Women Authors to Celebrate This Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve put this list of women authors that will inspire. Check out their books with strong female leads.  These female protagonists take charge of their destiny. With courage and strength, these writers are creating stories that empower.

Debra Tash

In Debra Tash’s new book Last Call, Rebecca refuses to be another bystander as her freedoms are stripped away. This leading female character takes charge and starts a revolution. Last Call is a dystopian novel that warns us to be mindful of giving the government too much power.

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Konni Granma

The Lonely Hearts Bar features Connie, a sharp, witty and wickedly talented student screenwriter. We follow Connie as she meets many important people in her life, all connected to a dusty old tavern outside of LA.

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Yanique Beliard-Michel

Yanique’s memoir, Unique in America, will be released in April. The story of her growing up and coming to America packs a punch. Be inspired by her sacrifices, losses and strong will to provide the best life possible for her and her daughters. Pre order your copy and share in her triumph.

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Barbara Morriss

Barbara Morriss specializes in mysterious love stories.  Her latest novel, A Promise in Autumn releases soon. A Promise in Autumn is the struggle of a displaced Irish girl trying to find a sense of home. She falls in love with a protestant and wonders why her church does not recognize the marriage of two. Her resolve to be with the man she loves despite her the lack of support is inspiring.

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Laurel Anne Hill

Laurel Anne Hill is a new up-and-coming young adult author. She has won numerous awards for her latest novel, The Engine Woman’s Light. This steampunk adventure follows a young woman as she discovers her destiny – to save the unwanted.

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Laurie Finkelstein

Author Laurie doesn’t take life too seriously. Her novel, Next Therapist Please is loosely based off Laurie’s experiences, and you will see how her sense of humor and positive attitude has served her well. Laurie hopes to encourage other’s to break the stigma of  mental illness, one laugh at a time.

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Baths, Massages and Condiments are Just Some of the Popular Uses of Ginger Oil

A flowering plant with a pungent rhizome, or root, called ginger, is the source of ginger oil — a versatile oil used for cooking and healing.

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For an upset stomach, add one drop of ginger oil to a full glass of cold water. Stir in a tablespoon of sugar, and sip slowly to relieve mild nausea and heartburn.

Lice, fleas, bedbugs, and cockroaches are repelled by ginger oil. Soak a small square of cardboard in ginger oil, then set it in areas where such pests are suspected of hiding. Never put ginger oil directly on fabrics or directly on skin, as it can make colors run and will irritate the skin.

For arthritis in the hands, fill the palm with baby oil, add a drop of ginger oil, and rub the hands together vigorously for five minutes. The resulting tingle and heat makes fingers much more flexible and lessens the pain.

Use the same mixture to give back rubs and massages. The aroma of ginger rubbed into the skin has a therapeutic effect on high stress and anxiety.

3 Books For Your List Minute Gift

A book for the young adult on your list, The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill is critically acclaimed and a fan favorite. Engine Woman’s Light is a hit with young adult readers everywhere. This captivating novel blends modern-day issues with old-timey characters, steampunk with ghosts, and Hispanic culture with Native American lore.

A book for the romantic at heart for the holidays, Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein is a romantic comedy with witty humor and a serious topic. In this fun, sarcastic novel, main character Janie Weiss lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. After a tragic and devastating loss, she is reacquainted with her favorite therapist.

A book for the spiritualist, You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook by Michael Priv a must have guide to energy healing. Priv shares his knowledge and proven techniques for deeper psychic abilities with the world. For the healer on your gift list, this ultimate guide will shed light on capabilities they may have imagined.