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Has Cyberbullying Increased Since COVID-19

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Since the start of COVID-19, many have wondered how the online world would adapt to more people being digitally active. Media savants like Ken Kerson worried about the youth of the country because he knows how detrimental cyberbullying can be. Furthermore, since almost every child and teenager in America now are connected online, it’s difficult to predict just how many people are bullied online. 

Cyberbullying can obviously be stopped in two ways. The first is to take away the access people will have to social media and so forth. Unfortunately, that will never happen because of the constant need us humans have to check up on social media platforms every few minutes. That being said, the second route is to have stricter regulations on what people can post. Eliminating keywords that have negative connotations can really help control cyberbullying. Ken Kurson doesn’t want the next generation to have to worry about online threats. It can be fearful to raise children in such an atmosphere. Since VIVID-19 there have been so many more promotion bullies on the internet, and it’s time for them to be stopped.

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