A Romany and an Englishman in Always a Princess

Will their love prevail?

If you start reading Clyve Rose’s Always a Princess and find yourself waiting for the classic meet-cute, such as the handsome prince catching the enchanting gaze of the prettiest girl at the ball, it is time to throw that expectation out the window. Like much of the historical romance genre, this novel will more than satisfy your cravings for smoldering desire, fiery passion, and the excitement of uncontrollable love. Unlike much of the historical romance genre, this story begins with a gunshot, a Romany family who exists on the outskirts of the English, and a very angry Princess.

If you find yourself confused on who the “Romany” people are, look no further than the Author’s note at the end. Rose explains the background of the disconnect between calling this population “gypsies” versus “Romany”. By supplying you with both contextual information on the Romany and a bit of their language, Rose differentiates herself from the rest of the genre to guarantee that you will want stick around for the rest of this three-book series.

Although you may already be familiar with the ins and outs of how the English live in the Regency period, Rose kickstarts this series by throwing a Romany family into the mix. Princess Syeira, the oldest daughter of the Romany King, takes on the unfortunate duty of witnessing her oldest brother Valkin in a duel that ultimately forces her to cross paths with Englishman Captain Warwick “Wil” Clifton.

Syeira struggles to control her emotions when tending to her brother’s resulting injuries since he is “sher-engro”, meaning Head of the House in Romany. While the extent of the damages Wil had inflicted were unbeknownst to him at the time, Syeira’s unfiltered temper immediately clued him in. This duel set into motion a story of two people from opposite cultures who met by chance, blend them together in a whirlwind of emotion and erotic tension.

            Rose gives life to Syeira’s character in a way that surpasses any stereotypical gypsy tendencies you might have expected. From the moment he first lays eyes on her, Wil is intrigued to say the least. Initially torn between admiring and fearing her wild spirit, he struggles to keep his feet on the ground around this woman who he instinctively knows would make a great wife. In stark contrast to the English women he has grown accustomed to, Wil quickly learns to respect Syeira’s devotion to the House of Brishen and the mighty strength of her moral standards.

            Despite existing in a world where the English and the Romany have different mindsets and codes of conduct, Wil and Syeira throw caution to the wind in Always a Princess, the first of a three-book series. Find your copy on Amazon now.

Activities to do on a Rainy Day

Activities to do on a Rainy Day

A rainy day can dampen anyone’s mood or interfere with plans. Rainy days can carry a negative connotation in connection with outdoor activities. Things can get boring or become a nuisance when feeling confined to indoor options or to activities that withstand torrential downpours and lightning storms. However, picnics, pool days, beach excursions, and hiking aside there are many activities that Mother Nature cannot intrude upon. Andrew Napolitano, news analyst and syndicated columnist, has great pastimes that can weather any rainy day. For instance, he is the author of nine books on legal matters and politics. Reading and writing are an easily accessible rainy-day activity that can just the same transition into an any-day activity that many enjoy. Rain or shine, writing is one skill that can be honed during downtime. Even if the writing starts as a journal entry, diary notes, or brainstorming interests, it can lead to something worth publishing and sharing. It only takes small steps and a beginning to accomplish amazing things.

Napolitano is a Princeton University and Notre Dame Law School graduate who entered private practice, taught law, and sat on the New Jersey bench. When thinking about rainy day activities, law may not come to mind straightaway, or at all. Still, it is a great hobby to specifically seek out more knowledge on laws and rights. For example, what is the difference between a law and a right? What are some common federal laws? What is the Bill of Rights? If these questions cannot be easily answered, perhaps it could become a source of inspiration to internet search, seek out books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or turn on the news during a rainy time. Knowledge is power and any excuse to acquire more of it surely can liven up a day indoors with the mild, or loud, background noise of a storm.
Besides the more hands-on approaches to a rainy-day Napolitano style, there is also the option of binge-watching court television. Court television can be some of the most entertaining, but also enlightening, programming. It can be exciting to watch non-stop coverage of different trials and the attached analysis. Court proceedings can be live and make it easier for viewers to keep up with high profile cases as well as lesser-known ones, and discover old trials. In unprecedented times such as in a global pandemic, Court television allows viewers to safely stay connected to courtroom trials without having to physically attend and potentially contract viruses or simply have exposure to the elements, such as rain. Correspondent’s assessments add to the professionalism of the content and provide elaboration on the legal process. All in all, do not hesitate, and the next time a rainy day blows in, consider adding an Andrew Napolitano flair to your activities. Find a book, write about a passion, or watch a show, and if it has a legal theme, all the better. Enrich rainy interludes with legal awareness that just might turn into a passion never imagined or discovered.

