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    Benefits of Going to University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford is a very prestigious school. Located in England, it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has a very low acceptance rate because only the smartest individuals can get an offer from such a school. One of those people is Diego Ruiz Duran. Many years of work

  • How to Support Wildfire Rescues

    There are many organizations that strive to keep Americans safe during the wildfires. Organizations like GuideStar and Charity Navigator are tirelessly working to support the victims of wildfires. The Red Cross also provides shelter and food to those who lost their homes. Imagine losing every picture, tape, family artifact, and value in an instant. These

  • Great Urban Outdoor Design Ideas to Create a Unique Ambience

    If you are tasked with designing an outdoor area at your office, or you are looking to create the perfect place for that early morning coffee, where concrete is a major player, it is always a good idea to introduce natural greenery if at all possible. While most people think concrete is drab and colourless,

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    How to Be A Better Multi-Tasker

    When a person is in college, starting their first job, or running their own business, the importance of multi-tasking is of high value. Many entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm have perfected the skill of multitasking because it helps accelerate the time in which tasks are completed.  For those in college, multitasking is an acquired skill. Depending

  • depressed man sitting on a wooden bench

    Ways to differentiate grief from depression

    If you or someone you know has recently suffered the loss of a loved one, it is not uncommon to go through the emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing symptoms of grief. This is especially true in circumstances that require a wrongful death attorney as sudden loss can be especially harrowing.  However, there may be times

  • The Story Behind Kevin Plank and the Success of Under Armour

    The Story Behind Kevin Plank and the Success of Under Armour

    Growing up in Kensington, Maryland, Kevin Plank had a passion for sports from an early age playing for the Maplewood Maple Leafs football club. The frustration of playing football with a sweat-soaked t-shirt is what birthed the idea of creating moisture-wicking athletic apparel. He worked his way from his grandmother’s basement in Washington, DC, armed

  • Should School Eliminate Paper Use

    Carbon emissions are at an all-time high. The entire world needs to take charge before any more catastrophization happens. That’s why schools should be paperless. School district activists like Rachel Harow believe that children will do just fine with electronic schooling and that way paper can save many trees.  It’s difficult to perceive a world

  • How Technology Has Made this World a Global Village

    We all have read that the world has become a global village, but not many of us really know what it actually means. The world was called a global village because people are connected to each other in villages. They know everyone and everything that happens in the village. One’s happiness is everyone’s happiness and

  • Are Electric Cars Worth The High Price?

    Electric cars, like Tesla’s, are very expensive and many wonder if they are worth it. In the end, investors like Helen Lee Schifter, believe that electric cars are the way of the future. With carbon emissions heating the earth to 1.5 degrees celsius, there could be an irreversible impact on the environment and electric cars

  • Red Flags of a Loveless Marriage, According to the Relationship Experts at Relish

    Why Traditions Last So Long

    The reason the traditions are soo powerful to us is that if the culture, nationality, and comfort they bring with them. Ever miss a home-cooked meal or a holiday dessert that is only made once a year? That’s tradition. Whether it’s a song by Fiddler on the Roof or an instrument that is passed down