What to do if your car catches fire

Drivers have several fears and phobias while on the road. Some worry a sneeze could trigger a pileup on the highway, while others cope with the mental and emotional damage leftover from a previous accident. One such terrifying scenario would be driving along when, all of a sudden, your car catches fire. 

What would you do in this situation? Drivers Ed hasn’t prepared you for it, and it’s likely that no one else has either. Don’t let this scenario instill fear, though.

There are a few simple steps to take that will keep you and anyone in your car safe. Here are some of the primary things you need to have:

Modern automotive vents – Vents don’t just protect your electrical systems or key parts. It also allows proper airflow to avoid overheating or, worse, fire.

– Accessories – Cheap or low-class car accessories may affect performance. Not only that, but they could also start a fire. Make sure to buy original and specific brands that are fit for your car.

– Professional mechanic – This has been the most neglected fact among car owners. To be able to save, they will often go to an unknown or inexperienced mechanic. Mechanical and electrical problems are dangerous, so make sure to have complete satisfactory maintenance and repair.

Stopping the Problem Before It Starts

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your car will not catch on fire. Since maintenance can be expensive, it also helps to know what warning signs to look for so you can get your car to the shop instead of letting them slide. These include:

  • Regularly blown fuses
  • Oil and other fluids leaking
  • Loose wiring or exposed wiring
  • Loud sounds from the exhaust
  • Sudden changes in fuel and oil levels
  • Sudden changes in engine temperature
  • Missing caps (oil, gas, and other fluid tanks)
  • Broken hoses

While these parts may not cause a fire, they are likely to cause an accident as systems begin to malfunction. Several pedestrians and drivers have been injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of these issues in another vehicle. Any wreck also makes it more likely that a fire will start. 

If a Fire Starts

It’s easier said than done, but don’t panic and never try to put the fire out. If you see flames from the engine, rearview, or coming out of your vents, pull over and stop the car immediately. Turn the car off, taking the keys out of the ignition, then proceed to get everyone out of the vehicle. 

Take everyone and stand as far away as possible, preferably 100 feet, from the vehicle to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Never let anyone run back for personal items. Remember, insurance can replace items but it cannot bring back a life. You should also encourage bystanders to stay away.

Once everyone is safe, call 911 and alert them to the situation. After the call, warn oncoming traffic of the danger ahead.  The fire department and police will show up on the scene, putting the car out and creating an incident report. After the report is made, call your insurance company to let them know what happened. 

Dealing With the Aftermath

If you can, get a rental car while through your insurance company while they handle the accident. It’s also vital that you find out what caused the fire, which your insurance’s investigators can help you accomplish. Various states have lemon laws protecting drivers against defects and their aftermath. If you’re in California, then study your rights under the California Lemon Law and pursue action if need be. 

Most fires lead to a total loss, which your insurance will determine. Combined with lemon laws, you could find yourself the owner of a brand-new vehicle. However, you will simply have to wait until your insurance company determines the cause of the fire. 

What Are Disc Brakes?

There are two main types of brakes available in vehicles today. There are drum and disc brakes. When the time comes to learn how to replace brakes, you need to know which one you need in your car. Most people know how to look for the best car batteries or windshield wipers, but far too many people assume brakes are the same. Here are the basics of what you need to know about disc brakes, so you can make sure you can safely operate your vehicle.

What Is This Brake? 

A disc brake is a form of brake that utilizes calipers to apply pressure to a pair of pads. This creates friction against the disc, which may also be called the rotor. Through this, the rotation of the shaft slows down. This converts the energy of motion into waste heat, which the system needs to disperse. The most common type of brake you find in cars made today is the hydraulically actuated disc brake.

What Are the Benefits of Disc Brakes?

When you compare disc and drum brakes, you will quickly find that disc brakes come with numerous advantages. They come with more stopping power, and you can apply them more quickly for a shorter stopping distance. They are lighter, so they make your entire vehicle weigh less. Disc brakes are highly recommended if you typically drive in wet conditions because they can better stand up to rain. There is far less hardware associated with these brakes. They are more durable but less prone to pulling or grabbing.

What Are the Signs Disc Brakes Are Failing?

You need to look at a repair guide when you suspect your brakes are on their last legs. The most common signs of disc brake failure include strange noises, vibrations coming from the system and grooves forming on the rotor. You should replace your brakes as soon as you notice it takes far longer for your vehicle to come to a complete stop once you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

What Is the Difference Between Hydraulic and Mechanical Disc Brakes?

The benefits you can gain from disc brakes apply no matter which variation you buy. The primary difference between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes is the way in which the lever force transfers to the brake rotor and caliper. Hydraulic disc brakes utilize a sealed, fluid-filled system to bring about actuation. It allows for the best level of braking consistency due to limitations in friction and how both brake pads can move in and out as they need to. Meanwhile, mechanical disc brakes rely on a cable made of braided steel to move pistons.

Where Can You Buy New Disc Brakes?

You should never delay installing new disc brakes in your vehicle if you suspect yours are about to fail completely. You can browse for new disc brakes online to see which ones work for the make and model of your vehicle. Search online today to see what you can find. Place your order, and you will be able to drive your car with peace of mind shortly.

Highly Important Gadgets For College Students

College life is not as simple as it used to be as technology kept evolving and now we have access to numerous gadgets that should be considered by literally all students. When you are getting ready for college it is important to be prepared and have as many useful gadgets as possible. Here are some that you surely want to put on your shopping list and get them sooner rather than later.


