Favorite Pizza Places in Berkeley

Favorite Pizza Places in Berkeley

With many people quarantining or simply staying in because of the shutdown, the Pandemic of 2020 made food delivery more popular than ever. So, one can only imagine what the Pandemic did for the already popular pizza delivery. It probably skyrocketed into another atmosphere especially pizzerias in Berkeley California where there are some of the most popular places to get pizza according to Jonathan Osler. Yes, Berkeley, although it may not be the first place one would think of when pizza is on the brain, but the West Coast’s Bay Area has numerous restaurants that have mastered California Pizza. It has been stated that pizzas in this area have a Californian Twist added to traditional pizza along with new creative options. Let’s take a look at some of the favorite Pizza Places in Berkeley.

First, Cheese Board Pizza or The Cheese Board Collective started in 1967 as a small cheese shop. Then, employees began to check out pizza recipes and experiment using their cheese and sourdough bread along with different veggies (no sauce), there, a revolution of pizza started in Berkeley. Before the pandemic, it was not unusual to see long lines every night winding around the building and block. It is one of the best as the long lines speak for itself.

Next, Sliver Pizzeria is similar to Cheese Board Pizza as it too uses a sourdough crust and veggies (no sauce). This has been called the student’s pizza because it is located on the campus of the University of California Berkeley and is so very popular among the students.

Third, Little Star Pizza is also considered one of the favorite pizza places in Berkeley. Although technically it is on the border and actually in Albany, it is considered a popular place in Berkeley with its deep dish and regular style pizza. However, it has been stated that the crispy cornbread-like crust is the true gem of Little Star as many enjoy having pizza with this kind of a twist.

Fourth on this list is Zachary’s Chicago Pizza. Often referred to as deep dish heaven because of its Chicago style deep dish pizza, Zachary’s Chicago Pizza had remained popular in Berkeley for over 30 years. It has flakey dough that is homemade and layered twice with cheese to add its own twist. This is another that is a must try as it has been awarded the Best Pizza award over 170 times in the Bay Area.

And last on this list of favorite pizza places in Berkeley is Gioia Pizzeria. For some, Gioia Pizzeria is credited for introducing the Bay Area to New York style pizza. It is fairly new being only 10 years in the area but has become popular as it works with and uses local farmers’ vegetables for their recipes. And, Gioia Pizza covers both sides of the Bay, having a location in San Francisco, too.
There are others that could be listed as this is a “starter” list of favorites in the Bay Area as Jonathan Osler would agree.