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  • person putting out car fire

    What to do if your car catches fire

    Drivers have several fears and phobias while on the road. Some worry a sneeze could trigger a pileup on the highway, while others cope with the mental and emotional damage leftover from a previous accident. One such terrifying scenario would be driving along when, all of a sudden, your car catches fire.  What would you

  • What Are Disc Brakes?

    There are two main types of brakes available in vehicles today. There are drum and disc brakes. When the time comes to learn how to replace brakes, you need to know which one you need in your car. Most people know how to look for the best car batteries or windshield wipers, but far too

  • Highly Important Gadgets For College Students

    College life is not as simple as it used to be as technology kept evolving and now we have access to numerous gadgets that should be considered by literally all students. When you are getting ready for college it is important to be prepared and have as many useful gadgets as possible. Here are some

  • car phone

    6 Best Gift Idea for Teens

    Gifting loved ones is a great task, even more so for teenagers! It’s very hard to judge what a teenager would like, which is why most of us opt to take them shopping to get them what they want, or give them a gift card. Picking out a gift for a teen, involves knowing what