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  • How New Technology by LifeWave Can Help Activate Stem Cells

    It seems information about stem cells is everywhere these days. That’s with good reason since these unique cells hold remarkable potential for improving health and wellness as scientific understanding of them increases. However, even as understanding in the scientific community changes, there is still plenty of work to be done in educating everyday people in

  • child holding parent's hand

    7 Tips For Co-Parenting During The Coronavirus Quarantine

    Co-Parenting is difficult enough on its own. As Dorie Rogers, an experienced divorce attorney in Orange County points out, there’s a long list of do’s and don’ts to follow if you want to pull it off right and provide the best environment possible for your child. Now, with the added stress of the coronavirus pandemic

  • car crashed into a tree

    Pre-existing medical conditions and car accidents

    Despite the country’s best efforts to spread awareness about and enforce safe driving practices, there are still hundred of thousands of car accidents each year. The reasons behind them range from drinking to texting and road hazards, but did you know that pre-existing medical conditions are a factor? The term “impaired driving” makes most people

  • brain with bandage

    Recent advances in traumatic brain injury treatment

    A traumatic brain injury alters every aspect of a person’s life. Today, it is the leading cause of death and disability for those under the age of 45. In order to combat this issue, researchers of pathobiology have been working to develop neuroprotective strategies. The majority have been unsuccessful, but there are a few promising

  • Do You Want a Fulfilling Career? Consider Going to Nursing School

    Are you thinking about a new career and considering going to nursing school? Nursing is a highly respected career because nurses can impact the lives of individual patients while also promoting health and wellness in the wider community. Because no two work days are exactly the same, there is a lot of potential for personal

  • 3 Tips For Preparing For Surgery Around Your Eyes

    As you age, parts of your body naturally begin to wrinkle and sag. And while this is a part of life, there are things you can do to combat this and prevent it from happening, including getting cosmetic surgery.  For many people, one form of surgery that they’d like to get is eyelid surgery. So

  • Is It Safe to Get Chiropractic Adjustments?

    Licensed chiropractors are well-trained specialists you can trust for professional and effective treatment. Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a common and safe procedure, although complications can happen, just as with any procedure.  An adjustment isn’t a substitute for getting care from your primary medical doctor, but it can be an effective complement to your care.

  • Personal Statement Writing Service with Experts

    The main goal of most students after graduation is to get into a college or university. This task is responsible and utterly important. One should have a good academic score and be witty enough to match up the high standards of an educational institution. Besides, it’s necessary to compose an effective personal statement. It’s a