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  • Wait till You see These Buildings…

    In recent times, even architects have realized the importance of space-conscious and environment friendly designs and initiatives. When it comes to futuristic buildings, the structure alone does not tell the whole story. Such buildings are not only visually appealing, but also offer some key solutions to problems that lie ahead. In the last few years,

  • stem cells

    Stem Cell Research Pioneering Tissue Replacement and New Organs

    Stem cells are basically undifferentiated biological cells which are capable of differentiating into specialized cells and division through mitosis—to produce multiple new stem cells. They act as power packed repair systems for our body and are used for replenishing damaged adult tissues. Read on for valuable insights into how stem cell research is being used

  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Most Requested Features

    People may have different suggestions on what they wish to see Apple do with a new iOS or iPhone. There are several responses from users and after taking out some of them there is still a list of worthwhile features. Below is the top 10 list of the iPhone 6 requested features from the iDevice

  • Razer Shows Off New Battlefield 4 Accessories

    Razer showed its Battlefield 4 accessories to the public. Battlefield 4 will be out this coming October and a lot of people are excited in playing the game. We all know that the Battlefield series has been very widely received. Battlefield 3 itself was praised by many fans who love the franchise. Now, with Battlefield

  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Announces Retirement

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is retiring his position within the next 12 months. It is clear that Microsoft did a “180” with its policies because of low pre order sales of Xbox one. I say this because it’s clear that was the reason because Microsoft didn’t care for their fans even on E3 they still

  • Sony is Developing 300GB Disc Storage Capacity

    It seems that Sony isn’t satisfied with a 50gb disc storage. A normal Dual layered Blu Ray disc has a storage data of 50gb. Normally, triple A games have 15gb to 20gb as of today, so a 300gb disc storage clearly has a lot of “space” into it, but as we all know as technology

  • GeForce GTX Titan

    We all know that video cards upgrade its technology after a few years or even months. If you are an avid pc gamer, then you will surely understand my statement. There are a lot of powerful video cards throughout the years, but the Geforce GTX Titan is one of the most popular and powerful video

  • X-Reality Pro Technology

    Enter a new world with Sony’s new X-Reality Pro Technology. Watch your HDTV with full color vibrancy. X-Reality pro adds an extra  dimension of image clarity to everything you watch. The weakest signals are naturally enhanced for more enjoyable viewing. You’ll instantly see the difference with faces and skin tone. The hairs and even follicles are very

  • Kinect 2

    Microsoft’s new Xbox console is just around the corner and it also introduces its new Kinect, the Kinect 2. Everybody’s rage was manifested during Microsoft’s presentation last May 2013. Sure, the Kinect 2’s presentation was cool but a lot of gamers were disappointed because all Microsoft did was  “TV television, TV television, TV, Sports”. This

  • The “Red” Camera

    Many Film makers today are going from traditional film cameras to the new Red camera. Since most film makers ditched analog filming and embraced digital, the Red camera has always been a popular choice. The analog-to-digital transition that is occurring in industries around the world is largely responsible for the huge change. The Red Digital Cinema