I Found My Love for Poetry in Tears of Change

Even if You’re Not a Poetry Person, You’re Going to Love It!

I never saw myself as a poetry person. No, wait! That’s a lie. In school, I would use my journal to scribble small pieces of poetry (or at least, my attempt at that). But over time, I forgot about it because I didn’t think it meant anything. Now, years later, I’m inundated with so many book recommendations from friends who read and love poetry that I had to give it a fair shot.

Even so, up until most recently, I hadn’t picked up a single book of poems. It wasn’t until I watched a book reading by an author and instantly fell in love with the form. Debbie Monteggia, the author of “Tears of Change,” read two of her most-liked poems, both so touching! They made a home in my heart.

Debbie’s poem brought back those old memories, and it hit me. Those squiggles weren’t “nothing.” They were the most fluid expressions of my deepest feelings, freewheel dreams, and pure child-like imagination. “Tears of Change,” as I learned, was Debbie’s way of channeling her thoughts and feelings to cope with anxiety. She hopes her poems resonate with the readers and inspire them in more ways than one. The verses that stuck with me are “A Child of God,” “Friendship,” and “A Mother’s Love.”

As you can tell, Debbie’s book sure has made a significant impression on me.Although my journey is different from hers, so many of her poems struck a mutual chord. They hit a little too close to home. You don’t need to be experiencing the same things as the poet to feel those emotions after reading these delicate yet impactful words. For me, the poems that stuck with me were “A Child of God,” “Friendship,” and “A Mother’s Love.”

As you go through the poems, you’re likely to feel the full range of emotions that you experienced in a while. The theme may be drawn from our day-to-day life, but the poem will help you appreciate things in a whole new light. You’ll learn to acknowledge them, be grateful for, and love them with all your heart.

I guess that’s the beauty of poetry. It tugs at the strings of your heart, creating nothing less than a sweet melody. Even if it’s sometimes drenched in tears–washing your sorrows away. Poetry also reminds us to pause and admire our surroundings, our relationships, our blessings that we may take for granted ever so often. It evokes a calm, soothing realization of the present and appreciation for the past. It prompts us to get in touch with our innermost selves to bring out the best of what we have to offer to the world around us.

“Tears of Change” by Debbie Monteggia delivers joy, tears, comfort, and so much more. But most of all, it inspires people like me and you to appreciate the gifts we’ve received. And encourages us to think of our life as the greatest gifts of all!

For anyone who loves poetry, this book is a must-read. Those of you who’re like me, unsure of your liking for poems, please give “Tears of Change” a chance. Who knows, you too might end up loving it. I highly recommend you get your copy today. You can thank me later.

Spring Activities

Do you have any spring activities lined up? This is time to shake off the winter blues and get the entire family active. What activities do you have planned for the spring? The leaves are unfurling and flowers are blossoming, it is time to enjoy some fresh air outdoors.

This is a great time to explore the outdoors and enjoy some spring activities. If you’re not sure about the activities to enjoy, don’t worry. You’re at the right place. We’ve compiled some interesting spring activities for you. Some of these activities bring families like Cory Harow together during these hard pandemic times. There are some exciting activities on the list below. Choose a few and try them out.

Blow Bubbles

Kids love blowing bubbles and enjoy as the bubbles become big and move up. This is a great way to keep family members outdoor and have them enjoy some sun. You can buy the bubbles at a local store or make them at home. It might appear like a kid’s game but blowing bubbles as a family creating lasting memories.

Play Hide-and-Seek

This is a classic game enjoyed by families across the world. It is springtime and this means you can head outdoors and explore the rising nature. The ground is getting warmer and you have different places to hide. Hide-and-seek is a favorite for most families allowing you to explore your outdoors as you look for a great spot to hide.

Cook Together

Cory Harow and his family spent time together cooking to help pass time during quarantine. You can also do this during spring. Cooking together is an all-time favorite when it comes to families spending time together and having fun.

It is a great time to take your kitchen outdoors and let every family member cook something. There is nothing that brings families together liking cooking and sharing a meal. You can even invite friends over and have a great outdoor time cooking.

