5 Must-Have Home Security Technology Systems

The security of your home is a crucial component of its living value. You want to be able to leave your valuables at home without feeling overly anxious and sleep tight at night. Protecting your home from the pros may be a challenge, but you need to take measures anyway because most people trying to burglarize your home may be amateurs. With the right home security technology, both professionals and small-time thieves will have a hard time breaking and entering. A student housing architect will agree that home security system will also serve several other functions, including warning you of any emergency. Look through this list of home security systems and determine the most crucial ones for your home.

Monitored alarm system

Monitored alarm systems are enhanced versions of the commonly encountered electric alarm. They come with a monitoring service in addition to the alarm, where in case the alarm is tripped, a company agent available 24/7will call to confirm if it was a false alarm or a break-in. In case the latter has happened, the authorities are notified, and the police arrive in minutes. These alarms also monitor carbon monoxide and fires to ensure the safety of your home and those staying inside.  

Burglar alarm systems

A burglar alarm is arguably the most important component of a home security system. Such a system comes with motion sensors and is wired to the doors and windows. In case any of the detectors are tripped off, the entire system is connected to a primary control system that sets off a loud alarm and notifies the police. These systems also come with signs that you attach to your doors and windows to ward off intruders. Installing such a system can make significant reductions in your home insurance.

Medical alarm system

If you are living with an older person or someone with a severe medical condition at home, then this is a perfect system for you. This system essentially connects an emergency option that they can reach to your primary home alarm system. With this system, your security firm is notified of any emergency and can quickly send assistance.

Smoke alarm systems

Fire is a real threat to a home’s security, and a smoke alarm system is designed to protect a house’s inhabitants from fire and smoke. Such a system consists of wireless or hardwired smoke detectors distributed all around the house and strobe lights. You can also install a full fire alarm system with a heat detector, smoke detectors, and a sprinkler.

Critical alarm systems

These alarms protect your home and property from all kinds of leaks, even the ones that would usually go undetected, such as LPG or carbon monoxide. With such a system, property damage in the case of a plumbing accident or a severe malfunction with your heating system is highly reduced. 


The systems above are the most preferred for their effectiveness at improving security and functionality in the home. Stay ahead of any disaster or emergency with any of these home security technology systems.