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How to Be A Better Multi-Tasker

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When a person is in college, starting their first job, or running their own business, the importance of multi-tasking is of high value. Many entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm have perfected the skill of multitasking because it helps accelerate the time in which tasks are completed. 

For those in college, multitasking is an acquired skill. Depending on the major there are certain tasks that will take priority over another. For example, writing a thesis may be a year-long endeavor but it shouldn’t be forgotten about until the last minute. Doing other projects during that time while still finding moments to work on a background task is how to multitask.Many use multi-tasking to their advantage but it can get overwhelming if one doesn’t plan out their time properly. Most events, papers, job deadlines, are given way in advance and a schedule should be curated to those timelines accordingly. Shalom Lamm says he loves writing tasks down in his planner because it makes him much more organized.

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