS. Ask your GP if this is available in your area or click on.

How will I know I have Chosen a Reputable Osteopathic Medicine dr jay feldman?

In the US, practicing osteopaths must be register on the US Statutory Register of Osteopathic dr jay feldman. This guarantees that they have undergone four or five years of training and their work meets a high standard.

Landing a Commercial Space for Business

Landing a Commercial Space for Business

Jordan Sudberg, a pain management expert, gives some suggestions to help one find a commercial facility that will ultimately be advantageous to an individual and their company. The area closest to the company’ intended location is the ideal place to find commercial space. The shopkeeper or entrepreneur will be in close proximity to their staff, customers, and clients as a result.

Research within an individual’s budget

It is helpful to know the range of rents one can expect, and how much square footage will cost one in their target neighborhood. To find out whether there are any structures or rooms available within budget, one uses the Internet and other informational resources. To reach potential consumers looking to lease or buy a business, think about advertising the firm in regional publications. When the rental cost is less than what a company would have to pay for office space, it is far more probable that someone will choose to rent commercial space to that company.

Identify a perfect location

Locating a business in a place that is close to other businesses, eateries, and retail establishments is crucial. Because they are more likely to be able to offer insight into how possible neighborhoods may appear, several experts advise utilizing real estate brokers that have expertise identifying commercial premises. Make sure the structure or area is well-lit and that access to the restrooms is simple. While this may seem like a small factor, it can be essential. For example, if you’re serving a certain clientele and the majority of them are driving, you might want to consider taking public transportation.

For-see the “workability” and convenience of the location

Consider how easy it is for the potential consumers and clients to walk to certain areas. Think about whether it will be simple for them to discover the business, contact, and leave their information.

Knowledge of the market

There are certain neighborhoods where it is harder to find a space to lease, so research would help. Perhaps one will have more luck in an area that is currently experiencing an economic boom. In this situation, there may be more commercial real estate available than usual.

Drafting a business plan

One could have made the decision to launch a company before locating an appropriate commercial location. Jordan Sudberg advises carefully considering how location will affect business staff and clients. What do they require in terms of facilities and transportation? Know what the lease looks like, including the length of time for the lease, maintenance expenses, security deposit and other fees prior to signing a contract. One might also want to seek information about current tenants and the cultures of individual businesses in the area that you’re considering leasing space from. Look for buildings which have a positive reputation amongst both employees and clients.

In conclusion;

A decent commercial land site for a company has to be well-lit, tidy, and visible. To find out what customers desire from commercial space, market research will be necessary. Every city has various zoning regulations that one should be aware of. To showcase your company’s achievements, think about holding occasional open houses.

Google AdWords

Google Advertisements, not too long ago often known as Google AdWords, is a Pay-Per-Click on (PPC) promoting platform that empowers advertisers to reach intrigued leads. Quite a few advertisers use Google AdWords as their main PPC networks. Apart from using AdWords to receive a commission from visitors to your website, google adwords has been utilized for search engine optimization. In its least advanced construction, any link-building exercise like influencer outreach, social intensification, using paid media, and so on.. It is related to showcasing your content material related to the purchasers. It relies upon; the shopper to resolve whether or not the little bit of content material affords sufficient profit to connect with google AdWords from their weblog. Listed below are a couple of recommendations on utilizing Google Advertisements or google Adwords to reinforce search engine optimization.

1.      Key phrase Analysis:

Key phrases are a big foundation for each search engine optimization and Google Advertisements PPC marketing campaign. Without specializing in the right key phrases, you wouldn’t get quite a lot of important price out of your search engine optimization marketing campaign. No matter whether or not you’re a specialist in your area of interest. It will be finest to persistently analyze key phrases just because purchasers usually search for very unexpected key phrases and key phrases you, as a specialist, won’t ever think about. Arlin Jordin Washington

What makes a distinction for prime rankings is which key phrases your target market is on the lookout for, not which key phrases you as a specialist may think about are usually well-known in a particular area of interest. To find what purchasers are looking for, you want a key phrase analysis device.

