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Should Children Be Required to Play an Instrument

Many question the ability of children in school. Yes, they are young and delicate minds, but that’s exactly the point. Ken Kurson believes that children’s minds are like sponges. That is why they can learn multiple languages at such a young age. Everything adults and peers say to them is calculated and taken into account. That is exactly why children should learn to play instruments. 

By doing so, there could be so much more potential for the next generation, Learning an instrument, no matter how complex, is very beneficial to the child. They have to take responsibility at a young age and open their minds to a new type of learning. For many, there are worries about affordability. Music classes are expensive, let alone purchasing an instrument. That is why this might never actually be put into play. However, if schools would require such an act then there is potential for the government to fund musical arts. Ken Kurson renounces his children to learn instruments. 

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