Tips On Teaching Your Child How To Use A Laptop

In the 1990s, children in the US and Europe who knew how to use a desktop computer were seen as lucky to have access to such a skill. Now, in 2022, it is almost seen as essential for young children to be able to use computers.

The world is increasingly dependent on technology, but luckily, children learn these skills very quickly if they are introduced correctly. Rather than waiting for the skills to be taught at school, why not take the initiative yourself and help them learn the basics at home?

How do you do so? Read on for some simple tips.

Make Sure The Mouse Fits

When a child is first introduced to a computer, whether it is a desktop or one of the popular ThinkPads, you should always aim to have a mouse attached to the computer. 

This is for a couple of reasons. A mouse is easier for a child to use to move the cursor around the screen. Also, unless you have invested in a specialized touchpad, your child will likely be using more than one finger to try and move the mouse. This can cause confusion in some touchpads and can prompt the cursor to jump around the screen. 

Make sure that the mouse you use fits in the child’s hand and that they do not have to strain their fingers to click the top part of the mouse.

Make Icons Larger

When you are an adult who uses screens all day, you can forget how small the writing on a laptop screen is, as well as the icons. So, when it comes to teaching a child how to navigate their way around the home screen, it can be worth clicking on the settings section to make the icons larger. 

This will help them identify the icons more easily when they are reduced to the normal size and can help them link an icon to the name of an app or program without needing to strain their eyes.

Talk Them Through It

Patience is key for teaching children a new skill, so be sure to talk them through it step by step, and do not lose your patience. Learning how to use a computer can be very tricky, especially for younger children, so aim to set them simple tasks at first, such as opening a Word file, typing their name, and saving it. Then, for each skill they accomplish, reward them. 

Allow Them To Experiment

When your child has the basics down, allow them to experiment with the computer. This can be via something as simple as allowing them to write in a word document or create a drawing on a paint document. 

Of course, always ensure that you are keeping a watchful eye on them and ensure that they do not go online without you watching.

Install Games

Games can make learning how to use a laptop fun, and there are thousands available online. There is something for children of all ages and abilities to download for free and play. So, search for a suitable game with them, install it and watch their IT skills blossom.

3 Tips For Picking The Right Materials For Your Kitchen Remodel

If you have plans to remodel your kitchen, a big part of figuring this process out is choosing the right materials. Ideally, you should try to have all of your materials chosen and in the process of being shipped to you before you start on construction. This way, you can know that you won’t have any big hold-ups while your kitchen is torn up. 

To help you through this process, here are three tips for picking the right materials for your kitchen remodel. 

Balance Form And Function

Your kitchen remodel is likely going to change the whole vibe of your home. Because of this, you’ll want to be sure that you love the way it looks and that it meshes with the rest of your house. However, you also need to make sure that it’s going to be a functional space for you.

As far as choosing materials goes, you should try to find a balance between form and function. Choosing materials that are beautiful but very high maintenance likely won’t be a good fit for a busy family. Additionally, if you choose to go with the cheapest option for all of your materials, you might find everything lacking in the aesthetic department. So in the balance of finding form and function, look for materials that look like what you’re wanting, like the homogeneous tile you’ve had your eye on, but that fits within your budget and works for your lifestyle

Opt For Modern Technology

If you’re going to go through the trouble of remodeling your kitchen, you should really think about how you can take your kitchen into the future through the use of technology.

While you don’t have to get all modern materials and technology, choosing a few pieces of modern technology to incorporate into your kitchen remodel can make your life a whole lot easier. So rather than keeping your old appliances, consider upgrading to a smart refrigerator or a smart oven. You can also source smart taps for your sink to make cleanup easier, too. 

Work With The Right Professionals

Part of picking the right materials comes down to working with the right professionals to help you in making all of these decisions. Since you likely aren’t a professional in the field of construction and sourcing materials, you should seek to get the advice and guidance of those who are. 

While a contractor may have great ideas about what materials to use and where to get them, interior designers can help with these kinds of things as well. Designers can also help with layout issues in your kitchen so that everything flows perfectly. 

If you’re needing help with picking the right materials for your kitchen remodel, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what to focus on and how to find what you need.