Proposed Key phrases

You may both enter the URL of your website or put in some seed key phrases. The device will create a whole bundle of proposed key phrases. Check out the outcomes and list all of the key phrases that seem related and have a pleasant worldwide search quantity. You may have to rank effectively for all of the created key phrases, however, it’s best to focus all of your efforts on a couple of, not many. The thought is to find key phrases which can be usually easy to improve but have a pleasant search quantity. These could be the key phrases with minimal competitors in Google Go to and enter each certainly one of your chosen key phrases. It has been ideally suited on the off probability that you just seek for the particular phrase, so embody your key phrase with double quotes.

2.      Commercial Click on-By Charges CTR:

The extent of people who’ve tapped on a given commercial is its click-through charge, and it’s an unprecedented measurement to take a look at. For essentially the most half, an excessive CTR demonstrates an elegantly composed commercial, and bunches of people who’ve seen it have been persuaded to interact.

That’s a result of CTR is, without doubt, one of the main elements that Google’s AI algorithm takes a have a look at to resolve. Leap into your AdWords account and examine whether or not you possibly can uncover examples, patterns,Moreover, if you happen to can’t find any important perception, do some testing to get a thought.

3.      Filters:

Google Advertisements lets you make a fast filter to bubble up attention-grabbing items of information. For instance, it’s possible you’ll make a filter for high-traffic, high-cost key phrases that don’t change over. A few of these key phrases that returned in your search engine optimization analysis could also be well-known phrases. That won’t change over for you or your buyer’s website. You may see the duds and take away them along with your search engine optimization approach. By making a filter for key phrases with no modifications and arranging them by value.

4.      Destructive Key phrases:

You could not perceive what important destructive key phrases are. You wouldn’t like to look for issues that don’t characterize you as an enterprise. In case you have ever assumed management over an AdWords account, you even see that some destructive key phrases are being utilized.

Nonetheless, if the account has been overseen effectively, you’ll find a substantial measure of them. You want to examine whether or not there’s an unsuitable phrase affiliation. As an illustration, do you give attention to modest, free jobs, coupons, and opinions in your business? There are well-known search phrases you may make content material recognized with it or think about how your providers are introduced within the enterprise.

5.      Segments:

As advised by specialists of a task writing service, Segments are a strategy to include a number of extra rows of data to view Google Advertisements insights. A number of intriguing segments for search engine optimization embrace search phrases match sort that finds out how distinctive match sorts for numerous key phrases carry out.

Relying upon how a marketing campaign is organized, this may occasionally disclose an important deal about head phrases vs the tail for a selected time period.

 Probably you see that cell converts really effectively on PPC as a result of the pay-per-click individuals have made a novel cell touchdown web page expertise that you’re not however may very well be using for search engine optimization.

6.      Geographic Focusing on:

For those who provide visitors from quite a few geographic areas, you possibly can make the most of Google Analytics to investigate how numerous areas convert. It’s regular to have essential discrepancies within the transformations for the same key phrase among the many nations.

For instance, you may make native pages for these nations or give attention to the geo-specific key phrases with terribly nice conversion charges. AdWords is a vital system, not only for advertisers. It started as a device for promoters, but its utilization shouldn’t be confined to solely them. AdWords is essentially the most important device for some publishers and search engine optimization specialists. As a result, even a reasonable AdWords mission can provide you with vital bits of information.

7.      Key phrases Instrument:

You’re seemingly already accustomed to the Google Advertisements key phrase device as a search engine optimization. Signed into your Google Advertisements account. You may get altered and recognized along with your website. Your Google Advertisements account will uncover marginally distinctive and higher ideas.

8.      Placement Instrument:

Whether or not you aren’t operating an in-depth show marketing campaign, the AdWords placement device is usually a fascinating hyperlink prospecting alternative. It really works likewise to the Google key phrases device and lets you place in a time period, URL. Class and get again important websites. Websites that can be firmly associated with and are operating advertisements by AdSense could also be nice hyperlink companions.

