Do This Before You Launch Your Website

There are so many different things that have to be done before a website is launched. No matter what your current experience level is, website launches are complicated and highly stressful. There are so many things that can go differently than what you planned, ranging from things that are small like a broken link to some that are large like not setting up the proper redirects.

If you want to have a much higher possibility of being successful with your site launch, here are different things you need to take into account. Every website is different but the guidelines below are going to help you for sure.

Always Review Everything

Do be sure you take all the necessary time to review site content as you should only launch a website when all works properly and content sounds right. Proofreading is the simple thing that you can do but you should also be sure every single image and video will correctly low. Since you are reviewing, do look at the content strategy to be sure that proper keyword targeting is in place.

Responsive Design

All design issues have to be solved so that the site can draw in viewers. All websites have to be responsive and have a proper appearance. Your site has to look as it should on absolutely all devices and web browsers. Practically, this means you have to test the site on a desktop PC, mobile devices, a tablet and laptops.

Functionality Checks

All features and details have to correctly function all throughout the site. Various things can be done, like the 51 checks here, including lead generation forms, comments, social sharing and email list signups. When a function does not work properly the user will be turned off. Site speed has to be verified and links should be analyzed.

Proven Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Since you launch a website you surely want people to visit. Search engine optimization is going to help this happen. Use proper SEO techniques, like adding unique meta descriptions and page titles all ready for launches. A linking outreach plan is necessary, together with ideas on amplifying the launch and generating some sort of buzz that would quickly increase success.

Get Analytics Ready

As soon as the site is launched you need to be sure that you always know how it performs. Analytics are going to aid you in evaluating the site. You can continually improve everything so you understand what will work and what will not work. Web crawling is always necessary so having an analytics program in place is a key for long term success.

Website Backups

Before the site is launched you should be sure that data losses do not happen. You do this through regularly backing up the site and increasing security according to current norms. If malware is going to appear on the site, having a backup will help to remove it really fast. Peace of mind is also higher since you are sure that plans exist to deal with what is wrong.