Combat Aging with Science Based Medicine

The body is made up of trillions of cells whose functions are to keep our body operating and working in proper healthy condition. Because of the importance of the health of these cells, research into science based medicine that improves cellular functions, communications, and connections has increased over the years. ASEA has focused on finding skincare solutions down to the cellular level by studying redox signaling molecules and their effects.

What are Redox Signaling Molecules?

Redox signaling molecules are essentially messengers between cells in the body. Without cellular communication, cells don’t function properly and can eventually break down which can affect multiple process within the body. Redox signaling molecules are so important because without them, cells cannot communicate to rejuvenate, repair, or replenish. Being able to sustain healthy communication of cells through redox signaling helps protect the cells and keep them operating properly.

There are two types of redox signaling molecules: reactive oxygen species which protects the immune system and reduced species which activates antioxidants. These two groups are balanced within each cell and when this balance is disturbed by damage, signals are sent via redox molecules communicating the need for defense and repair. When this process is communicated effectively, the body responds and is able to heal and repair itself.

Redox Signaling and Skin Care

Just as with any other damaged cell in the body, skin is constantly facing damage from the sun and even aging which then triggers redox molecules to communicate the need for repairs. As we age, our bodies are faced with more exposure, wear, and toxins that begin to break down the body’s ability to maintain a healthy balance of redox signaling molecules. When this happens, cells no longer function correctly and the skin can no longer keep up with protecting and repairing itself which is why signs of aging like discoloration and wrinkles begin to appear.

Having researched this connection between redox signaling and the signs of aging, ASEA has targeted redox signaling molecules in their research to create a science based medicinal line of skincare products to combat aging.

ASEA Research Supplementing Redox Signaling Molecule Supplies

The importance and significance of redox signaling molecules is not new to researchers, in fact, early last century it was on the radar of the scientific community, however, until a few years ago it wasn’t discovered how to help supplement these naturally occurring molecules. With the research, and testing conducted by ASEA, a breakthrough discovery has been made and redox signaling molecules can be engineered and stabilized outside the body. This means that redox signaling molecules can be recreated and contained within ASEA products which can supplement and support the sustainability of redox signaling molecule supplies within the body.

This research is backed by the company and by working with third-party dermatology scientific research facilities and professors, ASEA’s findings and ground-breaking results in skincare are validated.  

Combating the Signs of Aging with Redox Signaling Molecules

Although anti-aging creams, moisturizers, and products have been all over the market for many years, ASEA is breaking the mold with products founded from scientific based medicinal research. ASEA is utilizing science to recreate and supplement the redox signaling molecules within the skin that start deteriorating with age which has incredible anti-aging results.

ASEA is at the forefront of skincare health and treatment by addressing the symptoms of aging at a cellular level. There is no need to choose products that hide the signs of aging, fight it at the cellular level with scientifically validated products that contain safe, natural molecules that are native to your body’s cellular functions.

Life After Television


Television Ideas

Television was placed in a role that’s front and center within our lives. Whenever you are not watching TV, you’re surfing the net, when you aren’t on the internet, you’re reading newspapers, when you aren’t reading anything, you’re listening to something. There are several movies and TV shows, and so many means to access them, that it may really difficult to choose which ones will soon be worthwhile and which won’t. So, when you have met obnoxious men and women in real life, then you’ll meet obnoxious men and women in television.

There are a range of choices available for each budget and you’re sure to get the ideal package to please everyone in your house, especially those movie lovers. Netflix along with a number of other subscription providers are the reasonably priced method to rent movies online and also by far the most convenient means for most people. Besides top quality picture and sound, digital television also makes it possible for the addition of interactive features which create a subscription simpler to manage. Now, access to the web along with the availability of a broad array of CD-ROMs really do have a role to play within the moulding of youth culture in just about any nation.