Insider Tricks Equitable Marketing Uses To Get the Best Search Engine Results for Clients

Equitable marketing is one of those companies that have never failed to disappoint their clients. They have been able to employ some of the most effective strategies to ensure that they always stay on top. And today, they have shared some of the techniques that they employ when looking to get their clients to the top rankings. 

1.    Performing Proper Keyword Research

An important step in their marketing strategy is to take out the right keywords for the dedicated website. They will start looking for the different keywords that people use when searching for a specific business. From there they will review these keywords and their search volumes in a month. 

Keywords are a direct reflection of what potential audiences want and how they want it. Therefore, finding the right keywords is important to bringing in the right traffic. And the right traffic can allow for more conversions. 

2.    Investing in excellent content

The marketers in Equitable Marketing believe that content is what can usually make or break your marketing strategy. If you do not have content that people will find useful, they will immediately bounce off to the next website. You will to grab their attention fast and keep it, and the best way to do that is by offering useful information.

The content should integrate keywords naturally within the text and should have the appropriate backlinks. But most importantly, you need to have content that will make reader want to stay. 

3.    Adding Mobile Compatibility

Phones are quickly becoming the primary way that people are interacting with most websites. Whether it’s with tablets or phones, the number of people using a phone is significantly higher than using laptops. And if that is the case, then adding mobile support for a website is essential. 

Furthermore, other than ease of use, Google has started to incorporate mobile support as a main factor in determining a website’s rank. So if your website doesn’t have proper mobile integration, then you will rank lower in the search results. And companies with mobile pages will tend to rank higher than others. 

4.    Updating your content 

Equitable Marketing feels very strongly about content, mainly because search engines do too. Content is an essential part of ranking higher in search engines and is also an easy way of incorporating keywords and anchor text. But it is also to keep updating or checking up on the content you post on a regular basis. 

These routine checkups show a search engine that this information might be relevant as they recently updated it. And whenever you are able to update your content, you will see more people come in to check your website. 

5.    Using Alt Tags for Images 

Another mistake that companies usually make when creating content is not adding an Alt Tag with images. Alt Tags are an essential way for people who don’t use conventional devices to find you.

They might be using a screen reader, or a text only browser. And in both situations, it might be almost impossible to find your website if you do not have alt tags. These descriptions can even help search engines rank you higher. 

Final Thoughts

Ranking high on search engines can be very difficult, especially when you consider how competitive companies can be online. But if you follow these tips, you should be able to help your company rank higher than others on the engine. 

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Are You Stuck with a Writing Project? Author Solutions Share a Simple Process to Move it Along

Whether you’re the next Hemingway or Orwell, writing your first manuscript isn’t always smooth sailing. Even the most talented creative writers find this process difficult when they first get started. Finding a clear plan that works for you is the first step in this exciting new journey. Luckily, there’s plenty of advice out there.

Liz Cooper, Archway Publishing author of ‘Granny’s Teeth: A Collection of Quirky Rhyming Tales’ wrote a blog post for Author Solutions on just this subject. Gaining a deeper knowledge of her process could help you to supercharge your next writing project. Whether you’re completely new to the world of writing or a seasoned author, there’s always something new to learn. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from her advice.

Step 1: Get Some Ideas Down

First things first, you need an idea. Chances are, you have a bunch of stories you’ve been toying with for a long time now. Rather than keeping all that creativity locked up in your mind, let it out. Of course, coming up with the core idea can often be the most difficult part of any project. If you’re finding it tricky to get this right, stick to the golden rule. Write what you know. For Cooper, that meant reflecting on her childhood and drawing upon that.

“I thought about my own childhood experiences at the beach and sleeping at my grandmother’s house where I loved watching her take her false teeth out at night,” explains Cooper. “As I reminisced, my imagination kicked in. What if the ocean was alive and tried to steal a boy’s sandcastle? What if granny loaned her homesick grandchild her false teeth in a jar to keep her company?” Why not take a leaf out of Cooper’s book? Take some time to consider the experiences you’ve had and how each of them can be used as the base of your next story.

Step 2: Start Planning

When you’ve had that ‘aha!’ moment, you may be itching to put pen to paper. However, before you rush ahead, you should take a moment to plan things out. The clearer you are on the story you want to tell, the easier it will be to write it down. You don’t have to have every detail of your story outlined, but having a base plan is smart.

