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  • A Fat Girl’s Confidence – Must Read

    In a time where society has declared that skinny is good and fat is bad, Patrice Shavone Brown has written a must-read for every girl who has or is struggling with weight. In A Fat Girl’s Confidence, Brown proclaims that being healthy and confident no longer equates only to being skinny. She provides you with

  • 5 Must-Have Home Security Technology Systems

    The security of your home is a crucial component of its living value. You want to be able to leave your valuables at home without feeling overly anxious and sleep tight at night. Protecting your home from the pros may be a challenge, but you need to take measures anyway because most people trying to

  • 7 Ways to Plug Into Renewable Energy

    According to the National Solar Jobs Census, one in every 50 jobs added in the US in 2016 were from the burgeoning solar industry. Through the use of solar energy subsidies and growing demand in the market, more suppliers have entered the industry creating about 93,000 solar related jobs in the past seven years. This

  • How Driverless Cars Will Transform the City and Your Home

    City planners are now thinking about how emerging technologies will integrate into so-called smart cities, and driverless cars are set to become a crucial component of that infrastructure. You’ve probably heard a lot about how self-driving cars will change your experience on the road, but the changes to come go much deeper than that. Autonomous

  • Miniature Electric Motors in Aerospace Engineering

    It is difficult to imagine how life would be without miniature motors. These days, these little wonders of modern engineering can be found in a spectrum of modern devices, from powered surgical tools and infusion systems to industrial power tools and household appliances. Because they come in compact sizes, miniature motors are not exactly what

  • Innovative Technology from Quincy Jones Makes Learning Piano Fun

    The language of music can be spoken by anyone, whether a professional musician or someone just beginning to learn to play the piano. Hans Christian Andersen, the famous author of children’s fairy tales, once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Rock star Marilyn Manson put it a little differently: “Music is the strongest form of

  • Screens are Taking a Toll on America’s Eyesight

    Most of us think of our eyes as a tool to get the job done, and many of us accept deteriorating eyesight as a fact of life. Now, more than ever, our eyesight is getting worse. What are the causes and what can you do to maintain healthy vision? The Problem Our eyes have been

  • Driverless Cars Are Coming. Here’s What to Expect

    Imagine commuting to work while catching up on your favorite TV show, reading the paper, or checking email. Millions of people do this daily while using public transportation to commute to work. Now, imagine all the multi-tasking — along with luxuriant coffee drinking — inside the peace and quiet of your own car. You program

  • Scientists Have Found a New Way to Transform Sunlight Into Power

    Researchers from Rice University have developed a new way to extract more energy from solar radiation, potentially making photovoltaic cells more efficient than ever before. Their setup harnesses the power of hot electrons, which are highly kinetic electrons created when photons from the sun strike material within a photovoltaic panel. Hot electrons usually decay within

  • future babies

    Genetically Designed Babies May Not Be That Far Away.

    [intro]Would you rather have a perfect child from birth? In the future it may be as easy as approaching a healthcare counter. So, frankly, would you choose to have a genetically modified baby, a designer baby?[/intro] If you would, one genetic testing company in California is patented by the United States Patents Office to help