Get Ready to Sparkle with Spottley: Your Ultimate Destination for Unlimited Fun!

In a world brimming with digital distractions and entertainment options, finding a destination that promises boundless fun and endless excitement can be a daunting task. However, amidst the vast landscape of online platforms, there shines a beacon of joy and creativity: Spottley.

Spottley emerges as the ultimate destination for those seeking a sparkle of excitement in their lives. With its dazzling array of features, diverse content offerings, and interactive experiences, Spottley invites users to embark on a journey of unlimited fun and exploration.

At the heart of Spottley lies its extensive content library, curated to cater to every taste and preference. From heart-pounding action movies to heartwarming family dramas, from catchy pop tunes to soul-stirring ballads, Spottley offers a treasure trove of entertainment options designed to captivate, inspire, and delight. Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh-out-loud comedy, a pulse-pounding thriller, or a mesmerizing dance performance, Spottley has something for everyone.

What sets Spottley apart from traditional entertainment platforms is its commitment to delivering a personalized and immersive experience for every user. Through its innovative recommendation engine and intuitive interface, Spottley ensures that each user’s journey is tailored to their unique preferences and interests. Whether you’re discovering new content based on your viewing history, exploring curated playlists and channels, or connecting with like-minded enthusiasts through social features, Spottley puts the power of choice and discovery in your hands.

But Spottley is more than just a repository of content – it’s a vibrant community where users can come together to share their passion for entertainment, creativity, and self-expression. Through its interactive features such as live events, virtual watch parties, and collaborative projects, Spottley fosters a sense of camaraderie and connection among its users, transforming solitary moments of entertainment into shared experiences of joy and camaraderie.

One of the standout features of Spottley is its commitment to supporting emerging talent and independent creators. Through its creator program and content partnerships, Spottley provides a platform for aspiring artists, filmmakers, musicians, and performers to showcase their work and reach a global audience. By democratizing the entertainment industry and amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, Spottley empowers creators to shine brightly and share their talents with the world.

In addition to its diverse content library and interactive features, Spottley also offers a range of innovative tools and experiences designed to enhance the entertainment experience. From immersive virtual reality adventures to interactive storytelling experiences, Spottley pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital entertainment, inviting users to explore new realms of imagination and creativity.

Spottley embodies the spirit of innovation, exploration, and joy, inviting users to unleash their imagination, connect with others, and embark on unforgettable adventures in the world of entertainment. So get ready to sparkle with Spottley and discover the thrill of unlimited fun! Join the excitement today and let Spottley ignite your passion for entertainment like never before.

At Spottley, the fun never stops, thanks to its dynamic and ever-expanding lineup of live events and exclusive experiences. From virtual concerts featuring chart-topping artists to interactive game tournaments with thrilling prizes, Spottley ensures that there’s always something exciting on the horizon. Whether you’re dancing the night away at a virtual rave, participating in a trivia showdown with friends, or attending a live Q&A session with your favorite celebrity, Spottley transforms every moment into a sparkling celebration of entertainment and joy. So get ready to join the party and let Spottley be your guide to a world where the possibilities are endless and the fun never fades.

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Wine, Relaxation, and Starller: Crafting the Perfect Night In

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding moments of relaxation and indulgence is essential. One of the most delightful ways to unwind is to enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home. However, to truly elevate your evening, you need more than just wine; you need the perfect ambiance and entertainment. Starller, an innovative online platform, offers a solution that allows you to create the ideal night-in. In this article, we’ll explore how to craft the perfect night with wine, relaxation, and Starller.

Setting the Scene with Wine

Wine has been a symbol of relaxation and celebration for centuries. Its ability to transport you to different places and times through its flavors and aromas makes it the ideal companion for a night of relaxation. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect wine for your evening:

  1. Choose Your Wine Wisely: Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling wine, selecting the right wine is key. Consider your taste preferences and the occasion. A rich Cabernet Sauvignon may be perfect for a cozy evening, while a crisp Sauvignon Blanc can be ideal for a warm summer night.
  2. Pairing with Food: If you’re planning to enjoy a meal with your wine, choose a wine that complements your dish. Red wines often pair well with red meat, while white wines go beautifully with seafood and poultry.
  3. Temperature Matters: Ensure your wine is served at the right temperature. Red wines are typically enjoyed slightly warmer than white wines. Invest in a wine thermometer to achieve the perfect serving temperature.
  4. Invest in Quality: Splurging a bit on a high-quality wine can enhance your overall experience. Look for wines that have received good reviews and ratings.