“Make a plan, even if it’s jotting down a short summary of the beginning, middle, and ending of the story on the back of a napkin,” explains Cooper. “Some people like to type a formal outline or use a graphic organizer. Make an overall book plan before breaking it down further.” Needless to say, you need to figure out what works for you. You can use sticky notes, a notepad, or anything else you have lying around your home.

Step 3: Create a Draft

Next up, it’s crunch time. Once you have a plan to hand, you can start writing. Cooper explains that it’s important to get your story down on paper as ‘quickly as possible’. Of course, for all the perfectionists out there, this step can be a real challenge. You may worry about writing a story that doesn’t live up to the standards you have set for yourself. However, keep in mind that a first draft is never perfect. There’s always room for editing.

“Your draft doesn’t have to be neat,” says Cooper. “I like scribbling or typing as quickly as I can before I forget my great ideas.” Don’t panic if your first draft looks messy or even illegible to anybody but you. You shouldn’t expect yourself to write a masterpiece the first time you try. The important thing is that you have a decent starting point. Put simply, you will use this first draft as a jumping-off point for the rest of your manuscript.

Step 4: Revise Your Work

When you’ve got a first draft down, it’s time to start revising your work. Read your manuscript with a fresh pair of eyes and don’t be afraid to be critical. You have complete control over the finished project. That means that you can determine the path the story takes. Avoid looking at this step as a chore. It can be quite exciting.

“Revising is my favorite part of the writing process,” says Cooper. “I change words, add transitions, move things around, and attend to the details that make the writing come alive and ensure that the story makes perfect sense.” Keep in mind that you may have to revise your work several times before you get it just right. 

Step 5: Edit Your Work

Once you’ve spent some time revising your work, it’s time to get editing. The truth of the matter is that even the best writers out there struggle to edit their own work. When you’ve looked at the same words a hundred times, going back over them to look for mistakes can be extremely tricky. Luckily, there is a simple solution.

“I highly recommend that authors invest in professional editing,” says Cooper. “I taught a college grammar course, and I still make mistakes! Errors in usage, punctuation, and spelling distract the reader and blur the author’s message.” Spend some time searching for the ideal editor for you and your work.

About Author Solutions

With more than 22 years of collective experience and 300,000 published books, Author Solutions is a leading self-publishing company. Serving six continents around the world, the esteemed parent company helps writers realize their dreams of becoming authors, while the team of experts offers world-class care from start to finish.

The brand’s numerous imprints provide opportunities for new authors to be discovered by both traditional publishing companies and representatives within the entertainment industry. With a wealth of industry relations and endless support, Author Solutions has helped writers jump from self-publishing to film optioning or traditional publishing.

For more information about Author Solutions, follow @authorsolutions on Twitter

6 Tips For Planning a Funeral

Unless you’ve done it before, planning a funeral can be a daunting task. Most people don’t realize just how tough it can be until they’re faced with the challenge themselves.  When you’re grieving the loss of someone you love, it can be difficult to function; so having to plan a major event like a memorial service can feel downright impossible. 

To help you through your struggle, take a look at some of the best tips to make things easier. 

Choose A Funeral Service Provider

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a place that offers funeral services. Shop around and get a feel for the best ones in your area. If this is too big of a task for you, then enlist someone else to look into the best location to choose.  Between referrals from other people in your network and the internet, you should be able to find a great place that suits your needs. 

Look Into Grief Counseling 

When everything is happening so quickly, and you feel shocked from all around you, it helps to seek grief counseling. A grief counselor will help you manage how you feel so you can move forward with your grief and ultimately plan the funeral process. 

Set a Budget 

Funerals can range in price depending on what sort of a funeral you’re planning on. It’s helpful to set a budget so that you don’t go too far with how much you spend. It’s easy to feel like you have to spend a certain amount when planning a funeral. Don’t give in to this pressure, and spend only what you can. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is honoring your loved one, not how much money you spend. There’s no use putting yourself into unmanageable debt for a funeral. 

Consider Cremation 

Depending on your beliefs, you may want to look into shifting away from a traditional funeral and going for cremation as an alternative. It costs considerably less and is much simpler than a burial.  You can spread your loved one’s ashes somewhere meaningful for them and the rest of the family. 

