Designing the Greatest Pool On the Block

You don’t have to book a vacation at a five-star hotel to get away from the stresses of life. All you need to do is look no further than your own backyard. Everyday can be a “staycation” once you’ve designed your very own swimming pool. It can be any shape or depth, and enhance the yard you already escape to. The possibilities are never ending, and can include some ideas that you may not have even considered.

Financing your dream pool

Don’t let the thought of millions of dollars send you into a tizzy when thinking of a bulldozer breaking ground. By shopping around, you can have the pool you want without breaking the bank. There are a variety of steps to take before you and the kids (or your closest friends) can dive into the family pool. It is important to understand the work that will be happening around your home and lay out a plan. You need to research and locate a contractor who is on the same page with you financially and a design that works for you. Begin by finding a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey, as such professionals can help you realize your staycation goals. Keep in mind that there are ways to get this project completely refinanced. This means there is no cost to you up front and nothing out of pocket. You can discuss how long and how much your payments will be for you to repay back the loan. This can ease your mind as you break down the other components you may need for your pool.

In-ground versus above-ground

Once you choose the company you will work with, it is time to decide if you want your pool in the ground or above it. The cost of a lower option according to the national average is around $23,000 and can add up to $100,000. Included in this estimate are the types of materials used such as vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Building smaller pools can be a way to cut costs and enhance the scenery of your new pool with some DIY landscaping. Above-ground pools can cost half of what the lower price range of an in ground pool can cost (about $12,000). Size, location, and permits are some mutual things to think about with both of these options. Add the costs of vacations with airfare or gas for your vehicle, time off from work, and hotel rooms for multiple people, and you’ll find that the cost of having a pool over time can be less of a strain on your wallet.

Alternative options: the natural pool

An option influenced by mother nature is a different take on the backyard pool. In Europe, many people are embracing the natural pool or pond look so it blends more into the landscape of their yard. This is exactly as it sounds; a non-chemically treated swimming pool filled with naturally filtering plants without the use of chemicals. In the United States, these are becoming more popular. You can begin developing your very own natural pool arranged with aquatic plants which can sport some enticing names such a Mojito Taro, the simple but elegant water lilies, aquatic mint, lotus, and Bengal Tiger Canna. Some of these plants are edible, and with the right guidance you can fill your tranquil pool or pond with some tasty and equally beautiful plants. Just like with a traditional mold, you can choose a premade shape for your natural pool or try your hand at a DIY outdoor water feature. You can add extras like boulders, waterfalls, rivestones, and non aquatic plants. All of these carefully chosen elements help blend your pool into the natural landscape. Whichever choice of pool you make, whether natural or traditional, you will not have to go far to find a piece a staycation fun.