Painting Crafts

With nature sprouting and bringing greener sceneries, this is a great time to paint some crafts. There is no limit when it comes to painting crafts. Make sure you grab some supplies from your local store and try to paint some pictures and crafts.

Do you have a birdhouse? This is great to test your DIY skills and build one. You can then have kids paint it.

Play Hopscotch

This is another all-time-great game that will help pass time and burn some calories. The game looks too simple but is very entertaining. Moreover, it is super fun to play at any age.

Plant Some Flowers

You don’t want to miss out on the great weather by not planting some flowers in the backyard or garden. It is a great time for kids to get their hands muddy and wet. Have each family member plant some flowers and water them daily as they watch them grow and flower.

Go for a Hike

Springtime is a great time to stretch the legs and experience fresh air outdoors. Look for a trail or a forest and go for a hike as a family. This is a great time to see animals come out of hibernation.

These are just a few activities to enjoy during spring. Make sure you get outdoors and have great bonding moments with family and friends as you enjoy the fresh air.

Best Shows to Watch on Netflix (7 Show Ideas)

Netflix is the modern movie theater in the comfort of the home. It’s vast range in genres holds shows and movies for just about anyone, from family fun to ongoing suspense.

With Netflix’s constantly expanding collection, it may be overwhelming to find which shows are binge-worthy. While it may be tough to get to them all, there are a handful that can catch anyone’s attention, even Helen Schifter

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

To bring back nostalgia, Avatar: The Last Airbender is perfect for adolescents or even adults who wish to indulge in one of their favorite childhood shows. Avatar follows a team of friends who become family as they prepare to take down a tyrant and end a hundred year-long war. For the thrill seekers, You is a romantic love story that takes a twisted turn when the man in love becomes a man in obsession. Comedy lovers can enjoy

2. The Last O.G

The Last O.G., which follows a former drug dealer on his second chance of life after his prison sentence. Those who love anime have a number of choices, with Parasyte being a great place to begin. A high school student deals with the invasion of parasitic aliens as one takes over his right hand.

3. Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! is a wholesome anime following the cells of the body and how they perform their daily tasks, although it does have it’s fair share of violence in order to keep their humans in good health. 
Narcos is for crime series enthusiasts who want to learn the story of Pablo Escobar and the downfall of a Colombian drug empire.

4. Sweet Home

It may be somewhat difficult to find well done sci-fi horror, but Sweet Home has managed to exceed expectations. Based off of a web comic of the same name, the main character settles into his new apartment complex, only to realize a monster apocalypse has begun where everyone’s deepest desires manifest them into terrifying creatures.

5. The Witcher

Fantasy fanatics can enjoy The Witcher , a journey of a monster hunter as he travels the world of magic and mystery.

6. Night Stalker

For people who love a good docuseries, Night Stalker follows the true story of a serial killer in L.A. who turns detectives on their heads. There are also shows for those who live their life similar to Helen Lee Schifter. She is a former editor who focuses her life on health and happiness.

7. Headspace Guide to Meditation

One show that shares her emphasis on mental health is Headspace Guide to Meditation . The show centers itself on strengthening the focus of the mind and reducing stress by teaching viewers how to meditate.


The truth is, there are a great number of Netflix shows that can fit anything a person looks for in their next favorite series. This beginner’s list can serve as a guide to start with a small selection, and then branch out into exploring all that Netflix has to offer.

A Sci-Fi Rags To Riches Story That Must Be On Your Reading List

The Commander: Guardian of Utopia by Kevin Groh is the rags to riches story of an ordinary teenager. The story begins in Utopia Beta, a planet ravaged by the aftermath of overpopulation and war. The societal division is brutal, and the poor people live in the slums, struggling to find resources. Whereas on the other side of the planet, the riches find their fare by controlling the power through an overtly powerful army.

It is a struggle as old as the ages, and we see it come together in a fascinating Interplanetary coalition. The home base of Utopia Beta is attacked and the small ragtag group of recruits have stayed behind, refusing to accept defeat. They believe that fighting to the end is the only way.  They take command of their situation and risk their lives to fight for their planet.

Order on Amazon

The book starts with the protagonist in a military facility, awaiting a bleak future of prosthetic modifications to make him into a soldier. It slowly shows us the underdog’s fight through many adventures, ending in a very satisfying conclusion. For me, this is the highlight of the book. The writer has taken every opportunity to surprise and amaze us. Yet, every plot point in the book has been neatly tied up into a satisfying conclusion. It an incredibly enriching experience.

