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  • The History Of Covid-19

    The COVID-19 is a Chinese coronavirus that began in a wet market in Wuhan, China in December 2019. In February the World Health Organization official gave this virus its name because of the crown-like spikes on its surfaces. It closely resembles the SARS virus that surfaced in 2002, but more deadly. Doctors like Cory Harow

  • Ryan Seacrest Explores Signs of our Current Times

    Every period in history carries with it its own unique set of characteristics that set it apart from other times. Though this is always true, it does seem, to many, that our current time is especially packed with details that single it out. This has become a guiding topic of note in the recent work

  • Everyone is a Loser in the Undoing of the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Months after United States President Donald Trump took office in 2017, he started to signal his intention to abandon the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal implemented in 2015. By October 2017, Trump made his feelings officials by announcing that the U.S. would no longer be involved in the certification process,

  • These Are the Most Reliable Cars, According to Experts

    As more North American drivers become interested in electric vehicles, auto industry analysts are evaluating the dominant automakers in this segment for the purpose of establishing reliability models. As of 2019, Tesla Motors was the clear market leader in this segment, but reliability ratings published by Consumer Reports indicate that the flagship Tesla Model S

  • Women Authors to Celebrate This Women’s History Month

    In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve put this list of women authors that will inspire. Check out their books with strong female leads.  These female protagonists take charge of their destiny. With courage and strength, these writers are creating stories that empower. Debra Tash In Debra Tash’s new book Last Call, Rebecca refuses to

  • Top reasons to get into rock climbing in 2019

    High rock climbing and low down bouldering are being hailed as a ‘complete body workout’ by health experts. Then musculature of the entire body is put to the test when climbing up a rock wall or scuttling over a field of boulders. It’s true that cycling, running, swimming, and rowing , along with the usual

  • Cryptocurrency trading is becoming a profession

    More and more people are joining the cryptocurrency industry with an aim of making quick money. As with every trading, cryptocurrency trading requires a thorough analysis of the market trends, proper research of what crypto to trade and when, patience to hold when the situation calls for it, and a high intuition instinct which can

  • How to Make Your Tech Company More Efficient

    For a tech business, innovation is essential. Only by providing the latest, forward-thinking products and services, can they hope to compete. This means securing the best talent and embracing new ideas. There is one other area that could benefit tech companies: implementing new processes. This can make everyday tasks more efficient, boosting overall performance. As

  • Tony Kushner and Angels in America: An Artist-Activist in Action

    Guest post by Paul Sukys Some literary critics argue that the artist can no longer be content to simply create pleasing literary artifacts that exist only for their own sake. Such critics champion the activist writer who uses his or her art to reflect and perhaps even shape the social and cultural consciousness of a

  • 8 places you’ve got to visit in Australia

    8 places you’ve got to visit in Australia: Given the length of the plane ride, it is essential to make any trip to Australia worth your while. Thankfully Australia has a plethora of sights, sounds and experiences for travellers of all ages to enjoy. Whilst it would be impossible for you to take them all