5 Emerging Technologies That Are Here to Stay

The world is undergoing a rapid explosion of technology, largely thanks to digitalisation and nano tech, and any budding entrepreneur in 2020 needs to take a good look at emerging tech that will shape the future. The arrival and further development of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a real game-changer that creates new industries and with that in mind, here are a few emerging technologies that are worth getting into.

  1. 3D-Printing – The manufacturing sector is about to change for the better, as bigger and more sophisticated 3D printers are built and we are not that far from being able to walk into a 3D printing facility and order a sports car to be printed there and then! Some worry that this new tech will destroy the manufacturing sector, yet they will merge with 3D and specialise in certain products.
  2. 5G – This will be the platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), a grid network that enables every single digital device to be connected and with 10x data transfer speeds, the IoT will be a platform that is run by AI. Whether you run a SEO agency or a logistics business, 5G is going to ramp up your communication and efficiency, with a global hi-speed network that allows you to track your company vehicles in real-time.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – The amazing computer, AlphaGo has demonstrated its ability to learn the board game Go, by beating the world Go champion by 4 games to one. There are more board configurations in Go than atoms in the known universe and the tech world was stunned by AlphaGo’s victory – it was predicted to take another ten years to create a computer than could beat the best Go player – and the creators simply uploaded 100,000 Go games and gave the computer the necessary parameters, then the machine began to play and learn in an exponential way. After a few months, the team felt AlphaGo was ready for the ultimate challenge and sure enough, a victory resulted. This has huge implications for humanity, as machines can come up with designs that a human could never create. Here is a great blog on how technology has turned the world into a global village, which is a great read.
  4. Robotics – When paired with AI, robotics offers unlimited potential and we will all have our own personal robot at home to run things in just a few years from now. The majority of factories are already using robots and it won’t be long before all manufactured goods are built by robots, machines that can work day and night and never make mistakes.
  5. Drones – Some giant corporations such as Amazon are already using drones to deliver products, while there are prototypes of people carrying drones to be used much like a taxi. Drones are powered by clean energy and using the IoT, all vehicles will be controlled by AI and in theory, there should be no accidents. Click here for government information on flying drones.

The future is looking like an exciting time to be alive, with many new technologies emerging into the marketplace, and if you are looking to get into one of these, now is the perfect time to set the ball rolling.