Reconnecting with Nature

In today’s world of technology, it can sometimes seem like we’re totally separated from the natural world. Sure, we’re still slaves to our biological functions and needs, and we even welcome animals into our homes, but things are a far cry from natural. Those animal companions have been domesticated to be almost unrecognizable when compared to their wild ancestors, and the things we eat are less and less resembling foods hunted and foraged in the wild. No, our modern world is as far removed as possible from nature, though, we will never be separate from it. That is, without the transhumanist movement, at least, and that still seems a long way off. However, it can still be a great idea to try to reconnect with our natural roots from time to time, lest we become more machine than man.

Ways to get back to nature are many, and it’s really all about your preferences, really, but some suggestions never hurt anybody. My favorite way to reconnect with Mother Nature is to go for a hike with my wife and our dog. This also doubles as a foraging adventure, so it’s a two for one special when it comes to getting back to our roots. However, if you get constant migraines like me, you’re to need some Ray Ban sunglasses to keep the pain to a minimum. Another way to get back to nature is to go for a camping trip. Camping is a tried and true, time honored pastime for many, and everything about is natural, with very few exceptions. Sitting around the campfire at night, roasting treats, telling ghost stories… This scene wouldn’t be at all out of place during the earliest years of our species, fighting for survival. There are many other options, of course, and these are just a couple favorites. Find your own way of connecting to nature and the history of our species for the best results.