There is a lot of action in the book, and I am struggling to find a moment when the pace of the story is “slow”. It might come as a surprise for some readers to see that the story moves through a brisk pace with little breathers in the middle, but I love the action and the story has a little bit of bite and punch. The Commander by Kevin Groh delivers the futuristic world conflicts and difficulties really well. It is utterly extraordinary yet entirely plausible.

From the start, The Commander has the building elements of a remarkable sci-fi book. There is an endearing group of misfits who struggle together and strive together to find their place in this brutal and exciting world. They are trained to become soldiers, and nothing comes easy, so it does not feel like the characters are fluffed up. The fact that the story is wrapped in a otherworldly setting is only the cherry on top. There are also many planets and interplanetary relationships to explore in future books, which is why I will be looking forward to the next installments with a lot of excitement. The mean instructors, challenging lessons, and daunting adventures make this book touch the heartstring of every reader who wants to achieve the impossible. Order your copy of The Commander on Amazon now.

Improve Your Driving Experience with a New Head Unit

Driving a car can provide you with a number of benefits, especially commuting to work and travelling to new destinations for a holiday during your free time. Indeed, if you want to improve the driving experience in your vehicle and make it as enjoyable as possible, you should consider upgrading the audio system in any type of vehicle. In addition, if you spend a considerable amount of time commuting to work, then you will be aware that listening to music can provide you with a fantastic way to enjoy your trip to your place of employment. Furthermore, you should also be aware that people have different tastes in music while you can also pass the time and relax on your way to work or to a destination for a holiday during your free time. However, it is important to understand that regardless of your taste in music, you could take the opportunity to replace the head unit in your vehicle and create a high level of audio quality. For more information about the various companies providing new head units, you should be aware to consult an online business directory as you will be able to identify a number of suppliers that you can contact.

A.           High level of functionality

One of the main benefits that you could enjoy by replacing the head unit in your vehicle is that you could enjoy a high level of functionality. Indeed, if you are looking to enjoy some of the highest quality sound available or even if you want to improve the functionality of your existing audio system, you should consider replacing it and buy a head unit from Bankstown Sound as soon as possible.

B.           Improve the audio quality

One of the main reasons that you should improve your driving experience is that you can enjoy high quality audio at all times on your way to work or in your free time. This is especially pertinent if you spend a large amount of time commuting to and from work or even if you are a salesman and you have to spend a considerable amount of time in the car. As a result, you should think about replacing the head unit in your vehicle as it will be able to provide you with a high level of functionality and great audio quality while you should also service the vehicle on a regular basis.

C.           Increase the value of your vehicle

Another factor that you should think about before deciding to replace the head unit in your vehicle is that you could potentially increase its resale value if you are thinking about selling it in the future while you should choose an experienced and trained fitter. Indeed, a good car stereo system is a selling point while you should also be aware that you can enjoy a high level of audio quality, regardless of your taste in music.

  • Improve the functionality
  • Enjoy great audio quality
  • Increase the value of the vehicle

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking to improve your driving experience you should consider installing a new head unit in your vehicle as you will be able to increase the functionality, as well as enjoy high quality audio at all times when you are driving to and from work or during your free time.

Ryan Seacrest Explores Signs of our Current Times

Every period in history carries with it its own unique set of characteristics that set it apart from other times. Though this is always true, it does seem, to many, that our current time is especially packed with details that single it out. This has become a guiding topic of note in the recent work of Ryan Seacrest. As the radio and television host has continued his work to bring people access to topics of current importance, it was unavoidable that he’d touch on the specifics of the age in which we live. Below, we’ve taken an opportunity to highlight some of his efforts and shine a light on the unique nature of current world events.

Entertainment industry

Ryan Seacrest has been dubbed by some as the “Ultimate Hollywood Insider.” Through his work on shows like American Idol, On-Air With Ryan Seacrest, and Live with Kelly and Ryan, he has developed a reputation for being in the know on issues of importance within his industry. This has come, in part, from the constant contact he maintains with other entertainment professionals through friendships, professional events, and live interviews. Due to this high degree of knowledge, it makes sense that many of his insights would center around the entertainment industry itself, a topic of interest to large numbers of people around the world.

