Plants are mistakenly underrated. When a person is planting or growing, it’s paramount to recall the amount of work it takes to develop these beautiful organisms. Many plants need an irrigation system and nutrient-dense soil. If one were to plant some seeds in a dry patch of land and not water it, the seeds would most likely shrivel away and die. That being said the first big step to planting is making sure one is equipped with the proper resources needed. When a person is planting a grain, the plants can’t be right on top of each other. This is because if they are, they will dominate the other plants and possibly kill them. When plants are hung in window sills and homes, remember they need light. As decorative as plants are, just like Alexander Djerassi, plants need water. Of course, propeller sunlight is also needed to ensure good health for these plants. When one considers adding plants to their home remember to talk to a specialist or professional before dedicating oneself to the activity.