Why Traditions Last So Long

The reason the traditions are soo powerful to us is that if the culture, nationality, and comfort they bring with them. Ever miss a home-cooked meal or a holiday dessert that is only made once a year? That’s tradition. Whether it’s a song by Fiddler on the Roof or an instrument that is passed down through generations, transitions last forever. Shalom Lamm expresses his admiration for those who continue family traditions for years to come. 

Respect goes a long way with certain entities of tradition. They are powerful in the sense that they can help build relations around customs. There are limitless amounts of traditions a person or family can uphold. It’s all very relative. Traditions only last long is people have an emotional attachment to said tradition. 

The beautiful thing about long-lasting traditions is that they can be changed. Let’s say a pandemic happens and holidays will now have to be celebrated over Zoon. Is that breaking tradition or is it just adjusting it to be more realistic? No matter what, Shalom Lamm urges families to develop long-lasting traditions that children can grow up practiving.