Watching television can be a truly solitary activity, particularly if you don’t have the energy to resist with others and strive to come to a compromise about what to watch. All is required to give up television is a little commitment and also a desire to complete different things as an alternative to sitting in front of the flickering box. If musical comedies are something which you enjoy then Glee is really a show which you have to enhance your DVR schedule. You have to remember at all times that every single producer differs from the following.

At that age, they can be attracted to whatever’s flashy and whatever can make news. Thus, all of the time, you’re glued to some form of media. If anything, they don’t come near the scope and reality of the problem. Don’t let your children watch TV whilst doing homework.

The Appeal of Television

Dish Network was among the first businesses to get started offering HDTV content and among the initial to provide satellite TV. Soon the success which has made great the standard TV will expand on the net. From the newest in new releases to all your favourite classics, the selection is almost without limits. Obviously, prices are affected not simply by the kind of television, but the size.

Children shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV whatsoever during that point in time. Constant light, constant sound, constant chatter. The device ought to be attached to a significant speed internet connection though. Just like them, even you intend to be within the news.

In regards to meeting all your TV requirements, you can count on Direct TV. Plus there are several more channels to select from. Unfortunately, a number of men and women say it doesn’t give quite the immersive” experience that you could acquire from other sorts of televisions. You wouldn’t need to find additional hardware or perhaps a TV card.

If you prefer to get the best TV for your own needs you first ought to make a decision as to what budget you’ve got. If you do decide to really go without TV, decent luck and relish the positive aspects! Don’t set a TV in your children’s bedroom. Also consider the set-up of your own room.

How small businesses can save money with the cloud

Computer technology is constantly evolving. New programs, software, hardware and devices are hitting the market every day to make every aspect of people’s lives easier to manage.

Successful business owners know to research the latest tech trends to find which innovations will streamline their operations and which aren’t worth the investment. This is especially true for small businesses that often have fewer financial resources and less time to waste than bigger corporations. It’s not always easy to know which new tech will save money in the long run.

For entrepreneurs who have yet to invest in the cloud, small business experts urge them to consider this program, that can drastically simplify many of their daily processes. If they partner with an IT support in Woburn, they can access additional IT services catered to their business needs, all while saving overhead costs.


“Owners can access the files from anywhere on any device.”

What the cloud means for small businesses
As reported by Entrepreneur, one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is the convenience. By storing important information on a tech cloud, business owners can access the files from anywhere on any device. Gone are the days of carrying a hard copy storage device that can get lost of damaged – if the laptop is accidentally left at the office, owners can just log in from their home computer if they need to. This is also great for traveling and quickly accessing data from a smartphone or tablet.

The mobility of the cloud helps decrease operation costs, since business owners no longer need to invest in additional storage hard drives or storage equipment. This isn’t the only area where the cloud can save money, however. With less physical equipment, entrepreneurs can also bring down electricity costs. There are fewer upgrades to install and no more repairing or replacing damaged machinery. While there’s still a need for essential devices to access the cloud and perform many functions of the office, cloud computing cuts down on redundancies and replaces obsolete gadgets.

Making the switch to the cloud
It may seem daunting to worry about converting hard drives over to a cloud space, but these programs are designed to be user-friendly. Business owners should research the companies and programs that are available to them and choose one that will meet their data and budget needs.

According to tech entrepreneur and founder of Due John Rampton, “it’s important to start by deciding what needs to go on the cloud and what can simply be archived. Most businesses have records that are important to save but won’t need to be accessed frequently enough to warrant taking up space in cloud storage. Invoicing paperwork can easily be placed in the cloud securely and quickly without any loss of downtime for example.”

Once it’s been determined what can go on the cloud, business owners will need to follow the instructions set by their cloud-hosting company to transfer the files over. They’ll want to keep backup copies of the most essential records and test the files on the cloud to make sure they uploaded properly. Once files have been proven to be cloud-accessible, administrators can then remove the appropriate copies from the hard drives.

The cloud allows users to access files whenever and however they want.

Cloud security
An important part of a computing cloud is keeping it safe. How Stuff Works reported that the best way to do this is with strong passwords. Passwords should only be shared with essential personnel and should be changed every few months.