Of course, due to current quarantine guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entertainment industry, like many other fields, has seen its status quo heavily upended. This is very apparent when it comes to the actual act of producing both film and television. These productions typically require a large number of people working behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Traditionally, production sets can include camera crews, lighting professionals, makeup artists, wardrobe designers, production designers, writers, directors, producers, on-set talent, and many other people working in tandem towards a common goal.

Clearly, these production paradigms are not able to exist within current quarantine guidelines which, in many areas, prohibit the gathering of large groups of people. While these guidelines might seem like they would make it nearly impossible to carry on with production at this time, many television shows have found ways to adapt to continue bringing their content to their fans. The radio host took some time recently to shine a light on these efforts in order to showcase how his industry is innovating to keep its work moving forward.

Bachelorette production

One show that has become a staple among American viewers in recent years is “The Bachelorette.” The reality tv show follows a main female contestant as she decides between a group of male contestants, selecting one for potential romantic interest. Though the show remains popular at present, it’s easy to see how such a program could be challenging to produce given present-day constraints. However, rather than let these constraints deter them, the show’s production team is getting creative in order to continue on with its mission.

In this case, the show has flown contestants out to the filming location in Palm Springs and is having them quarantine for two weeks to ensure all contestants are free of any signs of Covid-19. This will provide a controlled environment where production staff can then test contestants as they leave quarantine to ensure that they are safe to proceed to set. As a backup plan, the production team has also flown additional contestants to the location and is keeping them in quarantine as well. If one of the main contestants were to test positive for the virus, the production team plans to swap them out with one of the backup options.

This plan will also incorporate pared-down on-set production crews wherever possible, which has led some to wonder how the show will tackle the myriad of needs that go into typical production. Though it remains to be seen how this will unfold in practice, there is an assumption that the show will look a bit different than it has in years past in order to work within the constraints of its new reality. One aspect of the show that is likely to remain the same, however, is the “confessionals.” These economically shot interviews with contestants already work within the context of a pared-down crew, making them an ideal point of focus for the show as it seeks to push forward.

Broadcasting from home

Of course, Ryan Seacrest himself has continued his own shows throughout the quarantine so he also makes for a great case study as to how radio, film, and television productions can continue onward despite current constraints. The radio and television host has been recording from his home in Los Angeles, utilizing in-home equipment to broadcast with the same high-quality that fans have come to expect.

As one might expect, however, there are a fair amount of bumps in the road when transitioning to a new broadcasting setup, especially in the midst of the confusion that has accompanied aspects of the global pandemic. While this has caused a few on-air technical difficulties, it has also been the source of some light-hearted moments that have helped to provide levity during a time when many people are experiencing numerous challenges.

One such moment has come courtesy of an engineer that has been on hand to help the radio host with his technical setup, should he encounter any difficulties while broadcasting. The moment came during the recording of Live with Kelly and Ryan, when Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, appeared in the background of her shot with his shirt off. That moment in itself was good for an on-air laugh, prompting Kelly to goad Ryan into taking off his shirt as well.

While the television host refused, his in-house engineer was happy to oblige. In a moment that is truly a sign of the times, the engineer flexed on-air, shirtless, while still wearing his mask. The turnabout gave Kelly a good laugh and had the engineer celebrating with a beer in recognition of his unique appearance on national television.

Giving interviews

While the television host is usually the one conducting interviews, he and his co-host, Kelly, recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! which gave another opportunity to see how the entertainment industry is evolving at present. The episode, which was guest hosted by Sebastian Maniscalco, featured the host quizzing Ryan Seacrest about his typical daily routine amidst all the changes that have been going on.

Seacrest gave a rundown of how he’ll usually wake up at 4:30 am in order to accommodate the disparate production schedule between his home on the West Coast and East Coast television realities. In order to support the demanding schedule, he joked that he’s careful to supplement with plenty of caffeine throughout his morning. The television host recounted that he’ll usually start with a tea before having a couple of cups of coffee and more tea if needed. He also noted that he has a green juice in the evenings, making some good-natured comments about the “fluid” nature of his diet these days.

Discussion during the interview also turned to the trials and tribulations of broadcasting television shows from home, with Kelly noting that internet usage is always a challenge. Since she has three to five adult children in the home at any given time, competition for the limited resource can be fierce. But, she joked, that the person on camera gets priority so she’s usually able to monopolize the internet while she’s filming.