Get Support 

There’s no reason why you should have to take on everything alone. Try to find family members and friends to help you through the process. The last thing you want to do is burn out planning the funeral. Enlist help wherever you can help finalize all the affairs and date for the service. 

Stay Organized 

Beyond just the funeral planning, you’ll also have information like bank accounts, wills, and estate details to handle. It helps to stay as organized as possible so that nothing slips between the cracks. Make sure that everything stays in one place so that you can access it when you need it.

5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and your yard is crying out for attention.  The winter months can do a number on the beauty of your yard, and springtime is the best time to start undoing the bleak effects of the cold.  

When the weather warms up, going outside is quite a treat.  Make sure going outside in your yard is everything it should be, and consider these helpful tips for sprucing up your yard for spring.  

1. Prune the bushes and shrubs

Pruning back your bushes and shrubs in the late winter, early springtime to get the most healthy, lush look from your plants.  Blooming shrubs will bloom in a more full manner, if you take the time to trim them back a bit before the weather changes.  

It’s also important to remove all the trimmings and any other debris from around the base of your trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Winter commonly leaves such messes behind, but it’s no big deal to pick up a bit.  

2. Fertilize the lawn for a lush result

A lush, green lawn is a great way to set the tone for spring and summer activities.  Your friends and family will love taking a day outside when the grass is an inviting playground around your home.  

Fertilizing the lawn once a year is a useful way to encourage even growth.  Regular mowing and tending is necessary to maintain the beauty of a great lawn, so invest in a capable lawnmower.  

3. Add a water feature to the yard

If you really want to go fancy in your yard endeavours, you could consider adding a water feature to your landscape.  Water provides a zen element to your outdoor spaces, and a great water feature could be the centerpiece of a relaxing space.  

Do a little research, and decide what you truly want in a water feature.  You may want a stone fountain with a natural look, or you may want something a bit bigger to spruce up your outdoor space.  

4. Clean up the patio furniture and ready the grill

Spring is the beginning of family barbecues and fun in the sunshine.  It’s time to get the patio furniture in shape and ready for hosting all the fun that lies ahead.  Clean up the patio furniture, and get the grill ready to make some food.  

5. Plant some flowers around the place

Add the finishing touches to your yardscape with some colorful flowers.  Planting flowers around the yard will result in a colorful expression of spring when the temperatures begin to warm.  Make sure you’re choosing the right flowers for the occasion, so you can enjoy their blooms throughout the summer months too.

5 Reasons To Get An 80% Lower

In today’s world, more people are deciding to own guns. For some, they want to make their own gun. In these situations, many choose to buy what is known as an 80% Lower. Legal to purchase and put together, an 80% Lower kit can let you create a gun that, with some additional assembly and tooling, will be turned into a weapon that is completely functional. If you are considering getting an 80% Lower, here are five of the best reasons you may want to keep in mind.

Increased Privacy

When you buy an 80% Lower, you will be able to enjoy increased privacy over most other gun owners. Since an 80% Lower is not considered to be a functioning weapon until it has further tooling, it will not have a serial number and thus is not registered. As a result, you will not have to pass a background check to make the purchase.

Chance to Create Your Own Gun

If you really enjoy guns and working with your hands to create something truly unique, buying an 80% Lower will give you the chance to make your very own gun. While you may think it will be hard to build your own 80% Lower, the fact is you will only need a few tools to do so, such as a tabletop vise, router, drill press, and some gloves and ear plugs for personal protection.

Learning about Gun Mechanics

If you are a true gun lover, you naturally want to know and understand all you can about the guns you use. When you buy an 80% Lower, you’ll be able to learn virtually all there is to know about gun mechanics and other related areas. However, since you’ll get detailed instructions with your 80% Lower, you’ll know how to assemble your gun and do the tooling needed to make it essentially a one-of-a-kind gun. Once you have an 80% Lower, you will come to know much more about such parts of your gun as the trigger mechanism, firing pin, recoil spring, and much more.

In-Depth Repair Knowledge

Once you have your 80% Lower, expect to gain in-depth knowledge about gun repair. In fact, once you’ve successfully assembled your 80% Lower, there will be few if any problems you won’t be familiar with and able to fix. For many people who come to own an 80% Lower, they are not only able to fix their own guns, but those of others as well. Therefore, if you have any aspirations about becoming a gunsmith, getting an 80% Lower can be the first step toward a new career or part-time business.