As always, business owners should educate their staff on safe online practices. No one should try to access any unknown emails, links and files to prevent virus infections.

These 5 Common Legal Mistakes Can Hurt Your Small Business

When you’re running a small business, there are a thousand different things taking up your time: managing employees, introducing or perfecting products or services, updating your website, and much, much more. Legal responsibilities often get pushed down on the list of priorities, but it can be risky for a small business to put off these obligations.

Not making the right choices when it comes to legal concerns involved in running a business can hurt you and your company. See what legal mistakes many small businesses make and how you can make sure your company is on the right legal track.

Not Establishing the Right Legal Structure

Business legal structure affects things like how much a small business will pay in taxes, how much paperwork it will have to complete, and how much liability it faces in the event of a lawsuit. There are four common legal structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company (LLC).

Each type of business structure has certain advantages and drawbacks. It’s important to weigh the features of each legal structure and determine how these features may affect your small business according to BusinessInsuranceQuotes.

For example, if your business is likely to incur potential liability, a sole proprietorship or partnership–legal structures in which the owners are personally liable for the company’s financial obligations–may not be a great option for your business. In the event of a lawsuit, you could face huge liabilities resulting in significant financial losses without the right legal structure behind your business.

You can find specific information about choosing a legal structure for your business by visiting the Secretary of State website for your state or seeking out personal advice from an attorney.

Not Obtaining a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright

To avoid the possibility of your small business’s product, service, or other item of value becoming public domain, you must patent, trademark, or copyright that item or concept. Without a patent, trademark, or copyright, another business could use and profit from your name, logo, or work without facing legal allegations.

Your small business must legally protect what it rightly owns to avoid potentially having your entire idea or business stolen. Here’s how to protect yourself:

  • Patents. File a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after doing a thorough patent search and seeing that your invention or idea qualifies for a patent.
  • Trademarks. Register your trademark on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after checking the Trademark Electronic Search Database to ensure your mark has not already been registered.
  • Copyrights. Simply create your work. Once your piece of work (such as a book, movie, software program, painting, or architecture drawing) is “fixed in a tangible form,” or produced, written, drawn, etc., it is protected by U.S. copyright laws.

Not Having a Shareholders’ Agreement

If your company has more than one shareholder, you should have a shareholders’ agreement. Although it is not a legal requirement for companies, a shareholders’ agreement serves as a set of rules for how the shareholders of your business will interact with each other, helping settle any disagreements that may arise.

Shareholders’ agreements are typically comprised of multiple sections, which serve the purposes of identifying the parties of the agreement, the goals to be met by the agreement, what shareholders are to do in certain circumstances, and so forth. To draft an agreement, seek the advice of an attorney.

Not Selecting Outside Investors Carefully

Seeking outside investors can be risky for your small business. If you are in need of financial assistance, using outside investors may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could result in legal complications later on. In the event that your outside investors disagree with the way the business is being run, they could threaten legal action. If you’re considering using outside investors, be sure to select them very carefully.

Not Properly Handling Federal Payroll Taxes

Small businesses are required to make federal payroll tax payments to the government, making sure that all income and federal and state taxes are properly reported and paid. Failure to retain payroll tax records, misclassification of employees, and failure to provide W-2 forms to employees could result in severe penalties for your company. Also, if your business does not remit payroll taxes properly, you could be personally liable, resulting in a criminal investigation of your business by the IRS.

To avoid such complications, consider using a payroll service or hiring an experienced human resources manager or payroll manager to handle these responsibilities.

Where Small Businesses Can Seek Legal Advice

When dealing with legal matters for your small business, you can always seek out professional advice from an attorney who specializes in small businesses. Forums for asking legal questions and advice are also a great resource for small business owners. You can find a wealth of valuable information on free legal advice sites such as

Although the success of your business may depend on a list of endless tasks, be sure addressing legal responsibilities is a priority to keep your company protected and running smoothly.

