Xbox One turns 180

Microsoft backtracked on its much derided policy that would have required Xbox One gamers to connect their consoles to the Internet once a day to prevent game piracy. They faced a huge backlash when it announced its policy, just before the E3 video game conference earlier in May. Then, the company said it would allow gamers to play offline for up to 24 hours on a primary console, or 1 hour if they were logged onto a separate console accessing their library of titles. At that point, offline gaming would have been disabled until players re-establish a Web connection. The restrictions that Microsoft made for its consumers have clearly affected the gaming community.

Gamers all around the world “protest” to these evil policies and became victorious, well in a sense. Some speculations say that the reason why Microsoft “opened up” their eyes, is because of their low pre orders from Gamestop and also in Best Buy a well. There’s truth in this because official records of both retail companies say that most consumers pre ordered the Playstation 4. There are a lot of PS4 pre orders from gamers today. Microsoft has no choice, but to turn 180 with their “restricting” policies, if not they will lose sales to Sony.

During E3 Microsoft was very “arrogant” enough in saying that their policies are “the future”. There’s also an interview conducted by Angry Joe with Major Nelson, of which Nelson asked Angry Joe, “Do you want to come to the future with me Joe?”  This arrogant statement makes it more hilarious because after a week, Microsoft abolished their polices. The reason why gamers/consumers are so angry with the Xbox one policies is because the policies are very anti consumer. You buy an xbox one game, but technically the game is not yours. You can’t sell it to a friend or even let him borrow the “traditional” way. The move by Sony in E3 has been one of the most exciting and mostly well received.

It has been awhile since we saw companies retaliate and bash each other. Sony did a great job in punching the lights out of Microsoft. They even made a video on how to share your PS4 game with a friend. This depicted as simple portrayal of a person lending his friend with a PS4 game, by just giving it to him. Microsoft went overboard that this video was made, of which seemed so hilarious because that’s what’s a console is all about. You can do anything with your game because you paid for it.

Microsoft policies want to restrict the gamer, therefore, even though it’s a simple video made by Sony, it’s very strong in its message. Microsoft’s anti consumerism and lack of value to its loyal fans have really damaged their name. Even loyal Xbox fans started to move away from Microsoft. These Xbox fans are now heading for Sony’s new platform, the Playstation 4. Other gamers griped because Xbox one’s feature are not focused on games but rather in useless gimmicks like the “TV Television” concept. Many fans during the Microsoft pre E3 presentation were disappointed albeit, annoyed with that useless concept. That’s why Sony is better because of its gamer friendly options. Plus, you can even sell your game to your friend with no restrictions whatsoever.

In conclusion, Microsoft turns 180 realizing that their sales have gone down because of poor messaging and restrictive policies. They want something new but their message isn’t clear to the public, especially to the gaming community. They have made a huge scar or wound in their image as a gaming company. Although, there will always be fanboys, many believe that Sony will take lead this console generation. Microsoft’s restrictions really took the toll. Sony’s console is much more powerful and is much more cheaper compared to the Xbox One. Sony’s Playstation 4’s price is $399 only, while Xbox One is 599. Most consumers will definitely pick the PS4. There are a lot of reasons, but these events prove that gamers aren’t idiots. Microsoft wanted to milk money from the consumer to the last penny, they thought that the consumers will accept that. However, they are wrong, this just shows that most consumers and gamers’ aren’t fooled that easily by capitalism and anti consumerism.

Can You Regrow Teeth As An Adult?

Having perfectly shaped teeth is something that everyone desires, but unfortunately not everyone was born with naturally nice teeth. There are many things that can alter your smile, but one of the worst things that could ever happen is having your tooth get chipped or completely cracked off. Getting implants is probably the last resort people turn to so that they can finally get back their smile. Having a missing tooth or a cracked one, can change the way you smile forever and so people tend to spend a ton of money on all sorts of procedures. However, people tend to wonder if there is any way to regrow new teeth even if they are adults.

Can You Regrow Teeth As An Adult?

Unfortunately, the third molars are the human’s only set of teeth which can grow back when you’re an adult. All humans are born with two sets of teeth, their primary which grow when they’re still babies and then the secondary set that comes soon after their primary fall off. Therefore, after their second set has accidentally fallen or cracked off, there is no possible way to grow another set back naturally. However, much debate has been revolving the human ability to regrow new teeth after they have fallen ever since scientists have found alligators to have this nifty capability.

