Author Spotlight: Stuart Waldner

Activist and author Stuart Waldner is up to release his debut novel ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’ this October 11, under Houndstooth Press. But before we talk about the exciting details of his upcoming book, let’s get to know Stuart Waldner.

Stuart Waldner is an author/activist of the upcoming book ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’. The book Escape the Meatrix was written after Stuart switched to a plant-based diet in 2008. 

Stuart Waldner is living in Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States. Lexington, Kentucky, is one of the country’s poorer and least educated areas with unhealthy individuals. Despite this, it’s one of the most beautiful places filled with genuine people, which Stuart appreciates. Growing up, Stuart witnessed those around him become ill, so he decided to make some changes in his lifestyle that could offer him the best chance to avoid the illnesses he saw in his relatives and the people he grew up with. In 1985, when Stuart was 23, he stopped eating meat and started exercising. It was not until 2008 that Stuart entirely went with a plant-based lifestyle. People may see it as a foolish decision, but Stuart’s life experiences prove that it was a big, good decision.

After transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, Stuart discovered the connection between food choices and global crises such as climate change. The more Stuart learned about the statistical data that links dietary choices and the current global crisis, the more he was eager to convince other people to wake up.

When not advocating, Stuart Waldner spends his free time playing with his dogs, cooking plant-based foods, running, and restoring his 128-year-old Victorian home. Stuart’s doctor and the people around him can’t help but notice his excellent health—all thanks to a plant-based lifestyle.

 ‘Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!’ is an environmental, health, and wellness nonfiction book which features personal experience and data supported with research and scientific evidence. Here, Stuart Waldner boldly tells the truth about the Meatrix and how it led people to believe that animal-based products are natural and necessary when it was only conditioned to use them. Supported by science and research, the book illustrates how switching to a plant-based lifestyle can positively affect and improve a person’s health. It also averts the effects of climate change which can be a more significant problem for future generations. Stuart Waldner invites the readers to challenge the status quo and don’t sway with the growing animal-based consumers. The evidence is presented in the book. It’s up to you to decide whether you accept the action or stay the same.

You can check out and pre-order Escape the Meatrix: Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet! on Amazon.

For more information about Stuart Waldner, you can visit his website. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Things We Learned in ‘The Silent Count’ by E.A. Smiroldo

Suppose you’re looking for a great climate fiction thriller read wherein the protagonist takes the overwhelming task of using nuclear technology to mitigate climate change. In that case, The Silent Count by E.A. Smiroldo is perfect for you! 

Here are a few things that we learned from The Silent Count:

Climate Change is Real

The Silent Count reminded us of an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed—climate change. We’ve been experiencing the consequences of climate change through strong typhoons, tornadoes, and abnormal temperature changes. It might take a toll on humanity in the long run if a lack of action occurs.

Music Unites Us

As a singer-songwriter herself, E.A. Smiroldo incorporated song lyrics throughout the book. The lyrics are from original songs written and performed solely by E.A. Smiroldo. One of the characters, Jericho Wells, is an aspiring rockstar who uses his platform and music not just to express himself but also to send out an important message. His songs tell the message of unity for humanity and the planet.

People With Power Will Do Whatever It Takes

Just as the saying goes, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Authorities have the supreme power to spearhead change for everyone’s sake. But when power is given to the wrong individuals, things get messy. This book showed us that some officials would do whatever it takes if it’s something they will benefit from—even if it’s not good for the citizens. 

It Is Okay to Seek Help from Others

The main character in the book, Dara Bouldin, is a devoted geo-engineering student that’s been through a lot. Coming from a tragedy where she lost her mother in a wildfire, Dara is dedicated to helping them to change the consequences of climate change. After her dad lost all their money from a gambling addiction, Dara had to work hard to pay their debts. Throughout the book, we can see Dara’s journey to self-fulfillment while working on her climate-change project. This book showed us that sharing your problems with others is okay. You don’t have to keep all your burdens to yourself; your most trusted ones will always have your back. You can check out The Silent Count on Amazon.

For more information about E.A. Smiroldo, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

5 Thrilling Heist Books To Read Right Now

Who doesn’t love a good caper? Everyone—from your most serious Boulder theft defense attorney to your most run-of-the-mill office worker can enjoy a good mystery, especially if it’s in written form. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few recent releases that you should keep on your radar if you’re a fan of good-old-fashioned heist stories. 

