How Technology Has Made this World a Global Village

We all have read that the world has become a global village, but not many of us really know what it actually means. The world was called a global village because people are connected to each other in villages. They know everyone and everything that happens in the village. One’s happiness is everyone’s happiness and one’s grief is everyone’s grief. If you don’t think the world is a global village, think about the 9/11 and Beirut explosion when everyone around the world stood in grief with these nations. This article has discussed some new ways compared to the old ways and how technology has created a global village. 

Communication is Faster than Ever

The importance of communication was realized after technology showed us how it should be. There was a time when people had to travel miles to send a piece of information. It had to be a human who would take letters and then walk or ride for days and months to reach the destination. For this reason, communication was not only slow and ineffective but also very expensive. Today, you can just call anyone on Skype and have a video chat for as long as you want and that too free of cost. It doesn’t even matter where you live as technology has spread to all corners of the world. 

Money Transfer is No Longer a Problem

Sending money was more difficult than communicating with someone who lives far away. There weren’t many job opportunities in every town, so people had to leave their homes and go to other cities and countries to earn a living. Like this was not a challenge enough, they would have to work for months before going back home to give them enough money to keep running the house until the next visit. You can’t just trust anyone with your money. However, today everyone knows how to receive money transfers within minutes. There are so many banks and other services that sending or receiving money is easier and cheaper than ever. 

No Distance is Too Long

There is no distance that would take more than a few hours to reach in the twenty-first century. People had to travel for weeks and months when migrating from one country to another. All thanks to advancements in technology, there are fast trains and airplanes that would take you overseas in the fastest time and reasonable amount. Traveling is not only fast but also comfortable enough that you won’t even feel like you just traveled thousands of miles. 

You Get Latest and Credible Information

Knowledge of power and people really lacked it in old times. Today, you get all kinds of information you need on the internet within seconds. It doesn’t even cost you anything, and that information always comes from a credible source. There are search engines like Google that look for the most relevant and accurate information for the queries you search. You can even like social media pages or follow a few blogs to stay up to date with news and other things you like.