Creating the Ideal Atmosphere

Once you’ve selected the perfect wine, it’s time to set the stage for your night of relaxation. Here’s how to create the ideal atmosphere:

  1. Dim the Lights: Soft, warm lighting can create a cozy and intimate ambiance. Consider using candles or dimming the lights in your living space.
  2. Comfortable Seating: Ensure you have comfortable seating arrangements. Whether it’s a plush sofa, cozy armchairs, or floor cushions, choose a spot where you can relax for an extended period.
  3. Background Music: Select soothing music that complements your mood. Classical, jazz, or instrumental music can provide a calming backdrop to your evening.
  4. Aromatherapy: Light scented candles or use essential oil diffusers to add a delightful fragrance to the air. Scents like lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus are known for their relaxing properties.
  5. Tech-Free Zone: Consider making your relaxation area a tech-free zone. Put away your devices, including smartphones and laptops, to fully disconnect and unwind.

Entertainment with Starller

While sipping wine and enjoying the ambiance are key components of your perfect night in, entertainment is equally important. Starller offers a unique and engaging platform for streaming and interactive entertainment. Here’s how you can make the most of Starller during your night in:

  1. Stream Your Favorite Shows and Movies: Starller provides access to a wide range of movies and TV shows, allowing you to choose the perfect film or series for your evening. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic movie or the latest blockbuster, you’ll find it on Starller.
  2. Interactive Experiences: Starller takes entertainment a step further by offering interactive experiences. You can participate in live events, virtual experiences, and immersive storytelling. Engage with artists, creators, and fellow enthusiasts in real-time.
  3. Discover New Talents: Starller is a platform that celebrates creativity and talent. Explore a world of content created by independent artists and creators. You might stumble upon a hidden gem or a new favorite performer.
  4. Engage with the Community: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests. Discuss your favorite shows, movies, and experiences, and make new friends along the way.
  5. Customized Entertainment: Starller offers a personalized experience, recommending content based on your preferences and interactions. This ensures that you’ll always find something that resonates with you.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember with Starller

Crafting the perfect night in with wine, relaxation, and Starller is all about creating an experience that rejuvenates your mind and soothes your soul. It’s a chance to escape the demands of daily life and indulge in the pleasures of fine wine, an inviting atmosphere, and captivating entertainment.

To explore the world of Starller and discover how it can enhance your nights in, visit their website at Starller. With Starller, you can turn your evenings into memorable experiences filled with relaxation, entertainment, and the perfect glass of wine. Cheers to a night to remember!

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Ctainment vs. Netflix: Which Streaming Service is Best for Families?

When it comes to choosing the best streaming service for families, there are many options to consider. Two of the most popular services are Ctainment and Netflix. Both platforms offer a wide variety of content, including movies, music, games, audiobooks, and more. But which one is the best for families? Let’s take a closer look.

Ctainment is a newer platform compared to Netflix, but it has quickly become a fan favorite for families. One of the biggest advantages of Ctainment is its diverse selection of movies and programming that are suitable for all ages. Some of the most popular movies on the platform right now include Sunlight Junior, Meet Bill, If I Were You, The Perfect Family, and A Warrior’s Heart. These films offer heartwarming and inspiring stories that the whole family can enjoy.

In addition to movies, Ctainment also offers a great selection of music, games, and even popular software downloads that are perfect for families. Some of the music selections available include Myley Cyrus Glastonbury, Rihanna Live at Made in America, Billie Eilish Glastonbury, Lady Gaga Live in London, Adele Glastonbury, and Janet Jackson Live at Glastonbury 2019. The games available on the platform include Haven, Call Of The Sea, Trails in the Sky, and Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams.