The Man Who Died Twice

Written by Richard Osman, The Man Who Died Twice has earned itself quite a few accolades in the relatively short while it’s been available for purchase. The second novel in the Thursday Murder Club series, this book is both a New York Times bestseller and a soon-to-be big budget film from Steven Spielberg. 

Calling this story a “wild ride” might be a bit of an understatement, as it features some not-so-average protagonists and enough witty dialogue to elicit some hearty chuckles. Couple that with a plot that doesn’t go stale, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a mystery story that’s well worth your time.

The Plot

Author Jean Hanff Korelitz has already made quite the name for herself, with both her hit novel You Should Have Known and the TV show based on the novel, The Undoing (it’s a great murder mystery, by the way, so check that out too). Now, she’s continuing to flex those literary muscles of hers in one of her latest books, The Plot, which follows a writing instructor who steals work from a student. An interesting topic to center a mystery around, to be sure, and Korelitz manages to take it in a direction you’ll not likely deduce until you’re well into it!

Pretty Things

You may know author Janelle Brown because of her previous works, like Watch Me Disappear and This Is Where We Live. Now, she’s delivered another New York Times bestseller with her novel Pretty Things, which poses one of the great questions of the modern era, “who’s really following you on social media?” Brown tackles this query from multiple perspectives, and weaves a tale of betrayal and greed in the process. You’ll like this thriller if having a heaping helping of interpersonal drama with your mystery is what you’re after.

The Modigliani Scandal

Can art be the subject of a high-stakes mystery-heist-thriller? You bet it can! Author Ken Follett takes what might otherwise be a dull profession for a main character—art historian—and turns it into a springboard for an adventure you’ll not want to miss. It’s a hunt across Europe for a lost painting that stands to rewrite art history, and a dangerous cadre of characters is off to claim the prize before our protagonist. Can they emerge victorious?

The Dark Hours

You know that Michael Connelly has been writing books about his fictional LAPD detective, Harry Bosch, for years. They’ve been so good that Amazon even turned Bosch into a TV character, but that hasn’t stopped Connelly’s output when it comes to his novels, and he’s got a brand-new Bosch adventure here, with a teamup appearance from one of his other characters (Renee Ballard), to solve a mystery in a city shaken by uncertainty.

Travis Scott Opens Up About Astroworld Tragedy in an Exclusive Interview with Charlamagne Tha God

Travis Scott spoke out for the first time since the Astroworld tragedy in an exclusive interview with media mogul Charlamagne Tha God. Scott took the opportunity to break the silence over the incident with Charlamagne on his YouTube channel in an interview that aired on Dec 9.  

The interview showed Scott and Charlamagne discussing the tragedy at the Astroworld festival when a crowd rush during Travis’ performance led to the deaths of 10 individuals and the injury of several others that attended the event. The discussion reveals how the weeks following the event were an emotional roller coaster for Scott and all the affected families. Scott, who had a serious expression throughout the interview, spent nearly an hour going over the events that led to the tragic night as Charlamagne listened carefully and displayed a deep sensitivity towards the topic. A seasoned interviewer and veteran of the entertainment industry known for his honesty, Charlamagne asked the questions on everyone’s minds and gave Scott the opportunity to speak openly about what transpired. 

Charlamagne opened the floor with a question we were all eager to hear. “Let’s talk about that night, man. When did you find out things got as bad as they did? That’s the question everyone wants to know.” 

“Yeah, it wasn’t really until like minutes until the press conference until I figured out like exactly what happened,” Scott began. “You know, even after the show, you’re just kinda hearing things… but I didn’t hear the exact details until minutes before the press conference, but even at that moment, you kinda just like… ‘what?’ Like, you know, you just went through something and it’s just like ‘Wait? What? Hold on…”

Travis went on to add how he was unaware that anything had gone wrong during the concert. Recreating his own perspective for Charlamagne, he spoke about how everything amalgamates into one single stream on stage. You have lights, sounds, pyro, and in-ears alongside music, as well as the band playing. It becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between an excited crowd and one that may be calling for help. 

Charlamagne also questioned Travis about the raging culture prevalent at his concerts. 

“You know, raging…Raging has been a part of the culture for your shows. You didn’t on this night, but in the past, you’ve encouraged the type of energy that led to something like this happening,” he said. “Do you think that contributed to the energy of this night?”

Travis, after much thought, replied, saying, “Yeah, nah, I think…you know…it’s something I been working on for a while, of creating these experiences and trying to show experiences happening in a safe environment. As an artist, we trust professionals to make sure that you know, things happen and people leave safely, you know what I’m saying?”

