Highly Important Gadgets For College Students

College life is not as simple as it used to be as technology kept evolving and now we have access to numerous gadgets that should be considered by literally all students. When you are getting ready for college it is important to be prepared and have as many useful gadgets as possible. Here are some that you surely want to put on your shopping list and get them sooner rather than later.


Most college students do not think much about getting a TV set since they think it will be useless but a huge part of the life of a student, especially in dorm rooms, revolves around the TV. It makes sense to buy an HDTV because of how affordable they became and you will only need one of around 28 inches in most cases. Use it for playing video games or watching movies, whatever you want.

An Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable may be the very best and cheapest item you buy for your next college season. A dorm normally has WiFi but it is usually quite bad. This is because when you use many WiFi devices that all try to stream content, systems tend to not be able to keep up with the demand. At the same time, in many dorms there is an Ethernet jack that is present but few people use it. Do not make this mistake and you will quickly realize that internet speed is faster than what you get through WiFi, all for just around $8 for 25 feet.


Many tech blogs like techsurprise.com highlight the fact that printers can be highly useful for students but few students actually have one. Even when there are many printers present on campus, they will be in huge demand all the time. In the computer lab you can be sure that many students will be there to print papers before classes so why not avoid that by having your own? Many small and very quick printers are now available on the market so it will be really easy to find something that is perfect for you.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many students complain about the noise that is present in dorm rooms and even at the library. This is why it is a very good idea to buy very good noise cancelling headphones. When you try to write essays in a really short period of time and cannot find a quiet place anywhere, you instantly realize how great the headphones are. Just make sure you buy a pair that is really good. This means you have to be ready to pay $150 to $200 but the quality difference is worth it.

Flash Drive

Last but not least, a flash drive is almost always incredibly useful but you can so rarely find one available, usually when you need them the most. Even if the world revolves around wireless technology, flash drives are still incredibly useful as they allow the student to save a lot of time.