Top reasons to get into rock climbing in 2019

High rock climbing and low down bouldering are being hailed as a ‘complete body workout’ by health experts. Then musculature of the entire body is put to the test when climbing up a rock wall or scuttling over a field of boulders. It’s true that cycling, running, swimming, and rowing , along with the usual tried and true gym workouts, will cover most areas of the human muscle system by using repetitive and consistent motions — but rock climbing mixes things up by making sudden imperative demands on different parts of the human body without any rhyme or reason that the brain can follow. This, in turn, increases the circulation of blood in the brain and ‘trains’ it to think outside of the box when it comes to physical activity.

And researchers are just finding out now that rock climbing is the best all around cardiovascular workout a person can get. Not to mention probably the least expensive and most pleasurable way to get it. Studies show that the irregular and unexpected movements of a rock climber increase his or her aerobic capability much more over a period of time than just a regular gym workout or even a series of marathons.

Perhaps the best part of all is that natural rock climbing can take place outdoors, far away from the madding crowd, which is a big boost for mental tranquility as well.