He went on to say: “Raging is just a textbook definition, but in concerts, we’ve grown it to be just the experience of having fun. It’s not about just…‘Oh! Harm!’ It’s about letting go and having fun. Y’know, help others…y’know, love each other. It’s not about, just, y’know, harm…That’s not what it’s all about. The show isn’t just rambunctious for an hour, that’s not what it is.”

Charlamagne also asked the rapper about responsibility for the tragic occurrence at the concert. Although Travis refrained from mentioning anyone by name, he spoke about how an artist’s job was restricted to the creative process. This includes bringing other artists together and creatively producing the show. For the rest of the planning, he said, “You know, we just trust in the professionals to make sure people are taken care of and, you know, leaving safely. I can control what I can on the stage, and the professionals control what they can in the crowd.”

Scott’s facial expression wore a look of pensive mournfulness throughout Charlamagne’s line of questioning. His answers came after long purposeful pauses, especially when he was asked whether he believed he had done everything possible to help in the situation.

“Yes. Everything I physically can, I’m sure, yes,” he replied. 

Many people have called out Scott over the Astroworld incident and claimed that the tragedies were preventable. To assist their theories, they have cited Houston police chief Troy Finner’s concerns over the “energy” of the crowd. Upon Charlamagne’s questioning on the matter, Travis was adamant that this was merely an angle brought up by the media. 

“Well, I think that’s what the media said, but I think it read more so that [Finner] knew that our crowd was the type of crowd that comes with a heavy crowd, so to communicate with him if we were doing anything outside of the week’s itinerary, you know? That week we were doing a lot of charity stuff before the festival, so you know there’s security at most of the events, you know, but in that statement, I think he was just saying ‘If (you’re) doing anything outside of the itinerary, let me know,’ but it didn’t get to that point.”

The two also spoke about the devastating impact of the incident and the collective grief of the victims’ families. Healing from a tragedy of this scale is a lifelong battle, and people are still hurting from the loss. “You’re a father, you know. God forbid your kids are of age, they’re in a situation like this. Put yourself in those parents’ shoes right now. What would you wanna see come of this situation?” asked Charlamagne. 

“I would wanna see people put their heads together. I wanna see people… really figure this out. Not take this lightly, you know, and really act on it, because, you know, that’s one of the main things that’s important. They gotta just act on it, you can’t just be like something that happens and… just roll over. It’s gotta be something that’s taken seriously and addressed seriously and things formed around it… Time and a lotta time and a lotta… You know, thinking power spent on this you know and really fixing you know whatever system it is that needs to be fixed.”

Looking forward, Scott spoke about how he aimed to double up on all kinds of security at events and also use innovative technology solutions to provide a safer environment at concerts. “People come into these festivals with these bands that only scan you in. You have all types of tech now that can track your heart, track your oxygen levels if you feel sick,” he explained. “You can put these things on now if you get lost. There’s all types of ways that the band that only gives you access to entry to the line or to food trucks can save lives… I feel like there is a way.”

The interview ended gracefully by Charlamagne giving Scott a chance to reach out to his fans and send a message to them. 

Following the interview, it is clear that Charlamagne is a vital presence in the entertainment space. His ability to bring honesty and compassion to his conversation with Scott is one of the most recent examples of his versatility and integrity as an interviewer. Charlamagne has earned his place in the pantheon of the world’s most influential tv personalities, and rightfully so. For those of you less acquainted with Charlamagne Tha God, aka Lenard McKelvey; the Breakfast Club host has been at the forefront of addressing issues that carry weight for ordinary Americans.  His latest venture on Comedy Central, “Tha God’s Honest Truth,” is another attempt at delivering hard truths using deep dives, sketches, and social experiments. 

3 Ways To Become A Better Songwriter

If you love music, whether this love started out as an appreciation for the lyrics themselves or for the complete sound of your favorite songs, you may have considered making music of your own at some point.

For some, making music can come easily. But for others, writing music can be a real challenge. If this is what you’re presently experiencing, here are three things you can do to help you become a better songwriter.

Create A Habit Of Consistent Writing

Songwriting, just like almost everything else, needs to be made a habit in order for it to be done effectively. If you only write a song when you feel the muse strike, you could have only a few pieces to show for yourself. But if you’re committed to creating your own music, you have to consistently put yourself in a position to write music.