Though the show’s future production schedule is still uncertain, the two television hosts did relay that there are preliminary plans in place for a return to in-studio filming. At the moment, the tentative plan is to return to these operations in September, though, like many other aspects of life these days, that plan is subject to change.

Back to school

On the topic of making plans for eventually exiting quarantine and resuming more normal activities, how and when to return to school has become a focus for parents around the world. Like the entertainment industry, many aspects of the educational experience moved to a virtual environment in the wake of stay at home restrictions. Though virtual classrooms were able to make the best of a difficult situation, many parents have reported a reduction in the quality of the learning experience for their kids, if for no other reason than the lack of focus that can accompany such a change.

As such, many parents and children are eagerly awaiting news of how a return to more traditional education methods will be accomplished. Though such a return is hotly anticipated by many, there is, of course, the ever-present need to so in a safe and responsible manner. How to do that has remained a question, but an emerging technology just may have an answer that can help. Ryan Seacrest and his co-hosts recently showcased the technology on their radio show.

The technology in question comes in the form of a lanyard that emits a warning when it comes within six feet of another lanyard. In practice, this would mean that if all the students at a school were wearing the new tech, they’d be able to be notified when they were within six feet of another student and could take corrective action to create enough space to effectively social distance.

Technology in practice

When discussing the technology on the show, the radio hosts debated the pros and cons of how the innovation might contribute to the ability of schools to resume teaching. The hosts agreed that it would likely be most effective with younger children, who may need more constant reminders of how much distance to keep between themselves and their classmates. This may be especially relevant at the beginning of the school year when students might be excited to see their friends and eager to reconnect.

The co-hosts did also discuss, however, how the technology only addresses some of the concerns that could crop up when considering a return to a traditional schooling environment. While classroom education could likely be conducted with students sitting six feet from each other, other activities that we consider normal for school life may prove more difficult. Recess, for instance, may not be feasible in its previous form under current social distancing guidelines.

Extracurricular activities represent another hurdle when it comes to the reintroduction of kids into their previously normal environments. For instance, many sports would likely be impossible to engage in while maintaining proper social distance between athletes. On this topic, the radio host gave the example of football, which requires a high degree of contact and would bring large groups of athletes within close proximity of each other. Another host mentioned that she was planning to keep her own children out of dance class for the foreseeable future, even though they were eager to return, since she couldn’t see a way that such an activity could be handled safely.

Levity in quarantine

Though the above concerns do loom for many people around the world as the future remains uncertain, many individuals are still finding plenty of reasons to laugh in their current circumstances. One example of this came from an interview Ryan Seacrest recently conducted with actress Tracee Ellis Ross. Star of the new film “The High Note,” Ross recounted a story that is all too relatable centered around toilet paper and the early days of quarantine.

“So when everything started, I usually keep a good stock, but I was like — We’ve got to get some toilet paper!” said Ross. “So on Amazon I ordered what looked like a 24-case of toilet paper and it took me 2 and half months to get it and it finally arrived. I’m not joking you, it was for a dollhouse. These teeny little rolls of toilet paper. I’ve never seen anything funnier.”

The story is all too relatable as toilet paper has become a major focus of many during their time at home. As more and more people stocked up on toilet paper during the beginning of that time, stores experienced massive shortages. When people then turned to the internet to make orders of toilet paper, plenty of stories emerged of people placing orders without noticing the fine print.

The radio host could relate to the predicament, stating that he too had had his own mixups when ordering items online. One example he gave was of an ice bucket he ordered that he was expecting to be able to hold a large number of items at once. However, when it arrived, he found the bucket was hilariously small. It barely fit a single water bottle. The actress could relate, also recounting an instance when she thought she was ordering a single packet of Jello but ended up with a 24-pack. The takeaway for both the host and actress was that they’d do well to read product descriptions more in-depth before placing an order, otherwise, you never know what could arrive.

This truth was underscored for the radio host when he recently ordered a red, white, and blue shirt online for use in conjunction with the fourth of July holiday. Though the shirt arrived in time for the festivities, the radio host had a surprise in store for himself. Having thought he had ordered a small or a medium, he opened his delivery to find that he had, in fact, ordered an extra small. He showcased his gaffe on-air, giving his co-host a laugh and proving that he had a sense of humor about it. It seems that the need for caution when placing online orders is ever-present in the radio host’s life.