On the other hand, Netflix has been a staple in the streaming world for many years and has a massive selection of content. While Netflix offers plenty of family-friendly options, the sheer volume of content can make it difficult to find something that’s appropriate for everyone. However, Netflix does have some great original family programming, such as the hit show “Stranger Things” and the animated series “The Dragon Prince.”

Another thing to consider is the user interface of each platform. Ctainment is known for its user-friendly interface compatible with all devices, which makes it easy for families to navigate and find the content they’re looking for. On the other hand, Netflix can sometimes feel overwhelming due to the sheer volume of content available.

One area where Netflix has an advantage over Ctainment is the quality of its original content. Netflix has produced some award-winning shows and movies, such as “The Crown” and “Roma,” which have received critical acclaim. While Ctainment has yet to produce any original content, the platform’s diverse selection of movies and TV shows more than makes up for it.

Ultimately, the decision of which streaming service is best for families comes down to personal preference. Ctainment offers a great selection of family-friendly content, a user-friendly interface, and affordable subscription fees. Netflix, on the other hand, offers a massive selection of content, including award-winning original programming.

So which streaming service is best for families? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a platform that’s easy to navigate and offers a great selection of family-friendly content at an affordable price, then is the way to go. However, if you’re willing to pay a little extra for a massive selection of content, including award-winning original programming, then Netflix might be the better option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which platform meets the needs of your family.

Author Spotlight: Mark J. Rose

Mark J. Rose is a Renaissance man who has made significant contributions in the fields of science and writing. He is an accomplished writer and a leading scientist, and his diverse background has informed his work in both areas.

Rose is currently the Head of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at Gossamer Bio, Inc., a biotech startup that is working on finding cures for a range of diseases, including pulmonary hypertension, lymphoma, and multiple sclerosis. Before joining Gossamer Bio, he held various positions at large pharmaceutical companies, including Glaxo, Merck, and Amgen. He also spent over half a decade researching Huntington’s disease for the CHDI Foundation.

Rose’s passion for writing is equally impressive. He has authored numerous novels and screenplays, and his latest work, The Architect, is the fourth book in his historical science fiction series. The series explores the concept of time travel and its impact on history, and The Architect tells the story of 21st century businessman and politician Matt Miller, who finds himself transported back in time to the 17th century colony of Virginia.

The Architect is a captivating novel that blends historical fact with science fiction. Rose’s ability to build worlds is exceptional, immersing readers in the sights, sounds, and smells of colonial Virginia. Through Matt Miller’s journey, Rose explores the role of the individual in shaping history. The Architect is the 4th book of the Matt Miller in the Colonies series.

The first book is titled Journeyman, by Mark J. Rose is an enthralling adventure novel that follows the story of scientist Matt Miller, who finds himself stranded in Colonial America with nothing but a backpack. As he navigates this new world and tries to find his place in it, Matt faces unexpected challenges and struggles to survive in a society where he has no relevant skills or connections. With a well-crafted plot, vivid characters, and a thrilling storyline, “Time Lapse” is a must-read for fans of time travel and historical fiction.

The second book, titled Prophet, is an exhilarating novel by Mark J. Rose, following the journey of 21st-century scientist Matt Miller, who finds himself in Colonial Virginia with nothing but his backpack and wits. As he leaves for Philadelphia to make his fortune and claim the woman he loves, Matt faces unexpected challenges and a sworn enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy him. With an intricate plot, well-developed characters, and unexpected twists, Prophet is a must-read for fans of time travel and historical fiction.

The third book is titled Virginian, is a thrilling science-fiction novel by Mark J. Rose, following the journey of Matt Miller, a 21st-century scientist, summoned to London by Ben Franklin to investigate the disappearance of a British leader. Alongside another time traveler, they embark on a mission across two continents to change the destiny of Western Civilization. With an intricate plot, unexpected twists, and well-developed characters, Virginian offers a unique perspective on history, politics, and time travel, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction and historical fiction.