Most college students do not think much about getting a TV set since they think it will be useless but a huge part of the life of a student, especially in dorm rooms, revolves around the TV. It makes sense to buy an HDTV because of how affordable they became and you will only need one of around 28 inches in most cases. Use it for playing video games or watching movies, whatever you want.

An Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable may be the very best and cheapest item you buy for your next college season. A dorm normally has WiFi but it is usually quite bad. This is because when you use many WiFi devices that all try to stream content, systems tend to not be able to keep up with the demand. At the same time, in many dorms there is an Ethernet jack that is present but few people use it. Do not make this mistake and you will quickly realize that internet speed is faster than what you get through WiFi, all for just around $8 for 25 feet.


Many tech blogs like techsurprise.com highlight the fact that printers can be highly useful for students but few students actually have one. Even when there are many printers present on campus, they will be in huge demand all the time. In the computer lab you can be sure that many students will be there to print papers before classes so why not avoid that by having your own? Many small and very quick printers are now available on the market so it will be really easy to find something that is perfect for you.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many students complain about the noise that is present in dorm rooms and even at the library. This is why it is a very good idea to buy very good noise cancelling headphones. When you try to write essays in a really short period of time and cannot find a quiet place anywhere, you instantly realize how great the headphones are. Just make sure you buy a pair that is really good. This means you have to be ready to pay $150 to $200 but the quality difference is worth it.

Flash Drive

Last but not least, a flash drive is almost always incredibly useful but you can so rarely find one available, usually when you need them the most. Even if the world revolves around wireless technology, flash drives are still incredibly useful as they allow the student to save a lot of time.

6 Best Gift Idea for Teens

Gifting loved ones is a great task, even more so for teenagers! It’s very hard to judge what a teenager would like, which is why most of us opt to take them shopping to get them what they want, or give them a gift card. Picking out a gift for a teen, involves knowing what teenagers these days like, so unless you are a teen yourself, or have one to help you out with, it’s quite impossible to get a gift that they’d actually appreciate. Worry not, for we have some tips for you! Here are 6 gift ideas for teens between ages 12 to 19!

  1. Fidget Spinner

Photo by Mediamodifier, CC0 1.0

Perfect for any generation, mainly targeted at young audience, the fidget spinner is the “coolest” thing of 2017! Every kid wants one, what’s more is that it is simple to use and is portable! They come in various colors, patterns and designs. It’s a worldwide hit, and costs a mere few bucks! Deemed to be the ultimate stress-buster, teenagers are known to use them for hours together, carrying it wherever they go! There are a ton of tricks to learn with them, and they are most popularly used to make short videos such as ‘vines’ and ‘musically’. These fun-filled spinners come in different themes-there are batman themed ones as well! (A great one for teen boys!)

  1. Makeup Products

Photo by kinkate, CC0 1.0

Perfect for young girls, makeup products are the best gift for teens! With today’s generation looking at beauty-vloggers on YouTube, and checking out makeup tips, each of them yearn for the perfect makeup kit! A set of brushes, foundation, compact, blush, lip and eye kits- all these are adored by youngsters! Make sure to get a matte lipstick or metallic eye makeup- these are really ‘in’ right now! Nail polishes are the safest option- the matte ones are really popular in these times. The most wanted makeup products are Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, although the originals are quite pricey! The best makeup gift would be an eyeshadow palette of all colors!

  1. Bag Packs

Photo by juanlpb, CC0 1.0

Although bag packs can be quite pricey, they are ideal for both guys and girls! There are a variety to choose from- and this can be hard! A JanSport or Nike bag is your best bet, for both sexes. Wiki bags are most sought after, but they are quite the price!  If you can’t find a bag for a girl, opt for a fringed sling instead! Sling bags are the extreme style statement for the season, and have been so, for a few years now! Alternatives to bags for boys would be wallets themed to their favorite sports team!

  1. Hoverboards

Photo by Soar Boards, CC BY 2.0


The best invention of 2016, these futuristic boards (called Hoverboards) make the most incredible gifts ever! Essentially self-balancing skateboards, they are popularly used by teens to travel places, and for sport. Having one of these in 2017 for a teen, is a necessity! They are a ton of fun and keep kids away from gadgets, which is a good thing! Watch out for fake boards, which are dangerous! It can be tricky to know where to get an original one from – check out TheElectricWheels.com for original Hoverboard reviews, and keep your teen safe!


  1. Speakers

Headphone, photo by black_blue, CC0 1.0


Yes, you’re reading it right, speakers, headphones and earphones are a huge necessity for teenagers. Today, teenagers wear out these products at the rate of one each time in three months, so you can see how much they really need it! Teens these days want good quality ones such as Bose, Beats or JBL, even SkullCandy ones! They come in funky colors, themes and styles! Do make sure to get authentic products, which are long lasting and excellent in quality- a very important rule to follow while dealing with speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the most suitable options!


  1. Snacks and Candy

Photo by jill111, CC0 1.0


Teens may act like they are all grown up, but they are still sugar craving children at heart! What better way to make their inner child happy, than to gift them candy, a box of chocolates- maybe even their favorite cereal box! Get them chips, a box of Nutella, sour candy or assorted chocolates! M&M’s, Skittles and Reese’s are always a hit!


Author Bio:

Tim Allen, a sweet tooth and teen at heart, loves discovering new things, travelling to places and experiencing artistic wonders! He contributes to ShootAndHide.com in his spare time and loves keeping himself updated with all things new, and is fascinated by today’s generation and culture!