Additional home-based activities

While talking with the radio host on the show, Ross also provided some additional relatable moments that fans were able to connect with. She spoke on the topic of her houseplants, which have become a welcome outlet for the pent-up energy many people are feeling while navigating stay at home orders.

On that last point, she showcased her handiwork on camera — a beautifully healthy fiddle leaf fig. The actress noted that she and the plant had become best friends and that she regularly engages it in conversation to pass her time at home. In return the plant had helped her unearth her latent aptitude for plant care, showing her that she did, indeed, have a green thumb. Though the plant was neglected prior to the quarantine, it has since thrived under her newfound abilities.

The actress also spent time on the show detailing her latest project, which is streaming on-demand. “The High Note” details the fast-paced world of the music scene in the entertainment industry. The release of the film serves as a welcome distraction for many looking to focus on events beyond their own homes.

The actress noted that the release could excel in this role, calling it a “feel-good movie.” “This is what it’s going to give you — some good music, some great fashion and some feel goods,” said Ross. “It’s a story about no matter the phase, the place, the time of your life, it’s never too late to go for your dreams.” A welcome message indeed as we all navigate a particularly turbulent moment in world history.

More about Ryan Seacrest at https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

These Thrillers Will Keep You Hooked ‘Til The Very Last Page

Is this his vile attempt to stop her from finding her brother and shutting down her access to the vault? Aaaah! Are these clues leading her straight to her…death?

Nothing screams entertainment like a thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat until you flip the last page. We picked three books that will keep you spellbound this spring.  

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders  

Buckle up as Sara Winokur takes you on a wild ride with DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders. This crime thriller explores Iceland’s cultural landscape, taking you through rural farmsteads and icy fjords to the sophisticated world of DNA forensics.  

A young boy goes missing in North Iceland. Twenty years later, his twin sister Brynja, a forensic geneticist, finds a mysterious poem on her desk. The poem brings her hope that her lost brother might be alive, but as Brynja starts unraveling clues, more poems appear. These poems carry grave consequences for those who receive them: the guard of the medieval manuscript of Icelandic sagas who likely holds the answer to her pressing question, the prime minister’s secretary, and the neighborhood pastor.  

Is this the poet’s vile attempt to stop her from finding her brother, or shut down her access to the vault? Are these clues leading her straight to her death? Aaaah! 

The story rides on the motive behind the poet’s attempt to reach Brynja. Whether he aims to stop her from finding her brother, block her access to the DNA database, or worse, kill her, you will have to find out! 

The Org  

Set in the near future, Scott Brody’s The Org speaks of the effects of the global climate crisis; it faces dire adversities like degrading weather conditions, food scarcity, and heightened panic. 

The EcoParty’s leader, Lee Beloit, uses his charismatic skills to remake his organization after the mysterious murder of one of his followers. He revamps his small cult to create a national movement with a manifesto to fight climate change. Although polling numbers look promising and the movement is gathering positive traction, he and his followers are facing the fight of their lives. When President Leo Pine sends people to battle Org members in the streets, Beloit fights back, pushing his people to the breaking point. As he prepares to declare the Democratic Party nomination for President, journalist Walt Jones gears up to reveal Beloit as the protector of a killer. This book is a journey through a series of precarious events that unfold in the years leading up the campaign.  

If you are someone who enjoys action-packed mysteries in a political backdrop, you’ll love The OrgLearn more about the author and the inspiration behind his book. 

A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters 

When a professional fighter turned master chef cooks up a horror story, you don’t want to miss any of the delicious details. Author David Ruggerio’s A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters is set in real towns and recognizable places, making the book even spookier to read. 

As autumn arrives, the sleepy village of Brunswick, NY comes alive with holiday hayrides through scenic apple orchards, ghostly corn mazes, and loaded pumpkin patches. One snowy Halloween, a young lad named William Willowsby is faced with fighting evil forces that were guarded against by generations of villagers before him. Not too far from the town, the abandoned Forest Park Cemetery is home to all sorts of vile things just waiting for their chance to poison the world to which they once belonged. With their help, the evil taskmaster, a rare homunculus, weaves a wicked web to snare the youth of the hamlet, and only Will can stop them. 

If this hasn’t spooked you enough, then an eerie schoolhouse, a deserted morgue, and a member from William’s own family are bound to leave you sleepless for days. To know more about David and what he believes is the perfect recipe for a good horror novel, click here. 

