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  • Tony Kushner and Angels in America: An Artist-Activist in Action

    Guest post by Paul Sukys Some literary critics argue that the artist can no longer be content to simply create pleasing literary artifacts that exist only for their own sake. Such critics champion the activist writer who uses his or her art to reflect and perhaps even shape the social and cultural consciousness of a

  • Utopia or Dystopia: The Future According to Stapledon

    Guest post by Paul Sukys In 1974, Robert Heilbroner produced a dystopian book entitled The Human Prospect, in which he argues that humanity must meet three key global challenges if the human race is to survive. Those challenges are (1) uncontrolled population growth, (2) the breakdown of the global environment, and (3) the prospect of

  • In the Kitchen-Cultural Clashes in Britain

    copyright Amy Yi-Mei Chen, 2008 Our kitchen was a battleground for all things British and American. It was where the eight of us converged every day: four Brits, four Americans, some hung over, and all hungry. At first we tripped over each other, literally. Too many people, not enough space. Our two tiny fridges and

  • fish that eat dead skin

    Fish That Eat Dead Skin

    There are those of us who simply cannot live without getting a pedicure. And who can blame them? It’s a jungle out there, you don’t need to be part of the problem by having unsightly talons attached to your feet. But, in our efforts to find the most ‘alien’ way to get a pedicure, we

  • A Nostalgic Look At Technology That is Dead and Gone

    [pullquote position=”left”]We live in an age preoccupied with novelty…[/pullquote] Technology is evolving as such a rapid pace, with everything from disruptive technology to smarter, lighter and more intelligent products that make our lives easier, we take a look back at technology that is still around that you may come to never see again, or maybe

  • Cyborg Implants And The Rise Of The Human Cyborgs

    In the late 1970’s people watched a science fiction film created by Martin Caidin entitled ‘Cyborg’. It featured how an individual lost an arm and a limb but was immediately replaced with mechanical prosthetics using cyber technology. These bionic replacements were stronger and powerful than the original replaced extremities. Inspired with this new fictional concept,

  • bond villain house

    Vertigo Inducing Surreal Cliff Concept House in Australia

    [intro]After a couple asked for a concept home to be designed along “extreme parcels” of coastline in Victoria Australia Modscape got to work…[/intro] Australian modular architects and home designers Modscape have devised a futuristic looking concept home which is designed to resemble a barnacle attached to a ship’s hull, that seemingly defies physics by being suspended

  • Songdo City

    Songdo City – Why its the Smartest City in the World

    [intro]Some have dubbed it as “The World’s Smartest City”, while others call it “The City of the Future” and “Korea’s High-Tech Utopia”. It has also been called “A City in the Box” because of its massive reliance on technology. Built on a reclaimed sea-land, Songdo International Business District has been dubbed as the world’s smartest

  • underwater city

    Top Ten Engineering Predictions For The Future

    [intro]A panel of engineering experts predictions suggest a future of cities built on top of water, farms on top of buildings and more. Engineering predictions for the future are some of the most interesting predictions because these predictions can mold our entire way of living in the future. We can actually see some of these

  • How our Brain Interprets Smell and Taste

    How our Sense of Smell Affects Taste [intro]Eating is an activity which involves the collective effort of taste, sight and smell. Therefore the smell of the food can influence its taste. Similarly, the color of the food or the look of the dish can change the taste of a meal. In most cases, something which