Federal IT Facing Major Concerns in 2016


U.S. Federal Government executives have quite the load of IT problems on their plates in 2016. The most obvious and significant concern is cybersecurity. Since 2006, more than 87 million private and sensitive records have been exposed through breaches of federal networks.

Advanced cyber attack attempts have rapidly increased, according to new reports in 2015. In the State of the Internet report by Akamai, it is claimed that web attacks in the fourth-quarter of 2015 increased by 40 percent from the previous quarter.

With cybersecurity being an impending threat to national security, the U.S. government is expected to spend $65 Billion on cybersecurity contracts between 2015 and 2020. However, hackers aren’t the only problem with cybersecurity. It is actually the “negligent employee” at an agency who fails to take precautions while using government networks that is considered the biggest threat to security, according to 44 percent of federal workers surveyed by the Ponemon Institute.

Federal workers also acknowledged in the survey that government agencies were highly unprepared for cyber attacks from hackers and that more highly skilled programmers were needed to assist in securing government networks. The lack of skilled personnel was ranked by 53 percent of federal IT workers as the biggest obstacle to cybersecurity.

Along with cybersecurity, the government CIO is facing challenges such as finding the right cloud solution for government data, using social media correctly (the Government Accountability Office ruled that EPA violated federal law by using social media for covert propaganda), preventing DDOS attacks, and replacing retiring employees.

With one in four government employees currently eligible for retirement, the CIO is commissioned with having to find suitably skilled workers to fill the void. This creates the potential for chaos and stress as new employees must be interviewed, vetted, and trained above and beyond normal employee turnover.

The infographic below, created by the team at Iron Bow technologies, outlines the IT concerns that are going to give the government CIO and other federal executives the biggest headaches in 2016.

Five of the Best Treatments for Acne-Prone Skin

Did you know that over 85% of people age between the ages of 14 and 24 suffer from at least a bout of minor acne, while this common skin problem affects an estimated 50 million Americans? Acne is a skin condition which can have severe physiological effects on your self-confidence and personal image. If you’re currently dealing with inflamed skin then you’re not alone, and luckily there are several top-notch treatments around that help to reduce and banish this skin issue for good.

Topical Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is used in drug-store and over the counter topical treatments for a range of mild skin issues. They often are mixed in creams, lotions or medicated bars which are applied directly onto the problem areas. Topical benzoyl peroxide has high success rates in helping to reduce inflamed skin, but it can sometimes cause skin to dry out and crack after prolonged use.

Topical Antibiotics

Topical antibiotics are creams and lotions that are also designed to be applied directly on to the skin. They are often combined with benzoyl peroxide to create an effective and higher strength treatment which helps to limit bacterial infections on the skin. As with other topical treatments, topical antibiotics can cause the skin to dry out.

Oral Antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are often prescribed for those with more serious skin conditions that don’t seem to be responding to topical treatments. Oral antibiotics have to be taken regularly and can take a while to kick in. The three most common antibiotics use to treat skin issues orally are doxycycline, tetracycline, and minocycline. While they are more effective than topical treatments, they also come with more potential side effects including nausea and headaches.

Birth Control Pills

Another option for females who have skin problems which are related to hormonal imbalances is to take birth control pills. A doctors offer advice on what type to take, and then prescribe you a course of treatments. Birth control pills help to maintain estrogen and in turn reduce skin inflammation for females. Birth control pills used as a treatments for skin problems are not recommended for smokers and for anybody suffering with migraines or blood-clotting issues.

Laser Treatments

One of the more modern treatments on the block uses laser beams to help kill bacteria on the skin. The treatment is non-evasive, and has shown promising results for people with mild to severe skin inflammation issues. Side effects include a possible reddening of the skin after the treatment, but this normally calms down after a few hours.

Skin problem can be caused by a range of factors, including hormones, oil production levels, menstruation and side effects from existing medication. If your acne is affecting your life, and drug-store treatments just aren’t cutting it, then don’t be afraid to go and see your doctor who will be able to prescribe medication or refer you to a dermatologist.