Work by Paul Alan Smith Shows How to Make Social Impact

By many counts, social concerns are becoming more and more prominent in modern society, with the advent of the internet and social media bringing these concerns to the forefront of the public eye. In light of this, many people are now seeking ways in which they can have a greater impact on the issues they care about. To help us better understand how one can integrate their existing work with a drive to better their community, we looked to the life of Paul Alan Smith, an entertainment professional with a penchant for encouraging social and political change.

Personal history

Before diving into his work, let’s first look to the background of Paul Alan Smith, as this can help give an indication as to why he has been so committed to activism over the years. Though born in Los Angeles, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the politically turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s. His experience witnessing activism firsthand throughout his youth helped to inform his views later in life, creating a firm resolve to work towards social and political change wherever possible. This resolve has been further supported by both his travels and education in entertainment. His formal education saw him studying Theatre at both UCLA and NYU, though his love for the craft goes as far back as early childhood when he first fell in love with the musical Hair. His travels in life have seen him visit places across the globe to gain a firmer understanding of different cultures and their approaches to life. These journeys included time in India, Europe, Africa, Israel, and Palestine. Many of these locations have been repeat destinations for the entertainment professional, serving as places to be visited when he needed to reset and gain added insight into his own life.

Integrating work and activism

For many people, one of the challenges of engaging in activism is the context of their work situation and how it precludes them from living their life fully in accordance with their own values. In this area, efforts by the agent/manager can be quite informative. Though the field of entertainment can be quite competitive, with many people keeping the whole of their focus on ways in which they can get ahead, Smith was still able to create work environments that would help further his social and political values. An example of this is his efforts to institute recycling efforts in past workplaces. Even in ‘80s, when recycling was not always a commonplace practice, he was able to convince employers that it would be worthwhile from both an environmental and monetary standpoint — more recycling meant less trash and less money spent on waste disposal. Later in his career, when he started working to incentivize alternative transportation options, he was again able to institute policies that were not only beneficial to the environment but worked within existing fiscal constraints for the company and employees alike. These types of considerations have helped contribute sizably to the success of his efforts.

Encouraging gatherings

Another way to help move culture in a positive direction is through the spread of ideas. This is one of the reasons social media has helped push many political issues into the public consciousness. Never before has the spread of ideas been so easy, with more information on a given subject always just a click away when browsing the internet. However, though these technologies make the spread of information easier, they are still somewhat lacking when compared with in-person communication, which can often help a person think about an issue in a way that online communication cannot. Cognizant of this dynamic, the entertainment professional has made in-person gatherings another means by which he has helped spread social and political ideas. This work has included organizing events he has called Speaker Soirées. At these gatherings, members of the entertainment community could gather to eat, drink, and listen to orators who had interesting ideas about the world around them. Past speakers included Gore Vidal, Condoleezza Rice, Budd Schulberg, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee. In addition, leaders of organizations concerned with political and social activism would also come to speak on pressing issues at the forefront of their work.

Gaining control

While the above examples show how you can incorporate activism into your existing work, it is true that a certain amount of control over your own destiny helps to make these efforts easier to complete. An example of this from the agent/manager’s life has included his ascension through the ranks of the companies at which he has worked. Once it was clear that he could deliver results to his clients and employers, he was in a better position to negotiate the terms of his employment. These negotiations often involved acknowledgment of his ability to run his office in a manner he deemed to be socially conscious. 

Of course, even the most favorably negotiated employment situation still can leave room to be desired. That is one of the reasons that the entertainment professional ultimately decided to go into business for himself. He is now opening his own firm, alongside business partner Lee Rosenbaum, known as New Deal Mfg. Co. The firm will serve as both a management company and agency to his dedicated group of film and television directors. The unusual move to create a company that handles two different aspects of representation is just one more way that he is bucking trends to create a work environment that he feels makes the most sense. 

With the modern era affording unrivaled access to new ideas, social and political activism is seeing a newfound degree of interest. This type of activism, however, is not always easy to incorporate into one’s life, especially while working in a restrictive employment situation. The above examples of the ways in which Paul Alan Smith has engaged in activism while navigating various working environments should be instructive for those seeking to accomplish something similar. Those interested would do well to follow the entertainment professional’s career for continued examples of how to live according to one’s beliefs in today’s working world.