Last Ideas:

You will want to use some logic and inventive pondering to choose key phrases from Google Advertisements. Info so as to add to your search engine optimization and content material advertising and marketing efforts. Nevertheless, feeling snug around a Google Advertisements account and connecting. Whoever is operating issues on the PPC aspect of the home can evoke some nice bits of information. Can improve your search engine optimization endeavors. Arlin Jordin Washington

Writer Bio:

Robert Paul is a knowledgeable Content material author & Content material Marketer. Based mostly in London, Robert is a creator and blogger with expertise in encounter composing on numerous subjects together however not restricted to purchasing Dissertation online, purchasing Projects Online and Purchase Essays online, and so on.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing online is a kind of content material advertising and marketing the place writers create websites with particular content material to advertise companies. These packages enable enterprise homeowners to broaden their attain and join with individuals who won’t in any other case concentrate on their model.

Affiliate marketing online is a partnership with third events to advertise manufacturers or drive visitors to websites. Affiliate marketing online permits you to join with companies and create an income stream.

How an affiliate internet marketing program works

Enterprise homeowners can promote their enterprise by means of affiliate internet marketing. It’s reasonably priced. Companies can attain wider viewers by partnering with celebrities whose content material aligns with their model. These manufacturers are price selling as a result of their supply and income stream. Either side profits from profitable affiliate internet marketing content material.

These are the most well-liked varieties of affiliate internet marketing content material skilled by marketing experts and the way they are often made to achieve success.

Arlin Jordin Washington

7 Ideas For Writing Affiliate Advertising Content material

These affiliate internet marketing content material concepts will show you how to jump-start your technique to drive extra guests to your website.

1. Overview of Product

Affiliate marketing online content material will be as easy and pure as product critiques. A sincere evaluation builds belief in your readers. An ideal evaluation will spotlight the professionals and cons of the product. Your evaluation ought to supply precious recommendations.

Persist with product classes and merchandise wherein you might be a professional. You need to be capable to clarify the variations between the options of the product and people discovered elsewhere in the marketplace.

An author shouldn’t be too salesy in a product evaluation. You shouldn’t exaggerate the advantages of the product even when you adore it. You would lose credibility and be much less reliable. Equity is vital. Don’t be afraid to focus on any shortcomings within the product.

2. Video Opinions

Video advertising and marketing has a very talked-about content material advertising and marketing technique. It’s an effective way to succeed with folks online. The common particular person spends around 100 minutes per day taking a look at movies online.

You’ll write a evaluate a couple of products as a part of affiliate internet marketing. The outline ought to embody a hyperlink to take the viewer to the model’s website. Your movies must be as authoritative and sincere as written product critiques.

Written product critiques will also be useful, however, video critiques are simply as efficient. As a result, the purchasers don’t have the effort of shopping for the product, they save money and time. Have interaction with your viewers to make them more practical.

3. How-To Articles

How-to articles will be an effective way to tell your readers about varied merchandise and direct them to the companies that promote them. It’s the potential to jot down how-to articles on an advanced subject, breaking it down and linking merchandise you’ve used.

A how-to article will be written that explains how one can use many options. Many options in software programs and apps aren’t identified to the common person.

Nerd Pockets, an affiliate website for monetary merchandise, presents recommendations and critiques, in addition to suggestions and different info. This website presents how-to articles on complicated monetary subjects, in addition to hyperlinks to varied companions.

4. Comparability of Product Merchandise

It can save you time when you mix a number of product critiques into one comparability article, even in case you are working with a number of affiliate packages. Product comparisons will have been organized as a “better of” record or as head-to-head comparability between totally different merchandise.

The simplest comparability articles, like the product, and evaluate posts, are truthful. A listicle format “better of” permits you to talk about what you want and don’t like about every product. In this fashion, you don’t seem biased in direction of one model.

Wirecutter, an affiliate website, has options product critiques and different articles on a wide range of subjects. This website makes use of prime product lists and the best-of lists to assist customers to examine merchandise.

5. E-mail Advertising

After getting constructed an e-mail advertising and marketing database, you may contact your followers with affiliate internet marketing content material. Though e-mail monetization guidelines fluctuate between firms, you may nonetheless ship out an e-newsletter containing hyperlinks to your affiliate website content material.

Sending out themed emails will be enjoyable, comparable to vacation present guides with hyperlinks to product critiques. Sending an e-mail might help you have an ideal summertime. It’ll additionally hyperlink to merchandise that you just use to host events.