Rose’s work has garnered critical acclaim, and his ability to blend science and history has made him a respected figure in both fields. He has received numerous awards for his scientific research, and his writing has been praised for its ability to captivate readers.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Rose is a man of many interests. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, golfing, collecting Tiffany lamps, and running on the beach with his sheepadoodle, Misha. He also appreciates exceptional restaurants and food and owns an impressive collection of whisky and wine.

Mark J. Rose is a rare talent who has made significant contributions in both the sciences and the arts. His ability to blend historical fact with science fiction is exceptional. As he continues to push boundaries in both fields, it will be exciting to see what he produces next.

Grab a copy of The Architect now on Amazon. Check out another spotlight author here.

Spotlight: Horror Writers Association

The ninth volume of Poetry Showcase, which comprises never-before-published dark and spine-chilling poems, was published as part of the Horror Writers Association’s yearly poetry collection release. The collection, which Angela Yuriko Smith edited, includes an anthology of 50 poems by various authors chosen by judges Lee Murray, Maxwell Gold, and Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito. Only 50 of the approximately 300 submissions from multiple authors were selected to be included in the ninth book. Pick up this book if you’re seeking a fantastic collection of poems to satisfy your appetite for bite-sized horrors!

Let’s look first at what Horror Writers Association is all about!

Horror Writers Association

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is a nonprofit organization of writers and publishing professionals worldwide dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

Horror Writers Association was formed in the late 1980s. With over 1400 members in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and more, it is the oldest and most respected professional organization for writers. As an organization, HWA is dedicated to recognizing and promoting diversity in the horror genre; they’re also strictly practicing anti-harassment policy in all their events.

Who Can Join HWA?

Anyone can join Horror Writers Association. HWA has different membership levels based on the person’s experience. The person must apply for the group they fit into, alongside proper documentation to prove their experience. The membership levels include (1) Supporting Ally, for those who are not professional writer but has an interest in Horror, reading and watching horror movies. (2) Associate Ally, this is for non-writing horror professionals such as booksellers, agents, illustrators, editors, and more) (3) Academic Ally is for those who are working as an academic and has an academic interest in the field of Horror or dark literature (4) The Affiliate Writer membership is for those who published a little at professional rates. Lastly, (5) Active Writer or Editor (voting member) is for those who are already established professional writers or editors. It’s easy to send an application and provide proof of experience with your application. 

Aside from a chance to get featured for the upcoming volumes of the HWA Poetry Showcase, joining HWA can reap many benefits. HWA can help further your career with their career-building programs if you’re an aspiring writer. There’s the Hwa Mentor Program for educating beginning writers in the craft. HWA also helps writers find agents by providing comprehensive contact info for agents who specialize in the horror genre. Many networking resources exist for producers, publishers, editors, and agents. For librarians or booksellers, you’ll have an inside track on talented writers and the hot new book and award winners. If you’re just a fan of Horror, HWA can still help you by giving you access to the writers you genuinely love.

What are you waiting for? Come and be a member of the Horror Writers Association now.

You can check out HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IX on Amazon.

For more information about Horror Writers Association, you can visit their website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Read another Author Spotlight about Stuart Waldner here.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing online is a kind of content material advertising and marketing the place writers create websites with particular content material to advertise companies. These packages enable enterprise homeowners to broaden their attain and join with individuals who won’t in any other case concentrate on their model.

Affiliate marketing online is a partnership with third events to advertise manufacturers or drive visitors to websites. Affiliate marketing online permits you to join with companies and create an income stream.

How an affiliate internet marketing program works

Enterprise homeowners can promote their enterprise by means of affiliate internet marketing. It’s reasonably priced. Companies can attain wider viewers by partnering with celebrities whose content material aligns with their model. These manufacturers are price selling as a result of their supply and income stream. Either side profits from profitable affiliate internet marketing content material.

These are the most well-liked varieties of affiliate internet marketing content material skilled by marketing experts and the way they are often made to achieve success.

Arlin Jordin Washington

7 Ideas For Writing Affiliate Advertising Content material

These affiliate internet marketing content material concepts will show you how to jump-start your technique to drive extra guests to your website.