Various Types of Customizations

If there is one thing most 80% Lower gun owners love about these guns, it is the amazing variation of customizations that can be done with these guns. Considered to be much like a blank canvas as one would find with an artist, an 80% Lower gives you the chance to place custom engravings on your gun. This can be anything you like, such as an anniversary, birthday, or other important date in your life. This is important to many gun owners, since state and federal laws allow for few options for customizing a gun that must be registered.

Continuing to grow in popularity with gun owners, an 80% Lower can offer you many great benefits of gun ownership. Whether you are wanting to actually build your own gun that will not have to be registered, learn all you can about gun construction and repair, or other areas, getting an 80% Lower will let you do this and more.

5 Tips for Getting Started in Competitive Shooting

Competitive firearm shooting is among the fastest-growing sports events. It is a popular pastime and a fun one too. If you are a novice and at a loss about where and how to begin, just read this article. This guide will offer you some expert advice, techniques, and tips to give you an edge over your competitors.

The Art of Competitive Shooting

Shooting is a group of competitive or recreational sporting activities, including proficiency tests of precision, speed, and shooting accuracy. It is commonly referred to as a 3-gun competition because participants use three different firearms, including an MSR rifle, pistol, and a shotgun. Targets may include cardboard silhouettes, clay pigeons, or steel targets of unique sizes and shapes. If you are just getting started, keep the following tips in mind.

Be Realistic

Do not have the pressure to be a top shooter while you are only just learning the basics. Being realistic helps you relax and enjoy the shooting while getting into quality trigger time. Adopt a culture of practicing 3-gun shooting. It makes one perfect by polishing your skills in shooting and gun handling, target acquisition, reloading, and trigger control. It may take some time, but most importantly, do not despair.

Video-Game Approach

It helps to look at the 3-gun shooting competition as a real-life video game. Imagine scurrying from one point to the other, shooting targets at different postures. Use the three different firearms, handgun, shotgun, and rifle, while trying to be fast and accurate. Try it over and over again till you start getting used to it. Better than shooting virtual targets, right?

Firearm Basics

The most popularly used are the 12-gauge semi-auto shotguns, semi-auto 9mm pistols, and 223 caliber AR-style rifles. Models, designs, and manufacturers are varied as much as the 3-gun shooters vary. Buy some decent or specialized equipment, especially if you are a novice. A beginner can compete with a firearm that is a semi-auto or revolver. Having quality waist belts is also advised to prevent holster movement during the draw. In shotgun events, participants are required to target moving clay pigeons with their shotguns. For rifles, competitors shoot at a target that is placed either 10, 25, or 50 meters away. Points are awarded according to a competitor’s proximity to the center of the target. The handgun event then follows a similar format as the rifle one, except that it is with pistols.


Various division definitions vary depending on match types, but the basics are constant. These include.

  • Limited – This is an entry division where only light equipment is required. It is one of the most enjoyable divisions to participate in. One can use an unmagnified optic on your rifle but no bipods. No optic or porting is allowed. A maximum of 8+1 rounds but detachable magazines. You are not allowed to use speed loaders for shotguns. Handguns must not feature optics or porting and should have a length of 141.25mm, maximum.
  • Tactical – This is one of the most famous divisions with the stiffest competition. The main difference from the latter is that the optic on the rifle can be magnified.
  • Heavy Metal – The rifle has to be either 7.62*51 or more significant with sights only. Shotguns must have a 12-gauge pump with an iron sight but no porting. A handgun has to be .45ACP or more prominent but with no optics or porting.
  • Open – Here, almost anything goes. Handgun magazines have to be 171.25mm long or less. The open division allows speed loaders.
  • Outlaw Open – Provided it is safe, anything goes into this division.

Getting Started

Starting is pretty straightforward. Find a shooting range in your home area that features 3-gun matches. Spend more time watching and learning. Take it easy, and have all the fun you need.

