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  • How Technology Has Made this World a Global Village

    We all have read that the world has become a global village, but not many of us really know what it actually means. The world was called a global village because people are connected to each other in villages. They know everyone and everything that happens in the village. One’s happiness is everyone’s happiness and

  • Are Electric Cars Worth The High Price?

    Electric cars, like Tesla’s, are very expensive and many wonder if they are worth it. In the end, investors like Helen Lee Schifter, believe that electric cars are the way of the future. With carbon emissions heating the earth to 1.5 degrees celsius, there could be an irreversible impact on the environment and electric cars

  • Red Flags of a Loveless Marriage, According to the Relationship Experts at Relish

    Why Traditions Last So Long

    The reason the traditions are soo powerful to us is that if the culture, nationality, and comfort they bring with them. Ever miss a home-cooked meal or a holiday dessert that is only made once a year? That’s tradition. Whether it’s a song by Fiddler on the Roof or an instrument that is passed down

  • disabled woman in gym with trainer

    Tips on Staying Motivated

    In order to motivate yourself to keep working diligently and productively, one must understand a few concepts. In the world, businesses do not typically hand out free money or products. This is a reason to stay motivated. By working hard, saving, and even investing, one can live a luxurious life. If that’s not a dream

  • What to Do To Lift Up Team Spirits

    When a team is lagging behind or can’t find motivation, there are lots of ideas on who to uplift those efforts. Businessmen like Ken Kurson believe that a team is very important in any industry. Thus, keep it cohesive and have a strong impact on success rate and turnover times. There are many variables that

  • Are People Only Looking for Sustainable Housing?

    As housing marketers and realtors become more aware of people’s wants, they have to adapt. In recent years,more and more buyers are searching for sustainable housing because of the climate change crisis. Solar panels are a large investment, according to Shalom Lamm, but they are very beneficial to the envoirnemtn.  The technology many are searching

  • Do Solar Panels Make Real Estate Selling More Difficult

    Indeed, with the world becoming keen on reducing carbon emissions the housing market might have to restructure its selling process. Shalom Lamm, a realtor, believes that solar energy is then the next big thing for housing. Millions of people have homes powered by solar panels and won’t settle for anything less.  When buyers look for

  • Mom Tips: Buy Plane Tickets Now

    Thanks to the horrific pandemic, airfare has never been cheaper. As a consequence of the lack of travel, especially in the United States, flight companies are reducing how much they charge per trip. Rachel Harow, a mom of four, is thrilled that these rates have been reduced but still isn’t keen on traveling anywhere.  Many

  • Zynn, New Video-Sharing App

    Should Journalists Be Required to Use Blue Light Glasses?

    All of those who spend any time on a digital screen should be wearing blue light glass. Journalists such as Ken Kurson view that it’s a great way to keep the headache at bay and production constant. It takes a lot of work to produce a column or when editing other journalists’ writing pieces, so

  • Are Journalists Overwhelmed by 2020 Events?

    2020 has been a whirlwind for everyone. There are breaking news stories constantly being reported to mass media audiences. Editors like Ken Kurson, believe journalists have their work cut out for them. It takes a lot of work to cover stories that are so vast in topics.  Many broadcasters have to rely on top outlets