1. Overview of Product

Affiliate marketing online content material will be as easy and pure as product critiques. A sincere evaluation builds belief in your readers. An ideal evaluation will spotlight the professionals and cons of the product. Your evaluation ought to supply precious recommendations.

Persist with product classes and merchandise wherein you might be a professional. You need to be capable to clarify the variations between the options of the product and people discovered elsewhere in the marketplace.

An author shouldn’t be too salesy in a product evaluation. You shouldn’t exaggerate the advantages of the product even when you adore it. You would lose credibility and be much less reliable. Equity is vital. Don’t be afraid to focus on any shortcomings within the product.

2. Video Opinions

Video advertising and marketing has a very talked-about content material advertising and marketing technique. It’s an effective way to succeed with folks online. The common particular person spends around 100 minutes per day taking a look at movies online.

You’ll write a evaluate a couple of products as a part of affiliate internet marketing. The outline ought to embody a hyperlink to take the viewer to the model’s website. Your movies must be as authoritative and sincere as written product critiques.

Written product critiques will also be useful, however, video critiques are simply as efficient. As a result, the purchasers don’t have the effort of shopping for the product, they save money and time. Have interaction with your viewers to make them more practical.

3. How-To Articles

How-to articles will be an effective way to tell your readers about varied merchandise and direct them to the companies that promote them. It’s the potential to jot down how-to articles on an advanced subject, breaking it down and linking merchandise you’ve used.

A how-to article will be written that explains how one can use many options. Many options in software programs and apps aren’t identified to the common person.

Nerd Pockets, an affiliate website for monetary merchandise, presents recommendations and critiques, in addition to suggestions and different info. This website presents how-to articles on complicated monetary subjects, in addition to hyperlinks to varied companions.

4. Comparability of Product Merchandise

It can save you time when you mix a number of product critiques into one comparability article, even in case you are working with a number of affiliate packages. Product comparisons will have been organized as a “better of” record or as head-to-head comparability between totally different merchandise.

The simplest comparability articles, like the product, and evaluate posts, are truthful. A listicle format “better of” permits you to talk about what you want and don’t like about every product. In this fashion, you don’t seem biased in direction of one model.

Wirecutter, an affiliate website, has options product critiques and different articles on a wide range of subjects. This website makes use of prime product lists and the best-of lists to assist customers to examine merchandise.

5. E-mail Advertising

After getting constructed an e-mail advertising and marketing database, you may contact your followers with affiliate internet marketing content material. Though e-mail monetization guidelines fluctuate between firms, you may nonetheless ship out an e-newsletter containing hyperlinks to your affiliate website content material.

Sending out themed emails will be enjoyable, comparable to vacation present guides with hyperlinks to product critiques. Sending an e-mail might help you have an ideal summertime. It’ll additionally hyperlink to merchandise that you just use to host events.

6. Webinars

A webinar will also be used as a tutorial video. You may stroll your viewers step-by-step by means of the method, noting which merchandise you utilized in every section. Additionally, embody hyperlinks within the description. The webinar will be posted as a video, or you may stay to stream it. You may work together instantly with the viewers to reply to their questions and change info.

Partaking along with your viewers is vital to stay webinars being successful. Be sure to have examined your gear earlier than internet hosting the webinar. To make sure that your web connection is working and to check the standard of your audio and video, host a digital assembly with mates or relations.

Arlin Jordin Washington

7. Social Media Posts

Social media has billions of customers on daily basis and is, without doubt, one of the greatest instruments to extend model publicity and attain wider viewers. Fb is the most well-liked website for affiliate internet marketing content material. It is vitally much like making a sponsored submission for an enterprise by posting affiliate hyperlinks on social networks.

Blogger Carley Artistic Ideas makes use of social media to advertise affiliate posts comparable to product critiques and present guides. To advertise your content material or to create branded content material, you should use Instagram, Fb, and Twitter.

Author Spotlight: Stuart Waldner

Activist and author Stuart Waldner is up to release his debut novel ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’ this October 11, under Houndstooth Press. But before we talk about the exciting details of his upcoming book, let’s get to know Stuart Waldner.

Stuart Waldner is an author/activist of the upcoming book ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’. The book Escape the Meatrix was written after Stuart switched to a plant-based diet in 2008. 