6. Webinars

A webinar will also be used as a tutorial video. You may stroll your viewers step-by-step by means of the method, noting which merchandise you utilized in every section. Additionally, embody hyperlinks within the description. The webinar will be posted as a video, or you may stay to stream it. You may work together instantly with the viewers to reply to their questions and change info.

Partaking along with your viewers is vital to stay webinars being successful. Be sure to have examined your gear earlier than internet hosting the webinar. To make sure that your web connection is working and to check the standard of your audio and video, host a digital assembly with mates or relations.

Arlin Jordin Washington

7. Social Media Posts

Social media has billions of customers on daily basis and is, without doubt, one of the greatest instruments to extend model publicity and attain wider viewers. Fb is the most well-liked website for affiliate internet marketing content material. It is vitally much like making a sponsored submission for an enterprise by posting affiliate hyperlinks on social networks.

Blogger Carley Artistic Ideas makes use of social media to advertise affiliate posts comparable to product critiques and present guides. To advertise your content material or to create branded content material, you should use Instagram, Fb, and Twitter.

Latest Changes in Leadership

Latest Changes in Leadership

Jordan Sudberg, MD, is a pain management specialist. Along with his team, Dr. Sudberg specializes in hip and knee replacements, shoulder joint surgery, and cartilage repair. For several years, his peers have recognized him as a top physician in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. Here are some of the latest changes in leadership that his team has instituted at UPMC in the past year.

1. Implementing Hybrid Working Options

UPMC offers flex time to facilitate a variety of work schedules that include time off during breaks in the day, such as lunchtime and early morning coffee breaks. Dr. Sudberg says this has been an excellent success for his team, with performance rising and a sense of camaraderie among the staff. He notes that many working moms find this new arrangement particularly helpful in managing their balance of home and work. Also, team members could get to know each other better in the relaxed environment of coffee breaks and lunchtime conversations.

2. Paying for Health Insurance

This year, the UPMC Human Resources department began allowing each staff member to choose their health insurance plan. This change gives employees more control over their health care and saves the hospital a great deal of money. For example, Dr. Sudberg has seen that his coverage through UPMC is much less expensive than it would be because he has access to a wider variety of covered services with the package provided by UPMC.

3. Providing Sabbaticals for Long-Term Staff Members

Dr. Sudberg notes, “It can be difficult for many long-term team members to adapt to change after twenty years or more with one employer. A sabbatical program allows them to relax, take a break from the routine, and come back refreshed.”

4. Offering Flexible Scheduling for New Moms

UPMC has implemented several programs to encourage a more family-oriented workplace. For example, women may return to work whenever they are comfortable, taking as much time off after delivery as needed. The hospital also provides counseling regarding breastfeeding, mother/father bonding time with their newborns, and daycare options for older children.

5. Encouraging Employee Involvement in the Community

The UPMC Human Resources Department promoted a community relations program that allows employees to choose from various service opportunities, including volunteering at a local hospital and reaching out to inner-city youth through sports. Dr. Sudberg says that this is an excellent way for employees to connect with their communities and contribute to improving them.

6. Changing Skill Set Requirements

Instead of having a small number of highly trained specialists, UPMC allows the staff to choose their professional development. The hospital offers a variety of educational and experiential programs to fill the needs of individual team members. Dr. Sudberg notes that this provides more opportunities for advancement and helps employees feel more satisfied with their jobs.
This year, Jordan Sudberg has seen his team take strides in professional development, teamwork, employee satisfaction, and overall happiness at the workplace. To continue these trends, the UPMC Human Resources department offers a general philosophy of creating a healthy work environment with various programs for individual employees. Dr. Sudberg is proud that UPMC has recognized the need to support the staff to maintain optimal performance.

Alexander Payne Discusses Why He Likes All His Characters

Alexander Payne is interested in wordless storytelling, which is a bit ironic for a filmmaker who has won two Academy Awards for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay). However, it takes strong characters brought to life by talented actors to tell these captivating stories without words. And Payne is proud of all the characters he’s helped create during his career. “I like all of the characters in my films,” he says. 

There’s a big difference between what people will tolerate about a character in a movie compared to what they’ll put up with in real life. “You have to make a distinction. If you knew that human being in real life, separate from whether you love this person as a literary character,” says Alexander Payne. “Take, for example, Michael Corleone from The Godfather or Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Would you like them in real life? I don’t know — might be kind of tough. But you do love them as characters.” 

