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  • How to Connect Online

    The reason people choose to connect online is because of the convenience factor. When a person is talking through Facebook or LinkedIn, it is much easier than meeting in person. Diego Ruiz Duran sometimes prefers to meet online because of the fear of coronavirus. It is safer and digitally appropriate to have interviews, orientations, and

  • Insomnia Assistance

    Insomnia is a serious problem for many people. It means when a person cannot sleep or fall asleep easily. Usually, insomnia is correlated with high stress, anxiety, or even depression. Rachel Harow knows many people who have suffered because of insomnia and recommends seeing a specialist if the issues persist.  When a person is constantly

  • How to Develop Better Work Habits

    Developing healthier and better work habits does not come without hardships. When a person is doing their best to dedicate themselves to work, they usually forget to take a break, By planning out a fine work schedule, as Ken Kurson does, it can be very beneficial for productivity practices. By staying focused and organized, a

  • Zynn, New Video-Sharing App

    Energy in America

    Education in the United States is very intense at the moment. States have very different regulations as to what to do with students during COVID-19. Many universities hold classes online to eliminate the need for impersonation. Public schools with younger students are doing their best to provide everyone with a laptop or tablet to connect

  • Plants

    Plants are mistakenly underrated. When a person is planting or growing, it’s paramount to recall the amount of work it takes to develop these beautiful organisms. Many plants need an irrigation system and nutrient-dense soil. If one were to plant some seeds in a dry patch of land and not water it, the seeds would

  • depressed man sitting on a wooden bench

    Has Cyberbullying Increased Since COVID-19

    Since the start of COVID-19, many have wondered how the online world would adapt to more people being digitally active. Media savants like Ken Kerson worried about the youth of the country because he knows how detrimental cyberbullying can be. Furthermore, since almost every child and teenager in America now are connected online, it’s difficult

  • Should Children Be Required to Play an Instrument

    Many question the ability of children in school. Yes, they are young and delicate minds, but that’s exactly the point. Ken Kurson believes that children’s minds are like sponges. That is why they can learn multiple languages at such a young age. Everything adults and peers say to them is calculated and taken into account.

  • How to Support Wildfire Rescues

    There are many organizations that strive to keep Americans safe during the wildfires. Organizations like GuideStar and Charity Navigator are tirelessly working to support the victims of wildfires. The Red Cross also provides shelter and food to those who lost their homes. Imagine losing every picture, tape, family artifact, and value in an instant. These

  • Mom Tips: Buy Plane Tickets Now

    Thanks to the horrific pandemic, airfare has never been cheaper. As a consequence of the lack of travel, especially in the United States, flight companies are reducing how much they charge per trip. Rachel Harow, a mom of four, is thrilled that these rates have been reduced but still isn’t keen on traveling anywhere.  Many

  • Why Be Sustainable

    There are currently millions of reasons why individuals should be sustainable. With climate change being a serious issue, we must do everything we can to support the planet, not destroy it. Fashion icons such as Helen Schifter use sustainable fashion and products to help lessen her carbon footprint. Ice is seriously melting and if the