Stuart Waldner is living in Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States. Lexington, Kentucky, is one of the country’s poorer and least educated areas with unhealthy individuals. Despite this, it’s one of the most beautiful places filled with genuine people, which Stuart appreciates. Growing up, Stuart witnessed those around him become ill, so he decided to make some changes in his lifestyle that could offer him the best chance to avoid the illnesses he saw in his relatives and the people he grew up with. In 1985, when Stuart was 23, he stopped eating meat and started exercising. It was not until 2008 that Stuart entirely went with a plant-based lifestyle. People may see it as a foolish decision, but Stuart’s life experiences prove that it was a big, good decision.

After transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, Stuart discovered the connection between food choices and global crises such as climate change. The more Stuart learned about the statistical data that links dietary choices and the current global crisis, the more he was eager to convince other people to wake up.

When not advocating, Stuart Waldner spends his free time playing with his dogs, cooking plant-based foods, running, and restoring his 128-year-old Victorian home. Stuart’s doctor and the people around him can’t help but notice his excellent health—all thanks to a plant-based lifestyle.

 ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’ is an environmental, health, and wellness nonfiction book which features personal experience and data supported with research and scientific evidence. Here, Stuart Waldner boldly tells the truth about the Meatrix and how it led people to believe that animal-based products are natural and necessary when it was only conditioned to use them. Supported by science and research, the book illustrates how switching to a plant-based lifestyle can positively affect and improve a person’s health. It also averts the effects of climate change which can be a more significant problem for future generations. Stuart Waldner invites the readers to challenge the status quo and don’t sway with the growing animal-based consumers. The evidence is presented in the book. It’s up to you to decide whether you accept the action or stay the same.

You can check out and pre-order Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet! on Amazon.

For more information about Stuart Waldner, you can visit his website. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Things We Learned in ‘The Silent Count’ by E.A. Smiroldo

Suppose you’re looking for a great climate fiction thriller read wherein the protagonist takes the overwhelming task of using nuclear technology to mitigate climate change. In that case, The Silent Count by E.A. Smiroldo is perfect for you! 

Here are a few things that we learned from The Silent Count:

Climate Change is Real

The Silent Count reminded us of an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed—climate change. We’ve been experiencing the consequences of climate change through strong typhoons, tornadoes, and abnormal temperature changes. It might take a toll on humanity in the long run if a lack of action occurs.

Music Unites Us

As a singer-songwriter herself, E.A. Smiroldo incorporated song lyrics throughout the book. The lyrics are from original songs written and performed solely by E.A. Smiroldo. One of the characters, Jericho Wells, is an aspiring rockstar who uses his platform and music not just to express himself but also to send out an important message. His songs tell the message of unity for humanity and the planet.

People With Power Will Do Whatever It Takes

Just as the saying goes, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Authorities have the supreme power to spearhead change for everyone’s sake. But when power is given to the wrong individuals, things get messy. This book showed us that some officials would do whatever it takes if it’s something they will benefit from—even if it’s not good for the citizens. 

It Is Okay to Seek Help from Others

The main character in the book, Dara Bouldin, is a devoted geo-engineering student that’s been through a lot. Coming from a tragedy where she lost her mother in a wildfire, Dara is dedicated to helping them to change the consequences of climate change. After her dad lost all their money from a gambling addiction, Dara had to work hard to pay their debts. Throughout the book, we can see Dara’s journey to self-fulfillment while working on her climate-change project. This book showed us that sharing your problems with others is okay. You don’t have to keep all your burdens to yourself; your most trusted ones will always have your back. You can check out The Silent Count on Amazon.

For more information about E.A. Smiroldo, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

5 Thrilling Heist Books To Read Right Now

Who doesn’t love a good caper? Everyone—from your most serious Boulder theft defense attorney to your most run-of-the-mill office worker can enjoy a good mystery, especially if it’s in written form. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few recent releases that you should keep on your radar if you’re a fan of good-old-fashioned heist stories. 

