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  • Buy Your CMM Machine Smartly: Used and From a Dealer

    For decades North American factories were imperiled due to competition from countries with cheaper labour and fewer regulations. Automated production lines provided North American factories a way to fight back, and the equipment that was perhaps most responsible for making this possible was the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Today, CMM machines are automating quality control

  • The Value of Clean Customer Data

    Few things are as valuable to a company as their customers’ data.   Using collected customer data, companies can try out all kinds of strategies to increase revenue. Companies can also use that customer data to tailor specific approaches for each client to ensure that the working relationship continues for many years to come. The

  • What Makes Platinum Rapid Funding Group A Company Worth Working For

    Proper funding and capitalization are extremely important for any business, but sometimes, assistance is needed. That is where a company like Platinum Rapid Funding Group comes into the picture. They specialize in providing finance options for people who might not want to or be able to go the traditional bank route. Not only is the

  • 4 Smart Property Selling Tips for Homeowners

    Putting up a ‘for sale’ sign is a good strategy for attracting prospects but it may not be enough to sell some properties, especially those located along low volume roads. While this strategy still works and can bring in a good buyer, you should explore other marketing strategies just in case your prospect doesn’t use

  • Simple Small Bathroom Decorating Tips

    If you want to decorate a smaller bathroom, there are different challenges that appear. For instance, you have to deal with the smaller possible design layout. Space is highly limited so lavish use is not possible. You need to use smaller furnishings and cannot add many items. Here at Fix It Right Plumbing we fully

  • 5 Tips for Fixing Up Your Yard this Spring

    Spring is a time when we can finally start to spend some more time outside. Winter is behind us, and so too is the cold weather that kept us inside for many months. To make the most of the Spring weather, and the Summer weather that follows, it’s a good idea to spend some time

  • 5 Hacks to Help You Afford Car Repairs

    If you’ve ever had a car break down, you know how much financial stress it can cause. Car problems can occur randomly, but routine maintenance is also something that also needs to be considered. While mechanic costs can add up fast, the following guidelines can help you keep maintenance and repair expenses low. Do Your

  • 4 Ways Your Military Status Could Help Your Family

    While it might not seem like it to the outside world, being a service member in the military is no easy feat. Long separations from their families, frequent moves, strict and inconsistent training schedules, and stressful missions are just some of the few ways to describe the hard life of a service member. Unfortunately, the

  • Typical Mistakes Novice Freelancer

    Freelancing is a very attractive venture and it has attracted lots of attention from many people especially students. However, there is a journey to become a good freelancer earning lots of money in a week either in content writing or freelance editing jobs. Every journey starts with a step and just like baby steps, be