Best Shows to Watch on Netflix (7 Show Ideas)

Netflix is the modern movie theater in the comfort of the home. It’s vast range in genres holds shows and movies for just about anyone, from family fun to ongoing suspense.

With Netflix’s constantly expanding collection, it may be overwhelming to find which shows are binge-worthy. While it may be tough to get to them all, there are a handful that can catch anyone’s attention, even Helen Schifter

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

To bring back nostalgia, Avatar: The Last Airbender is perfect for adolescents or even adults who wish to indulge in one of their favorite childhood shows. Avatar follows a team of friends who become family as they prepare to take down a tyrant and end a hundred year-long war. For the thrill seekers, You is a romantic love story that takes a twisted turn when the man in love becomes a man in obsession. Comedy lovers can enjoy

2. The Last O.G

The Last O.G., which follows a former drug dealer on his second chance of life after his prison sentence. Those who love anime have a number of choices, with Parasyte being a great place to begin. A high school student deals with the invasion of parasitic aliens as one takes over his right hand.

3. Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! is a wholesome anime following the cells of the body and how they perform their daily tasks, although it does have it’s fair share of violence in order to keep their humans in good health. 
Narcos is for crime series enthusiasts who want to learn the story of Pablo Escobar and the downfall of a Colombian drug empire.

4. Sweet Home

It may be somewhat difficult to find well done sci-fi horror, but Sweet Home has managed to exceed expectations. Based off of a web comic of the same name, the main character settles into his new apartment complex, only to realize a monster apocalypse has begun where everyone’s deepest desires manifest them into terrifying creatures.

5. The Witcher

Fantasy fanatics can enjoy The Witcher , a journey of a monster hunter as he travels the world of magic and mystery.

6. Night Stalker

For people who love a good docuseries, Night Stalker follows the true story of a serial killer in L.A. who turns detectives on their heads. There are also shows for those who live their life similar to Helen Lee Schifter. She is a former editor who focuses her life on health and happiness.

7. Headspace Guide to Meditation

One show that shares her emphasis on mental health is Headspace Guide to Meditation . The show centers itself on strengthening the focus of the mind and reducing stress by teaching viewers how to meditate.


The truth is, there are a great number of Netflix shows that can fit anything a person looks for in their next favorite series. This beginner’s list can serve as a guide to start with a small selection, and then branch out into exploring all that Netflix has to offer.