The Man Who Died Twice

Written by Richard Osman, The Man Who Died Twice has earned itself quite a few accolades in the relatively short while it’s been available for purchase. The second novel in the Thursday Murder Club series, this book is both a New York Times bestseller and a soon-to-be big budget film from Steven Spielberg. 

Calling this story a “wild ride” might be a bit of an understatement, as it features some not-so-average protagonists and enough witty dialogue to elicit some hearty chuckles. Couple that with a plot that doesn’t go stale, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a mystery story that’s well worth your time.

The Plot

Author Jean Hanff Korelitz has already made quite the name for herself, with both her hit novel You Should Have Known and the TV show based on the novel, The Undoing (it’s a great murder mystery, by the way, so check that out too). Now, she’s continuing to flex those literary muscles of hers in one of her latest books, The Plot, which follows a writing instructor who steals work from a student. An interesting topic to center a mystery around, to be sure, and Korelitz manages to take it in a direction you’ll not likely deduce until you’re well into it!

Pretty Things

You may know author Janelle Brown because of her previous works, like Watch Me Disappear and This Is Where We Live. Now, she’s delivered another New York Times bestseller with her novel Pretty Things, which poses one of the great questions of the modern era, “who’s really following you on social media?” Brown tackles this query from multiple perspectives, and weaves a tale of betrayal and greed in the process. You’ll like this thriller if having a heaping helping of interpersonal drama with your mystery is what you’re after.

The Modigliani Scandal

Can art be the subject of a high-stakes mystery-heist-thriller? You bet it can! Author Ken Follett takes what might otherwise be a dull profession for a main character—art historian—and turns it into a springboard for an adventure you’ll not want to miss. It’s a hunt across Europe for a lost painting that stands to rewrite art history, and a dangerous cadre of characters is off to claim the prize before our protagonist. Can they emerge victorious?

The Dark Hours

You know that Michael Connelly has been writing books about his fictional LAPD detective, Harry Bosch, for years. They’ve been so good that Amazon even turned Bosch into a TV character, but that hasn’t stopped Connelly’s output when it comes to his novels, and he’s got a brand-new Bosch adventure here, with a teamup appearance from one of his other characters (Renee Ballard), to solve a mystery in a city shaken by uncertainty.

Travis Scott Opens Up About Astroworld Tragedy in an Exclusive Interview with Charlamagne Tha God

Travis Scott spoke out for the first time since the Astroworld tragedy in an exclusive interview with media mogul Charlamagne Tha God. Scott took the opportunity to break the silence over the incident with Charlamagne on his YouTube channel in an interview that aired on Dec 9.  

The interview showed Scott and Charlamagne discussing the tragedy at the Astroworld festival when a crowd rush during Travis’ performance led to the deaths of 10 individuals and the injury of several others that attended the event. The discussion reveals how the weeks following the event were an emotional roller coaster for Scott and all the affected families. Scott, who had a serious expression throughout the interview, spent nearly an hour going over the events that led to the tragic night as Charlamagne listened carefully and displayed a deep sensitivity towards the topic. A seasoned interviewer and veteran of the entertainment industry known for his honesty, Charlamagne asked the questions on everyone’s minds and gave Scott the opportunity to speak openly about what transpired. 

Charlamagne opened the floor with a question we were all eager to hear. “Let’s talk about that night, man. When did you find out things got as bad as they did? That’s the question everyone wants to know.” 

“Yeah, it wasn’t really until like minutes until the press conference until I figured out like exactly what happened,” Scott began. “You know, even after the show, you’re just kinda hearing things… but I didn’t hear the exact details until minutes before the press conference, but even at that moment, you kinda just like… ‘what?’ Like, you know, you just went through something and it’s just like ‘Wait? What? Hold on…”

Travis went on to add how he was unaware that anything had gone wrong during the concert. Recreating his own perspective for Charlamagne, he spoke about how everything amalgamates into one single stream on stage. You have lights, sounds, pyro, and in-ears alongside music, as well as the band playing. It becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between an excited crowd and one that may be calling for help. 

Charlamagne also questioned Travis about the raging culture prevalent at his concerts. 

