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  • How Technology Can Cut School Costs

    The role of education in life is changing at all levels with continuing education keeping individuals in school throughout most of their lives. As the educational environment evolves, the reliance on technology is growing at a fast rate with schools and students hoping to keep costs low by increasing the level of technology used. Across

  • Carbon Fiber: The Future of Automotive?

    The automobile industry is one of the most dynamic engineering industries. Research and development constantly refines the industry with new concepts and designs introduced by the day. The need for durable, stable, and reliable auto parts characterizes the nature of the developments. Recently, for instance, the auto industry has expressed the need for cars to

  • Cyborg Implants And The Rise Of The Human Cyborgs

    In the late 1970’s people watched a science fiction film created by Martin Caidin entitled ‘Cyborg’. It featured how an individual lost an arm and a limb but was immediately replaced with mechanical prosthetics using cyber technology. These bionic replacements were stronger and powerful than the original replaced extremities. Inspired with this new fictional concept,