6 Best Gift Idea for Teens

Gifting loved ones is a great task, even more so for teenagers! It’s very hard to judge what a teenager would like, which is why most of us opt to take them shopping to get them what they want, or give them a gift card. Picking out a gift for a teen, involves knowing what teenagers these days like, so unless you are a teen yourself, or have one to help you out with, it’s quite impossible to get a gift that they’d actually appreciate. Worry not, for we have some tips for you! Here are 6 gift ideas for teens between ages 12 to 19!

  1. Fidget Spinner

Photo by Mediamodifier, CC0 1.0

Perfect for any generation, mainly targeted at young audience, the fidget spinner is the “coolest” thing of 2017! Every kid wants one, what’s more is that it is simple to use and is portable! They come in various colors, patterns and designs. It’s a worldwide hit, and costs a mere few bucks! Deemed to be the ultimate stress-buster, teenagers are known to use them for hours together, carrying it wherever they go! There are a ton of tricks to learn with them, and they are most popularly used to make short videos such as ‘vines’ and ‘musically’. These fun-filled spinners come in different themes-there are batman themed ones as well! (A great one for teen boys!)

  1. Makeup Products

Photo by kinkate, CC0 1.0

Perfect for young girls, makeup products are the best gift for teens! With today’s generation looking at beauty-vloggers on YouTube, and checking out makeup tips, each of them yearn for the perfect makeup kit! A set of brushes, foundation, compact, blush, lip and eye kits- all these are adored by youngsters! Make sure to get a matte lipstick or metallic eye makeup- these are really ‘in’ right now! Nail polishes are the safest option- the matte ones are really popular in these times. The most wanted makeup products are Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, although the originals are quite pricey! The best makeup gift would be an eyeshadow palette of all colors!

  1. Bag Packs

Photo by juanlpb, CC0 1.0

Although bag packs can be quite pricey, they are ideal for both guys and girls! There are a variety to choose from- and this can be hard! A JanSport or Nike bag is your best bet, for both sexes. Wiki bags are most sought after, but they are quite the price!  If you can’t find a bag for a girl, opt for a fringed sling instead! Sling bags are the extreme style statement for the season, and have been so, for a few years now! Alternatives to bags for boys would be wallets themed to their favorite sports team!

  1. Hoverboards

Photo by Soar Boards, CC BY 2.0


The best invention of 2016, these futuristic boards (called Hoverboards) make the most incredible gifts ever! Essentially self-balancing skateboards, they are popularly used by teens to travel places, and for sport. Having one of these in 2017 for a teen, is a necessity! They are a ton of fun and keep kids away from gadgets, which is a good thing! Watch out for fake boards, which are dangerous! It can be tricky to know where to get an original one from – check out TheElectricWheels.com for original Hoverboard reviews, and keep your teen safe!


  1. Speakers

Headphone, photo by black_blue, CC0 1.0


Yes, you’re reading it right, speakers, headphones and earphones are a huge necessity for teenagers. Today, teenagers wear out these products at the rate of one each time in three months, so you can see how much they really need it! Teens these days want good quality ones such as Bose, Beats or JBL, even SkullCandy ones! They come in funky colors, themes and styles! Do make sure to get authentic products, which are long lasting and excellent in quality- a very important rule to follow while dealing with speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the most suitable options!


  1. Snacks and Candy

Photo by jill111, CC0 1.0


Teens may act like they are all grown up, but they are still sugar craving children at heart! What better way to make their inner child happy, than to gift them candy, a box of chocolates- maybe even their favorite cereal box! Get them chips, a box of Nutella, sour candy or assorted chocolates! M&M’s, Skittles and Reese’s are always a hit!


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