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  • Correlation Between Weather and Mood

    Deigo Ruiz Duran may make the claim that the weather is going to have an impact on the moods of most people. The term “mood” is referring to a feeling or a state of mind. This is temporary mind frames or temporary emotions. There have been studies surrounding weather and moods. In the year 2008,

  • Benefits of Sleeping In

    One of the biggest things that successful people have in common is the fact that they like to get up before the rest of the world. While this can make a big difference, it is still important to sleep in sometimes. There are actually quite a few benefits to sleeping in every once and awhile.

  • 5 Ways Doctors Protect Themselves From COVID-19

    5 Ways Doctors Protect Themselves From COVID-19

    Living in a post pandemic world means that physicians have to be more careful than ever before as they care for sick patients.  Doctors are critical to the recovery of the world from the onset of this novel coronavirus, and it’s important that they take proper precautions. If you’ve spent time sitting around wondering what

  • 5 Reasons To Start Using CBD Disposable Pens

    Image Source The cannabis revolution has seen the introduction of several new modes of consuming the compound. The convenience of vape pens has enabled more users to switch to elegant vape modules for their CBD needs in recent times. While CBD infused e-juices make the process easy and efficient, high wattage vaping poses the threat

  • Top Cleaners You Should Learn About Before Spring Cleaning

    When you think of cleaning supplies, soap and water are the first materials that come to mind. While these items are crucial when it comes to keeping your environment sanitary, particularly for cleaning your body, they aren’t the only cleaners you should know about. Compressed Air Not everything can be cleaned with water, especially not

  • Are Apples and Grapes Making You Fat?

    I get asked all the time “what should I eat” or “what is the best diet to lose weight and get in better shape.”  I’m no “foodie”.  I love delicious food as much as the next guy, but I can also eat a pretty boring diet.  Usually it isn’t because of great discipline, but more

  • Zynn, New Video-Sharing App

    Should Journalists Be Required to Use Blue Light Glasses?

    All of those who spend any time on a digital screen should be wearing blue light glass. Journalists such as Ken Kurson view that it’s a great way to keep the headache at bay and production constant. It takes a lot of work to produce a column or when editing other journalists’ writing pieces, so

  • Developing Healthy Eating Habits for Dummies

    When starting a health journey, it’s important to remain positive and not to disturb how the body chooses to change. For some, losing weight might be the ultimate goal. However, our bodies take some time to adjust to new health changes and may even gain weight before losing. For example, Helen Schifter states that the

  • 3 Tips To Help You Quit Caffeine

    I have never been a big caffeine drinker, but my older brother became addicted in College and had to fight hard to overcome his addiction. If you’ve found it hard to ween off caffeine or are looking for a couple tips to make it easier for you, here are the tips and tricks that he