Payne has zero desire to solely create sympathetic characters. “I hate when movie people say, ‘Your lead character has to be sympathetic,’ which for them means ‘likable.’ We shouldn’t care about ‘liking’ a character as a person. We have to love them as characters, or at least be fascinated by them.”

A Cast of Characters

Alexander Payne and Bruce Dern working on the set of "Nebraska".
Alexander Payne directs Bruce Dern on the set of “Nebraska”.

Payne says he “has a soft spot for all the characters in my movies, and Tracy Flick was a special one.” He’s referring, of course, to the overly ambitious teenage antagonist of Election. The film, adapted from Tom Perrotta’s book of the same name, premiered on April 23, 1999. It stars Reese Witherspoon as the titular character in the dark, edgy comedy that cemented Payne as a master of satirical storytelling. 

“As driven as Tracy Flick was — and her name has entered popular culture as a very driven person, typically a female — I still wanted to give her understanding and depth,” explains the filmmaker. “There’s a scene in the movie where she’s really weeping, and you see how much she’s been manipulated by her mother. Everyone’s got a story.”

In addition to Ms. Flick, these are some of Alexander Payne’s most memorable characters:

— Ruth Stoops in Citizen Ruth

— Jim McAllister in Election

— Warren Schmidt in About Schmidt 

— Miles Raymond in Sideways 

— Matt King in The Descendants 

— Woody Grant in Nebraska 

— Paul Safranek in Downsizing

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with excellent actors throughout my career,” says Payne. Matt Damon is one of them. They worked together on 2016’s Downsizing. “I’m proud of that film,” says the director. “That was the first chance I had to work with Alexander Payne,” Damon said. “He is very sure of himself and the shots he needs to make. I am not saying he is controlling; instead, he knows when he’s got the shot. It makes you feel like you are in the hands of a master director.” Payne felt the same way, noting, “Many of us put a lot of heart, soul, and love into that film. Even though it tanked.”

People who have worked with Payne say that he treats everyone on set with the same care and support. However, he considers the secondary characters to be the real heart and soul of the films. “It is easier on leads because they have the landscape of the entire film to build their characters,” says Alexander Payne. “It is tougher for the bit players or smaller character parts because they have to suggest an entire human being in one or two or three scenes.”

The filmmaker has shot four of his eight films in Nebraska and has a knack for casting locals to help lend a sense of realism to the scene. That tactic paid off while making the 2013 comedy-drama Nebraska. “Bruce Dern’s character’s brothers and their wives have spent their entire lives in rural Nebraska and had never even been in a high school play,” says Payne.

Alexander Payne Makes the Movies He Wants To Watch

Alexander Payne says, “I desperately love movies and am so glad that my love of watching movies as a film geek was able to translate into a career.” Indeed, it’s a dream come true for the 61-year-old, who grew up watching as many movies as he could as a boy in Omaha, Nebraska, and fantasized about being a film projectionist.

Today, he’s content to create quality cinema he hopes will be enjoyed for generations to come. “Of course, I have to make a movie that I feel connected to on some level so that I can feel it. I have to feel what’s going on in the movie to be able to direct it halfway decently,” he says. “I’m just trying to find the movie that I myself would want to see. That’s my job. Even on the set, when the actors are doing it and I have the camera watching their performance, I’m watching them projected on a movie screen in my brain. Of the tens or even hundreds of people on set, only one is actually sitting in the theater, watching the movie.”

Effective Advertising

Effective Advertising

Advertising affects how people think and act in their lives. Advertising works for businesses to make them more competitive, but it also has adverse effects, such as addiction and increased materialism. As Dr. Jordan Sudberg says, “people buy things when they are relatively poor in what they need” – when they need something immediately rather than needing to save money or wait until it becomes available elsewhere. This article aims to address the pros and cons of advertising through the lens of Dr. Sudberg’s research and my own analysis.

