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  • The Benefits Of Paying For Your Funeral Now

    Unfortunately, death is coming to us all and there is no way to avoid it. We can put it off as long as we possibly can by eating a healthy diet, and trying to stay fit, but eventually, it is coming to call.  It is a very certain event, and although we try not to

  • Jack Plotkin, Goldman Sachs

    Jack Plotkin, Former Goldman Sachs Banker, on Cryptocurrency Investing

    With all the media focus on the stock market and its remarkable upward trajectory, it is easy to miss the reemergence or cryptocurrencies. Even during its 2017 peak, many established investors dismissed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as nothing more than a speculative bubble. The euphoria indeed subsided in 2018, with Bitcoin’s price dropping six-fold. However,

  • Importance of a Home Energy Audit

    A home energy audit is essential as it helps homeowners realize their energy flow and residential consumption. It determines all the parts of your home where energy goes to waste and where usage can be controlled to save money. The whole process of the audit involves visual inspection of your home using special test equipment.

  • 5 Great Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

    We all love to carry out improvements at home to make our living space that little bit more comfortable, which also adds value to the property. It might be an exterior make-over, or perhaps a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and with that in mind, here are a few home improvement projects that won’t break the

  • How You Can Get More Bang for Your Buck Out of Your Investment Properties

    Entrepreneurs that have delved into a variety of industries always seem to try their luck with investment properties. Building up a portfolio of investment properties can allow you to retire years in advance as you can rely on the consistent monthly income. Maximizing income from each property should be priority as renters are willing to

  • Top Tech Apps to Improve Your Organization & Productivity

    Five Ways To Make Money in 2020

    Making a bit of extra money on the side is always welcome. But starting a side hustle, and more importantly, starting the right side hustle is sometimes hard.  You have to take into consideration so many different aspects. From making sure that you’re keeping your sanity and staying motivated enough to keep doing this on

  • Cryptocurrency And Taxation: Everything You Need To Know

    Though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized and not issued by any bank, that doesn’t mean that you are off the hook when it comes to paying taxes. You still have to report your Bitcoin holdings, trades and any profit. And, you’ll have to pay taxes depending on your return. It isn’t a currency, so

  • So, Which Debt Repayment Strategy Is Right for You?

    If you’ve reached the point of comparing debt repayment strategies, you’re already off to a great start. Half the battle is acknowledging the extent of your debts. Once you have an idea of how much and what kind of debt you need to eliminate, you can start figuring out which tactics will serve you best.

  • Three Reasons to Choose Real Estate in a Recession

    Whenever the country faces an uncertain economic future, there is a lot of concern over what investments should be made or avoided. Real estate investing had mixed reviews when the 2008 recession hit, but for the most part, such an investment can help with income generation and diversifying your financial portfolio. However, a recession can

  • CEO Spotlight: Francisco Faraco, CEO of Faraco Partners LLC

    Francisco J. Faraco is CEO & Founder of Faraco Partners, LLC, incorporated in New York State in 2017. With many years of experience in the financial industry, he provides Wealth Management Services to corporations, families, and individuals. As a public figure and mentor, he regularly speaks at financial workshops and conferences. But who is the