Crunch Time: 4 Situations That Can Tear A Family Apart Or Make Them Stronger

Families all struggle at certain points with the struggles being different for each individual family. The strength of a family can be tested either tearing the family apart or making them stronger. Specific situations are far more common than others which will be covered below. Taking a proactive approach at healing or solving these issues needs to be done. Problems simply do not go away and at times they fester leading to a family resenting each other. The following are scenarios that can strengthen or tear apart even the strongest of families.


Addiction is a reality for millions of people with many people ending up dying due to their addiction. This can be difficult within a family as there might be some people enabling the addict while others are showing tough love. This can mentally and financially drain a family so cutting off contact with the addict could be essential. Every case is different but addictions tend to worsen so get help for your family member as soon as possible.

Wrongful Death Cause By Outside People Or Organization

A wrongful death can occur at the negligence of another person or company. Finding a Mississippi wrongful death attorney or one in your area can help start the healing process. Losing a family member is hard enough but at the hands of another it can create hostility in a family asking the question about what they could have done. The best thing that a family can do is seek professional help so the blame game stops and healing can begin.

Divorce Of A Matriarch And Patriarch

Divorce of grandparents can be one of the most devastating things possible as this might require the family to split holidays. This could mean one party gets to keep the home most of the family grew up in while the other doesn’t. It could also mean the home is gone forever due to both parties wanting to sell or not being able to afford the home on their own. Recovering from this is going to take time as there has to be a sit down as family holidays are not just important to the children but the grandchildren as well. Swallowing pride can be hard but appealing to the sense of family can bring the matriarch and patriarch back to the same table if only for a few hours.

Loss Of Job Leading To True Financial Hardship  

A loss of job can be devastating to a family as it could lead to losing the house as well as a lot of tension in a marriage. Marriages often cite financial issues as one of the reasons for splitting due to the stress that this causes. Blaming each other is not going to help though it is natural to do. Freelance work can help keep a family afloat as well as a never too proud to work approach. There are plenty of jobs available it is just that many people think they are above certain roles.

As you can see there are make or break type scenarios for a family that can sever ties or make the family stronger. It is all about how everyone in the family reacts and make sure to keep a positive attitude.