First, Dr. Sudberg identifies three unique characteristics of advertising: a stimulus for human activity, a phenomenon involving all the senses, and an agent for social change. In other words, advertising affects human behavior and how people act – it makes them think, do and even feel things they otherwise wouldn’t. Dr. Sudberg also claims that stimuli activate what he calls “critical ideas” in our minds. These critical ideas allow us to decide whether an idea is good or bad, true or false. They allow us to critically analyze our surroundings and determine how we want to act based on these decisions. Finally, Dr. Sudberg claims that both ideological and practical advertising can make people behave in ways inconsistent with their beliefs and values. In other words, ads can convince us to do things we would not normally do – something Dr. Sudberg refers to as “false consensus.”

Dr. Sudberg’s research provides some evidence for these claims:

(1) Advertising strengthens human activity. To test this hypothesis, Dr. Sudberg asked his participants: “Do you feel that the amount of time spent per day on pleasurable activities has declined over the last 30 years?” The results were precise: “The trends revealed generally supported the advertisement-promoted hypothesis. The respondents felt that there was less time spent on pleasurable activities in their lives today than was the case 30 years ago.” (2) Dr. Sudberg also argued that it is the power of advertising to change our perception of how much time we spend on pleasurable activities. In other words, ads make us feel like we don’t spend enough time doing fun things, which makes us feel that we should do things to correct this imbalance in our lives. In Dr. Sudberg’s study, “a quarter of the respondents reported that they experience a diminished sense of well-being now compared with 1985, and 20 percent felt that their daily life had become less pleasurable.” (3)

(2) Advertising activates critical ideas. Dr. Sudberg defines essential ideas as “ideas which are critical to making decisions about who, what, and how we are as human beings.” Basic ideas can negatively interfere with our thinking. If people feel that the time spent on pleasurable activities has declined over the last 30 years, they may feel an urge to spend more time on these activities to make up for this deficit. This urge could cause them to spend money on expensive products they otherwise wouldn’t have just because they are advertised as “fun” and “pleasurable.” Dr. Sudberg concludes:

And so television, with its nearly universal exposure to the population and its ability to change our inclinations about what we would like to do and how we would like to spend our time, has the potential for great good or great harm. The power of television is through the message it presents about life. It is this variable that must be controlled.


According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, advertising can be beneficial because it encourages people to satisfy their most basic needs and take care of themselves. However, it also has some adverse effects, such as increased materialism and addiction to specific products.

Tips on Online Advertising

Tips on Online Advertising

Online advertisement has been an essential part of the modern advertising industry. It is a necessity to sell products and gain profit. It helps to spread a brand name across the country or even the world, communicates your messages, and alerts customers about your products before they have an opportunity to purchase them.

They can do this through different mediums, such as classified ads, search engine optimization, organic listings, and website banner advertising. It is a great way to capture the interest of millions of people at once.

According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, advertisement on the internet is a trendy choice among most business houses. Internet giant Google is probably the largest source of online traffic, which can help create awareness about the product.

Here are some tips, according to Sudberg, that people should follow to ensure that their product gets a more expansive reach online and increase sales:

1. Read the information about their product

The first tip is to read the information about their product first and ensure it is easily understandable. An advertisement can have many different descriptions; each must be easy to understand. It does not make sense to draw a customer in with rich info and confuse him with ambiguous language or symbols.

2. They should do research first about their target group.

Next, they should research their target group and the benefits they’ll get from their product. For example, if a company makes medicine to cure headaches and depression, they should ensure that the advertisement is worded in simple language. When trying to sell a product, you must know the people you are trying to reach.

3. Length of the presentation should be reasonable and short

People today do not like reading lengthy articles. They prefer to see images, videos, and fast emails. Suppose a business wishes to create an impact or make people interested in its product. In that case, they should use catchy lines and quotes from prominent personalities so that the information stays longer in people’s minds.

4. Enthusiasm

Business owners should be enthusiastic in their approach and should try to present themselves positively. This can help to make the advertisement more creative and effective.

5. They should put up a disclaimer

People today do not want to visit websites full of advertisements. They prefer to visit clean and well-organized sites with information about their product only.


Online advertisement is a trendy choice among most businesses. Internet giant Google is probably the largest source of online traffic, which can help create awareness about the product.

People need to read the information about their product before advertising it. This is to make sure people will understand.