An alligator has been shown to regenerate every lost tooth over 50 times. This has been significantly great news for people, especially hockey players, as researchers at University of South California have been studying how alligators’ teeth regrow to try and check if doctors can one day stimulate the adult humans body to automatically replace any tooth that they have lost. However, for now, doctors, especially dentists have been telling people to instead get dental implants while this study hasn’t been fully thought out yet.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

The amount of benefits to dental implants are quite endless. One of the main advantages to them is the fact that they restore your old smile back and make them appear as natural as is possible. By simply replacing the whole tooth, including its root allow dentists to replicate the functions and appearance of natural teeth using a strong and stable foundation which allows comfortable chewing and biting to patient. Plus, nothing in your mouth will look or feel artificial whatsoever.

On top of that, dental implants have been proven to preserve the natural facial structures, as a loss of teeth can cause sagging and other facial deformity. By preventing your bone resorption which would normally occur from the loss of certain teeth, your facial structures will be able to remain intact. Having your face to collapse is the last thing that you want, because it can change the way you look forever.

Your smile will also be improved when replaced by a dental implant. Even when just one tooth has been lost, long term esthetics truly are a smart thing to do to prevent any negative factors from occurring. This is essentially important for the front part of your mouth, as it will prevent visible bone defects and instead create a natural appearance.

Dental implants will also enhance your overall quality of life, because they function just like natural teeth. These implants are supported replacement teeth, and so the appearance of your smile will be natural and they will feel natural as well. The result basically is increased comfort and an increased confidence when you speak, smile, and eat. If dentures and other partials tend to be replaced with implanted supported teeth, your overall enhanced quality of life will be more significant.

Lastly, you will also be able to have a more improved oral hygiene. It’s way easier for you to care for your implanted teeth because they also have the same texture as regular teeth. It is also a lot more convenient for you to clean an entire set of implants supported from replacement teeth compared to the traditional denture.

If you want to restore your smile back to normal due to a loss of certain teeth, then you should really consider to get dental implants. Since there aren’t any natural ways to regrow new teeth, consider getting dental implants to get your teeth back.

How Many Burglars Does It Take To Steal A Light Bulb?

Tired of getting your light bulbs stolen by filthy burglars? Sick of living in a dark house?

In the Middle Ages, this problem was not an issue at all. Not only because they had pits with crocodiles, cauldrons of boiling oil and goblins watching over the treasure piles; also because the light bulb was not invented yet.

Unfortunately, we live in the world of the technological revolution. We have to spend out meaningless lives surrounded by all these nasty technological miracles; playing disgusting high quality video games, watching repulsively good TV shows, and lying in horrifyingly comfortable intelligent mattresses. That’s the world we are living in, and light bulbs are a very important part of that world.

Burglars are greedy and mischievous; they want all the light for themselves, and there’s only so much we can do to stop them. The times of the spiked fences, the killer swans and the magic secret doors are over, and now we are forced to cope with all sorts of gizmos created to make our lives easier. Who would really want that?

Modern home security systems are there to accomplish two goals: preventing burglars of entering your home and calling the police when they are inside. Nothing about killing or maiming them; that belongs to our glorious past, my friends. So, you may have an incredibly expensive system that will close the doors of your house -big deal- and, when the burglars manage to get in, call the police. Excuse me, but if you are not able to close your own doors or to call the police when a stranger is unscrewing your precious light bulbs, you have no right to be in this planet, sir. Or madam. Or whatever you are.

There are people who build Panic Rooms at their houses. For me, that idea is just crazy. Why would you want to have a room that inspires terror and despair inside their own homes? It’s way better to have that room outside, or way below. That’s what we call a proper dungeon, with monsters and ghosts and all that inspiring stuff. Let me tell you this: no dragon will agree to pile his treasures in a simple Panic Room. Dragons need caves, big spaces with rocks and moonlight entering through a tiny hole in the ceiling, not Jodie Foster screaming into a camera.

The last trend in security systems is the use of wireless technology. Those sneaky little invisible radio signals creep through your house, talking behind your back and shouting out loud when a burglar gets in. I’m sorry, but my mother in law is way better equipped for that job; not only she does all the things a wireless system can do, but she is also able to cook a poisonous casserole to kill all the guests. Beat that, modern technology!

Answering the original question, “How many burglars does it take to steal a light bulb?”, the answer is quite simple: You need eleven burglars to steal a light bulb.

  • One to plan the heist.
  • One to drive the car.
  • One to open the gate.
  • One to feed the dog.
  • One to cut the telephone lines.
  • One to force the door.
  • One to unscrew the light bulb.
  • One to carry it to the car.
  • One to sell the light bulb to a licensed black market fence.
  • One to watch the whole operation, eating burritos and saying “you are doing it wrong” every single minute.
  • And one to rule them all.

My final advise is to forget about modern technology, retire to a mountain, learn the language of the goats, and live unhappily ever after.

The Moroccan Desert’s Spiritual Essence

The red earth spread out around us, and from up above, we would have appeared not so very different than the thousands upon thousands of stones scattered upon her surface. I imagined that we were being watched; even an atheist succumbs from time to time to fantasies about a watcher up above.