Ideally, you should try to carve out time to write something everyday. And while this can seem like a big commitment, once you’ve gotten into the habit of sitting down and writing a song or working on a song each and everyday, you might soon find that you’re better able to turn your creativity on when you need it and put it to work for you.

Imitate When You Feel Stuck

As with all kinds of writing, it’s very common for people to get stuck during songwriting. While this can be discouraging, there are things you can do to help you get your creative juices flowing and get back on track.

One thing you might want to try is thinking back about songs or lyrics that you like from other artists. Then, you can try to create your own new song based on what you liked about those other songs.

By going outside of your own style and imitating something that someone else has done, you may be able to think differently about what you were trying to create and break something free in your own mind.

Build Your Song Around A Beloved Riff Or Hook

If you’ve been writing music for a while, you might have riffs or hooks that you love the sound of but haven’t found a way to include in any of your songs up to this point. When you have something like this, you may want to try building a new song completely around the riff or hook that you’ve been wanting to use.

As you use this piece of genius that you love to create a new song, you may find that songwriting comes a little easier for you since you’re already excited about the catchiest part of the song.

If you’re wanting to improve your songwriting ability, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.

A Romany and an Englishman in Always a Princess

Will their love prevail?

If you start reading Clyve Rose’s Always a Princess and find yourself waiting for the classic meet-cute, such as the handsome prince catching the enchanting gaze of the prettiest girl at the ball, it is time to throw that expectation out the window. Like much of the historical romance genre, this novel will more than satisfy your cravings for smoldering desire, fiery passion, and the excitement of uncontrollable love. Unlike much of the historical romance genre, this story begins with a gunshot, a Romany family who exists on the outskirts of the English, and a very angry Princess.

If you find yourself confused on who the “Romany” people are, look no further than the Author’s note at the end. Rose explains the background of the disconnect between calling this population “gypsies” versus “Romany”. By supplying you with both contextual information on the Romany and a bit of their language, Rose differentiates herself from the rest of the genre to guarantee that you will want stick around for the rest of this three-book series.

Although you may already be familiar with the ins and outs of how the English live in the Regency period, Rose kickstarts this series by throwing a Romany family into the mix. Princess Syeira, the oldest daughter of the Romany King, takes on the unfortunate duty of witnessing her oldest brother Valkin in a duel that ultimately forces her to cross paths with Englishman Captain Warwick “Wil” Clifton.

Syeira struggles to control her emotions when tending to her brother’s resulting injuries since he is “sher-engro”, meaning Head of the House in Romany. While the extent of the damages Wil had inflicted were unbeknownst to him at the time, Syeira’s unfiltered temper immediately clued him in. This duel set into motion a story of two people from opposite cultures who met by chance, blend them together in a whirlwind of emotion and erotic tension.

            Rose gives life to Syeira’s character in a way that surpasses any stereotypical gypsy tendencies you might have expected. From the moment he first lays eyes on her, Wil is intrigued to say the least. Initially torn between admiring and fearing her wild spirit, he struggles to keep his feet on the ground around this woman who he instinctively knows would make a great wife. In stark contrast to the English women he has grown accustomed to, Wil quickly learns to respect Syeira’s devotion to the House of Brishen and the mighty strength of her moral standards.

            Despite existing in a world where the English and the Romany have different mindsets and codes of conduct, Wil and Syeira throw caution to the wind in Always a Princess, the first of a three-book series. Find your copy on Amazon now.

Activities to do on a Rainy Day

Activities to do on a Rainy Day

A rainy day can dampen anyone’s mood or interfere with plans. Rainy days can carry a negative connotation in connection with outdoor activities. Things can get boring or become a nuisance when feeling confined to indoor options or to activities that withstand torrential downpours and lightning storms. However, picnics, pool days, beach excursions, and hiking aside there are many activities that Mother Nature cannot intrude upon. Andrew Napolitano, news analyst and syndicated columnist, has great pastimes that can weather any rainy day. For instance, he is the author of nine books on legal matters and politics. Reading and writing are an easily accessible rainy-day activity that can just the same transition into an any-day activity that many enjoy. Rain or shine, writing is one skill that can be honed during downtime. Even if the writing starts as a journal entry, diary notes, or brainstorming interests, it can lead to something worth publishing and sharing. It only takes small steps and a beginning to accomplish amazing things.

