What are the Uses of Silver as Per Science?

With the passage of time, scientists have discovered several elements for the use of mankind in diverse manners. Silver (Ag) has been used for multitude purposes since for centuries. The metal is held in high regard for its decorative beauty and electrical conductivity.

Many people are aware of the value gold, silver and platinum holds but not all of them are acquainted with the diverse usage it can offer. Many people have been underestimating silver’s versatility since it is been considered as inferior to gold. Nevertheless, here is a list which showcases how silver has contributed to the market and our daily lives.


Silver is unquestionably a great conductor of heat and electricity, in fact it is better than most of the metals in periodic table. This makes silver an ideal material to be used in electrical systems. It is often found in batteries, keyboards, electrical motor switches and speakers. Whenever we use an electrical component, we are unconsciously relying on the element silver for a proper functionality.


Silver plays an important role in the medicine industry. It is useful in protecting your teeth and skin from infection. There are past records where the element silver has been used in different ways by doctors to save lives. Prosthetics have leveraged the benefits of silver. The antibacterial properties make it an ideal substance to treat burns.


This is a pretty obvious use of silver in today’s life. It is probably the most common use in this contemporary world. Because of its shine, reflectivity and durability, people prefer it as a jewelry piece. It is even becoming a status symbol rapidly. Sterling silver is most commonly used in jewelry.


Solar power industry has benefited from silver in many ways. Solar cells are coated with silver in order to absorb light which is further converted into electricity. Since the use of solar energy as an alternative to traditional methods of energy creation has been promoted in the past few years, silver can be of immense help hereby. It can help you to create environmentally friendly energy.

Other than solar panels, devices like satellites and infrared telescopes also uses silver.


Typical household items usually contain silver which enhances its functionality as well as appearance. Because of the attributes it possess like conductivity and reflectiveness, it has been considered by manufacturers as one of the most reliable element. Appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, cameras and musical equipment use silver.


Unbelievably silver helps you to see. Silver is considered as the most reflective metal which is then used with glass to keep your vision clearer and safer. Mirrors and sunglasses use the reflective quality of silver. It has been used widely in order to maximize protection while driving. Nevertheless, this is another amazing use.

Silver unquestionably deserves more attention for the roles it has been playing in our society. Once you have acknowledge its value and importance, you will start accumulating the rare silver coins that your ancestors gifted you.