Are Electric Cars Worth The High Price?

Electric cars, like Tesla’s, are very expensive and many wonder if they are worth it. In the end, investors like Helen Lee Schifter, believe that electric cars are the way of the future. With carbon emissions heating the earth to 1.5 degrees celsius, there could be an irreversible impact on the environment and electric cars might be the only solution. 

With fossil fuels being buried at an astonishing rate, the world has serious issues to solve in the next ten years. Droughts, fires, lack of water, and so much more can occur if matters aren’t taken into our own hands. Electric cars will soon be the only thing on the road because it’s the only way to fight carob emissions. So yes, investing now into an electric car is worth it. In the long run, it will be normal to have eclectic cars. Helen Lee Schifter recommends Tesla’s to anyone because of how efficient they are. There are plenty of other electric car options and there will be even more as the future of automobiles expands.