We found ourselves in a desert, not of sand, but of packed dirt and stones sprawling as far as the eye could see. The Moroccan sun was hot, but my companion, David, was accustomed to that after spending almost a year teaching English in Errachidia, an eternally sunny city situated between the High Atlas and the nether regions of the East. David didn’t even wear sun-block lotion anymore. His skin had taken on the honey hue of the locals. It was easy to forget where he came from; it seemed as though he had always lived in Morocco. I suppose that my extended visit from the United States served as a reminder to him, a connection to his past.

We weren’t proud men, and I don’t say that of David because he was my friend, but because he was truly humble. I imagine that he remains so, though I haven’t seen him for years. This is a story that occurred in the past when we were young and taken to adventure.

A feeling of satisfaction had descended upon us, a feeling of achievement after having bicycled a good twenty kilometers over rough terrain. Our bicycles lay a few meters off, abandoned for lunch and a short rest. We felt justified in eating our picnic, eagerly tearing into the hard-boiled egg and cheese sandwiches that we had packed before setting out.

With full stomachs and happy hearts, a weariness crept in and a slight chill, so that we both put on the sweaters we’d packed and, not being in a rush, fell asleep under the sun.

I slept for only a short while before the hardness of the ground proved unbearable. I sat up, stretched, and squinted my eyes in the bright light. It was then that I realized there was a watcher after all. He was crouching a few meters past our bicycles. He was not from above; our eyes were level as we stared silently for a moment or two.

I told David to wake up. He would be able to talk to the man. He spoke his language, a distinctly Moroccan dialect of Arabic. I had already witnessed his ability to impress the Moroccans with an unexpected turn of phrase, or a bit of sarcasm that belied the brevity of his acquaintance with the language. David wished the man peace, asked about his health, his family. The man blessed David and asked if we were Americans. David said that, yes, we were Americans, and asked the man how he had guessed. The man said he had heard about an American in the big town who spoke Arabic, but he never expected to meet him out in the middle of nowhere.

The man was interested in obtaining a cigarette. I didn’t smoke and neither did David. The man became agitated at this news and explained how he had tried to stop smoking many times but couldn’t live without it. David translated for me and I nodded my head in understanding, for I had smoked in my college days and had found the habit hard to give up.

The man asked for water; he drank slowly, only a few swallows, and returned the bottle, thanking us excessively and blessing our parentsDavid told the man that he didn’t need to thank us; it was our duty. He then offered the man an orange and a package of cookies. The man accepted the orange and said he would eat it later. I wondered how, laughing to myself, for the man didn’t have a single tooth in his mouth.

He had been on foot all day, on his way from his village to the big town where he hoped to find work. David asked him why he didn’t take a bus to Errachidia and the man explained that walking is good for the health, which I found amusing, given his penchant for smoking.

I offered to give the man twenty Dirhams, plenty for him to catch a bus along the way. David would have stopped me, but the money was already in my extended hand. The man again blessed our parents and said he’d be going now. We shook hands, placed our hands over our hearts, and watched him walk away in the direction of the road.

We assembled our things, mounted our bicycles and headed away from the road, wanting to put in a few more good, hard kilometers before turning back. Feeling energized from lunch, we sang at the top of our lungs as we jangled and bumped along the rocky flats. We sang of wine and love and women and heartache and cheeseburgers and sadness and death.

When at last our legs began to tire, we turned back toward the road and the long route home. We had checked our watches, and we calculated that we would make it back to town around dusk, before dark.

We sang no more, but only pedaled, and I felt weary. I think David did too, but he didn’t say so, so I didn’t either. I fell into a silent, semi-conscious state of exhaustion. I listened to the crunch of the gravel and the rattle of the loose headlight fastened to the steel frame of my bicycle. Behind me, I heard David shifting gears, trying to find the right one.

Now I noticed a difference between us and the stones. We were moving. We were going somewhere by the power of our own legs. It occurred to me that the man, the watcher, had always lived by the power of his legs, so to speak. I thought that perhaps I should try to ride my bike more back in the States instead of taking the car all the time. Then, I thought about dinner and what would be good to eat. Chicken and fries sounded good to me.

Soon, we saw a man walking along the roadside up ahead. As we approached, we could see that it was the toothless man. I wondered out loud why he hadn’t taken a bus.

When we caught up to him, David greeted him and we again shook hands. David asked him if there had been any buses and the man said yes, there had been many buses along the road. Why didn’t he take a bus to the big town, David wanted to know. The man explained that he had no money for a bus. David protested kindly, pointing out that I had given him twenty Dirhams for bus fare. The man laughed and said that he intended to buy cigarettes as soon as he reached the big town.