“You know, raging…Raging has been a part of the culture for your shows. You didn’t on this night, but in the past, you’ve encouraged the type of energy that led to something like this happening,” he said. “Do you think that contributed to the energy of this night?”

Travis, after much thought, replied, saying, “Yeah, nah, I think…you know…it’s something I been working on for a while, of creating these experiences and trying to show experiences happening in a safe environment. As an artist, we trust professionals to make sure that you know, things happen and people leave safely, you know what I’m saying?”

He went on to say: “Raging is just a textbook definition, but in concerts, we’ve grown it to be just the experience of having fun. It’s not about just…‘Oh! Harm!’ It’s about letting go and having fun. Y’know, help others…y’know, love each other. It’s not about, just, y’know, harm…That’s not what it’s all about. The show isn’t just rambunctious for an hour, that’s not what it is.”

Charlamagne also asked the rapper about responsibility for the tragic occurrence at the concert. Although Travis refrained from mentioning anyone by name, he spoke about how an artist’s job was restricted to the creative process. This includes bringing other artists together and creatively producing the show. For the rest of the planning, he said, “You know, we just trust in the professionals to make sure people are taken care of and, you know, leaving safely. I can control what I can on the stage, and the professionals control what they can in the crowd.”

Scott’s facial expression wore a look of pensive mournfulness throughout Charlamagne’s line of questioning. His answers came after long purposeful pauses, especially when he was asked whether he believed he had done everything possible to help in the situation.

“Yes. Everything I physically can, I’m sure, yes,” he replied. 

Many people have called out Scott over the Astroworld incident and claimed that the tragedies were preventable. To assist their theories, they have cited Houston police chief Troy Finner’s concerns over the “energy” of the crowd. Upon Charlamagne’s questioning on the matter, Travis was adamant that this was merely an angle brought up by the media. 

“Well, I think that’s what the media said, but I think it read more so that [Finner] knew that our crowd was the type of crowd that comes with a heavy crowd, so to communicate with him if we were doing anything outside of the week’s itinerary, you know? That week we were doing a lot of charity stuff before the festival, so you know there’s security at most of the events, you know, but in that statement, I think he was just saying ‘If (you’re) doing anything outside of the itinerary, let me know,’ but it didn’t get to that point.”

The two also spoke about the devastating impact of the incident and the collective grief of the victims’ families. Healing from a tragedy of this scale is a lifelong battle, and people are still hurting from the loss. “You’re a father, you know. God forbid your kids are of age, they’re in a situation like this. Put yourself in those parents’ shoes right now. What would you wanna see come of this situation?” asked Charlamagne. 

“I would wanna see people put their heads together. I wanna see people… really figure this out. Not take this lightly, you know, and really act on it, because, you know, that’s one of the main things that’s important. They gotta just act on it, you can’t just be like something that happens and… just roll over. It’s gotta be something that’s taken seriously and addressed seriously and things formed around it… Time and a lotta time and a lotta… You know, thinking power spent on this you know and really fixing you know whatever system it is that needs to be fixed.”

Looking forward, Scott spoke about how he aimed to double up on all kinds of security at events and also use innovative technology solutions to provide a safer environment at concerts. “People come into these festivals with these bands that only scan you in. You have all types of tech now that can track your heart, track your oxygen levels if you feel sick,” he explained. “You can put these things on now if you get lost. There’s all types of ways that the band that only gives you access to entry to the line or to food trucks can save lives… I feel like there is a way.”

The interview ended gracefully by Charlamagne giving Scott a chance to reach out to his fans and send a message to them. 

Following the interview, it is clear that Charlamagne is a vital presence in the entertainment space. His ability to bring honesty and compassion to his conversation with Scott is one of the most recent examples of his versatility and integrity as an interviewer. Charlamagne has earned his place in the pantheon of the world’s most influential tv personalities, and rightfully so. For those of you less acquainted with Charlamagne Tha God, aka Lenard McKelvey; the Breakfast Club host has been at the forefront of addressing issues that carry weight for ordinary Americans.  His latest venture on Comedy Central, “Tha God’s Honest Truth,” is another attempt at delivering hard truths using deep dives, sketches, and social experiments.