People need to know the people they are trying to reach out to. Suppose a business wishes to create an impact or make people interested in its product. In that case, they should use catchy lines and quotes from prominent personalities so that the information stays longer in people’s minds.
Jordan Sudberg believes that they should first research their target group and the benefits they’ll get from their product.

What a Day in the Life of Roedean School Students Looks Like

Every day is a special day for Roedean School students. An independent day and boarding school for girls aged 11-18 in East Sussex, Roedean offers an education that allows pupils to thrive in an inspiring, challenging environment and grow into confident, emotionally intelligent individuals.

When it comes to understanding what makes Roedean unique, there’s no one better to ask than the girls who attend: Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Roedean School students with insights from the pupils themselves.

The School Day

At a glance, the Roedean School day incorporates six lessons and two activity sessions, with a mid-morning break, lunch in the Dining Rooms, and tea after lessons in the House “Old Dining Rooms.” All this takes place against the stunning backdrop of the sea and the South Downs National Park. One Year 11 student, Jemma, describes arriving at school each day, seeing the waves and sky, and thinking “how beautiful it is.”

House Spirit

Roedean School places all boarding and day students into one of four House teams: dragons, tigers, angels, and eagles. Students often find a House event on their daily schedule, and all girls compete in weekly events and competitions, hoping their House will prove the ultimate winner at the end of each term. 

Every House competition is an invitation for girls to represent their colours. Face paint, glitter, and fun costumes allow the girls to express their House spirit with joy and pride. This traditional celebration cultivates a strong sense of community spirit, friendship, and sisterhood.

House staff join in with the fun too: During this year’s Boarding Summer Party, the girls got the chance to drench staff during a water balloon fight. The same event involved a “Frozen T-shirt House competition,” with the fastest to defrost the t-shirt of their House colour and wear it declared the winners.

Roedean School’s Values

Roedean hopes to inspire its pupils with seven values that underpin daily life at the School. Roedean wants every girl to be:

  • Happy
  • Curious
  • Committed
  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Creative

Academic success is a priority at Roedean, but, overall, the School adopts a wider focus on delivering a balanced, holistic education. Roedean School students are bright and work hard to achieve target grades but are also self-aware and compassionate with good communication skills and a willingness to seek challenges.

Calista, in Year 13, describes her school experience as “filled with new surprises and challenges every day.” Several sixth formers have cited improved confidence and a powerful independence “both academically and personally.” Sophia, in Year 13, notes that this is “paving the way for success in both university and life beyond.”

Ensuring Every Voice Is Heard

Roedean offers a truly individualised pastoral care system. This system isn’t just an afterthought but is woven into the daily fabric of school life and is at the heart of every student’s success. Girls see their Academic Tutor twice daily, and their Head of Year is always on hand for additional advice. Tara, in Year 8, says her favourite thing about the School is how “supportive, kind, and funny the staff and girls are.” Isabelle, in Year 10, adds: “I think Roedean is amazing because of the atmosphere, and because if you need help there is always a friendly face to turn to, whether it’s staff or the pupils in the years above you.”

As Roedean takes responsibility for its students’ holistic well-being, the School also teaches the girls to take responsibility for themselves and for one another. Ella, in Year 12, explains that thanks to the mix of the two years in the Sixth Form Centre, the girls “work together more and learn from each other’s experiences.”

For students who need a little extra support with social or emotional issues, the girls have access to four Pastoral Managers, an experienced team of trained student Peer Listeners, and the School Counsellor, not forgetting the Medical Centre and House staff.

A Warm Welcome at Roedean School

All new students benefit from the School’s induction programme, which includes an assigned buddy, and newcomers soon settle in thanks to the warm atmosphere. Freya, in Year 7, says that as soon as she arrived, she realised how friendly and “incredibly welcoming” everyone is. Nadiyah, in Year 13, echoes this sentiment, adding that, through her school experience, she has met people from many backgrounds and improved her confidence.

Oyinda, in Year 7, is new to Roedean but already recognises that there’s something special about the School: “I’ve just started at Roedean, and straight away I have worked out that it’s a great place to meet people from all over the world and enjoy school life.” Now that the 2022 starters have settled into Roedean, the School looks forward to welcoming its 2023 intake.Learn more about Roedean School.