Napolitano is a Princeton University and Notre Dame Law School graduate who entered private practice, taught law, and sat on the New Jersey bench. When thinking about rainy day activities, law may not come to mind straightaway, or at all. Still, it is a great hobby to specifically seek out more knowledge on laws and rights. For example, what is the difference between a law and a right? What are some common federal laws? What is the Bill of Rights? If these questions cannot be easily answered, perhaps it could become a source of inspiration to internet search, seek out books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or turn on the news during a rainy time. Knowledge is power and any excuse to acquire more of it surely can liven up a day indoors with the mild, or loud, background noise of a storm.
Besides the more hands-on approaches to a rainy-day Napolitano style, there is also the option of binge-watching court television. Court television can be some of the most entertaining, but also enlightening, programming. It can be exciting to watch non-stop coverage of different trials and the attached analysis. Court proceedings can be live and make it easier for viewers to keep up with high profile cases as well as lesser-known ones, and discover old trials. In unprecedented times such as in a global pandemic, Court television allows viewers to safely stay connected to courtroom trials without having to physically attend and potentially contract viruses or simply have exposure to the elements, such as rain. Correspondent’s assessments add to the professionalism of the content and provide elaboration on the legal process. All in all, do not hesitate, and the next time a rainy day blows in, consider adding an Andrew Napolitano flair to your activities. Find a book, write about a passion, or watch a show, and if it has a legal theme, all the better. Enrich rainy interludes with legal awareness that just might turn into a passion never imagined or discovered.

I Found My Love for Poetry in Tears of Change

Even if You’re Not a Poetry Person, You’re Going to Love It!

I never saw myself as a poetry person. No, wait! That’s a lie. In school, I would use my journal to scribble small pieces of poetry (or at least, my attempt at that). But over time, I forgot about it because I didn’t think it meant anything. Now, years later, I’m inundated with so many book recommendations from friends who read and love poetry that I had to give it a fair shot.

Even so, up until most recently, I hadn’t picked up a single book of poems. It wasn’t until I watched a book reading by an author and instantly fell in love with the form. Debbie Monteggia, the author of “Tears of Change,” read two of her most-liked poems, both so touching! They made a home in my heart.

Debbie’s poem brought back those old memories, and it hit me. Those squiggles weren’t “nothing.” They were the most fluid expressions of my deepest feelings, freewheel dreams, and pure child-like imagination. “Tears of Change,” as I learned, was Debbie’s way of channeling her thoughts and feelings to cope with anxiety. She hopes her poems resonate with the readers and inspire them in more ways than one. The verses that stuck with me are “A Child of God,” “Friendship,” and “A Mother’s Love.”

As you can tell, Debbie’s book sure has made a significant impression on me.Although my journey is different from hers, so many of her poems struck a mutual chord. They hit a little too close to home. You don’t need to be experiencing the same things as the poet to feel those emotions after reading these delicate yet impactful words. For me, the poems that stuck with me were “A Child of God,” “Friendship,” and “A Mother’s Love.”

As you go through the poems, you’re likely to feel the full range of emotions that you experienced in a while. The theme may be drawn from our day-to-day life, but the poem will help you appreciate things in a whole new light. You’ll learn to acknowledge them, be grateful for, and love them with all your heart.

I guess that’s the beauty of poetry. It tugs at the strings of your heart, creating nothing less than a sweet melody. Even if it’s sometimes drenched in tears–washing your sorrows away. Poetry also reminds us to pause and admire our surroundings, our relationships, our blessings that we may take for granted ever so often. It evokes a calm, soothing realization of the present and appreciation for the past. It prompts us to get in touch with our innermost selves to bring out the best of what we have to offer to the world around us.

“Tears of Change” by Debbie Monteggia delivers joy, tears, comfort, and so much more. But most of all, it inspires people like me and you to appreciate the gifts we’ve received. And encourages us to think of our life as the greatest gifts of all!

For anyone who loves poetry, this book is a must-read. Those of you who’re like me, unsure of your liking for poems, please give “Tears of Change” a chance. Who knows, you too might end up loving it. I highly recommend you get your copy today. You can thank me later.

Spring Activities

Do you have any spring activities lined up? This is time to shake off the winter blues and get the entire family active. What activities do you have planned for the spring? The leaves are unfurling and flowers are blossoming, it is time to enjoy some fresh air outdoors.

This is a great time to explore the outdoors and enjoy some spring activities. If you’re not sure about the activities to enjoy, don’t worry. You’re at the right place. We’ve compiled some interesting spring activities for you. Some of these activities bring families like Cory Harow together during these hard pandemic times. There are some exciting activities on the list below. Choose a few and try them out.

Blow Bubbles

Kids love blowing bubbles and enjoy as the bubbles become big and move up. This is a great way to keep family members outdoor and have them enjoy some sun. You can buy the bubbles at a local store or make them at home. It might appear like a kid’s game but blowing bubbles as a family creating lasting memories.

Play Hide-and-Seek

This is a classic game enjoyed by families across the world. It is springtime and this means you can head outdoors and explore the rising nature. The ground is getting warmer and you have different places to hide. Hide-and-seek is a favorite for most families allowing you to explore your outdoors as you look for a great spot to hide.

Cook Together

Cory Harow and his family spent time together cooking to help pass time during quarantine. You can also do this during spring. Cooking together is an all-time favorite when it comes to families spending time together and having fun.

It is a great time to take your kitchen outdoors and let every family member cook something. There is nothing that brings families together liking cooking and sharing a meal. You can even invite friends over and have a great outdoor time cooking.

Painting Crafts

With nature sprouting and bringing greener sceneries, this is a great time to paint some crafts. There is no limit when it comes to painting crafts. Make sure you grab some supplies from your local store and try to paint some pictures and crafts.

Do you have a birdhouse? This is great to test your DIY skills and build one. You can then have kids paint it.

Play Hopscotch

This is another all-time-great game that will help pass time and burn some calories. The game looks too simple but is very entertaining. Moreover, it is super fun to play at any age.

Plant Some Flowers

You don’t want to miss out on the great weather by not planting some flowers in the backyard or garden. It is a great time for kids to get their hands muddy and wet. Have each family member plant some flowers and water them daily as they watch them grow and flower.

Go for a Hike

Springtime is a great time to stretch the legs and experience fresh air outdoors. Look for a trail or a forest and go for a hike as a family. This is a great time to see animals come out of hibernation.

These are just a few activities to enjoy during spring. Make sure you get outdoors and have great bonding moments with family and friends as you enjoy the fresh air.

Best Shows to Watch on Netflix (7 Show Ideas)

Netflix is the modern movie theater in the comfort of the home. It’s vast range in genres holds shows and movies for just about anyone, from family fun to ongoing suspense.

With Netflix’s constantly expanding collection, it may be overwhelming to find which shows are binge-worthy. While it may be tough to get to them all, there are a handful that can catch anyone’s attention, even Helen Schifter

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

To bring back nostalgia, Avatar: The Last Airbender is perfect for adolescents or even adults who wish to indulge in one of their favorite childhood shows. Avatar follows a team of friends who become family as they prepare to take down a tyrant and end a hundred year-long war. For the thrill seekers, You is a romantic love story that takes a twisted turn when the man in love becomes a man in obsession. Comedy lovers can enjoy

2. The Last O.G

The Last O.G., which follows a former drug dealer on his second chance of life after his prison sentence. Those who love anime have a number of choices, with Parasyte being a great place to begin. A high school student deals with the invasion of parasitic aliens as one takes over his right hand.

3. Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! is a wholesome anime following the cells of the body and how they perform their daily tasks, although it does have it’s fair share of violence in order to keep their humans in good health. 
Narcos is for crime series enthusiasts who want to learn the story of Pablo Escobar and the downfall of a Colombian drug empire.

4. Sweet Home

It may be somewhat difficult to find well done sci-fi horror, but Sweet Home has managed to exceed expectations. Based off of a web comic of the same name, the main character settles into his new apartment complex, only to realize a monster apocalypse has begun where everyone’s deepest desires manifest them into terrifying creatures.

5. The Witcher

Fantasy fanatics can enjoy The Witcher , a journey of a monster hunter as he travels the world of magic and mystery.

6. Night Stalker

For people who love a good docuseries, Night Stalker follows the true story of a serial killer in L.A. who turns detectives on their heads. There are also shows for those who live their life similar to Helen Lee Schifter. She is a former editor who focuses her life on health and happiness.

7. Headspace Guide to Meditation

One show that shares her emphasis on mental health is Headspace Guide to Meditation . The show centers itself on strengthening the focus of the mind and reducing stress by teaching viewers how to meditate.


The truth is, there are a great number of Netflix shows that can fit anything a person looks for in their next favorite series. This beginner’s list can serve as a guide to start with a small selection, and then branch out into exploring all that Netflix has to offer.