Online Networking Experiences

To have a fulfilling online networking experience one must make sure they are prepared to ask the right questions. In addition, a person should have their resume and their desktop or submitted to make sure people remember them and correlate them to positive attributes. Diego Ruiz Duran recommends networking to many of his peers. Online networking is one of the biggest markets in the world. IT gives people an opportunity to meet recruiters all over the spectrum. When a person is online networking, it’s important to do their research. Many companies have information about themselves online, so by checking out their sites then formulating questions based on the information, it makes a person stand out. Furthermore, connecting with the recruiter online is a great way to stay connected. Many of them have LInkedIn profiles or professional websites that can lead to more job opportunities. This way, a person can reach out a few times and start building a professional relationship with that recruiter. 

When people choose to network they have to be prepared to ask questions, A simple “hi” and “bye” won’t be memorable for recruiters. However, having detailed questions about the company at questions as well as additional personal questions will get someone noticed. That is why doing research on a company matters. Asking meaningful and through questions is the best way to stand out. Many people have made the mistake of assuming that just the first interaction is enough. Ask questions like” can I follow the company of social media?”, “Do you have a LInkedIn?”, “How many people does the comapny hire a year?”, and so many more The opportunity to stand out is always present and it takes very little 

Although networking is difficult at first, once a person gets the hang of it, the process will be flawless. When someone is dedicated to their career it really shows in the individual. Recruiters can pick up on these things and it’s great for long-term connections especially with people like Diego Ruiz Duran. Being dedicated to one’s career also means being dedicated to oneself. By connecting with others not for career reasons but as a network for a company is also very important When a company hires a person they expect people to connect with others so that they can bounce ideas off new people. It can be very resourceful and the more networks a person has the better asset they are to the company. Remember that just because a person is networking online, doesn’t mean dressing professionally isn’t an option. Yes, the networkers can only see from the waist up, but getting fully dressed helps improve a more professional mindset. Finally, the attitude a person carries with them is substantial to their character. When a recruiter or connection sees a happier, more positive outlook in a person, they are sure to want to talk to them more. Be yourself but also be who you want to be in the future. Showing potential and strengths is the best way to form lasting connections, in -person or online. 

Beal Properties On Fall-ing In Love With Chicago

The air is crisp, and the leaves are showcasing their magnificent hues. The subtle hint of pumpkin spice emanates from local scratch bakeries, while pop-up pumpkin stands virtually appear overnight. Fall in Chicago is a magical experience that lifelong residents, and new transplants, look forward to equally. Though Fall 2020 may be a little bit different in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many wonders to check out and appreciate in the Windy City. A staple in Chicago for thirty years, Beal Properties is a leading apartment management giant. Living and working in the midst of Chicago’s unique neighborhoods, the professionals at Beal Properties share their tips for making the most of this fall in Chicago, and adding a festive flair to any Chicago apartment.

Kick Up Some Leaves

For the property managers at Beal Properties, Chicago’s falls are synonymous with the beautiful hues of falling leaves. In late September, the city’s parks and streets are blanketed with crunchy beds of yellow, amber, and brown. This fall, devote some extra time to taking in the natural wonders of the changing trees. In the daily pre-Coronavirus hustle and bustle, nature’s changes have long been ignored by countless busy professionals scurrying along to their intended destinations. Now, with the pace of the world seemingly slowed down, fall foliage welcomes the adoration it deserves.

The professionals at Beal Properties encourage Chicagoans to walk over to their favorite parks, cemeteries, or historic tree-lined streets for a glimpse of the leaves. From the famed Lincoln Park, to the West Side’s Garfield Park, the city offers countless natural escapes that are transformed by fall. While many park installations and group activities may be closed in light of continued social distancing guidelines, Beal Properties’ local experts tout the value of a simple, socially distant, scenic walk.

Turn Apartments Into Fall Havens

The sights and smells of fall elicit memories of friendly grandmothers baking apple pies, toasted marshmallows, and falling acorns. These warm, cozy, and comfortable feelings can be evoked with a few seasonal apartment changes. Committed to providing unparalleled customer service for countless Chicago apartment dwellers for thirty years, the professionals at Beal Properties tout the power of a fall “glow-up”. This season, as individuals spend more time at home, creating a fall haven is more important than ever.

First, to maximize the effect of aromas, the professionals at Beal Properties recommend stocking up on plug-in air fresheners, and linen sprays alike. These are safer alternatives to candles, and create a permanent cozy smell. Other alternative aromatics can include potpourri, and concentrated room sprays. For fans of sweet smells, fall’s offerings include pumpkin spice, apple pie, and even toasted marshmallow varieties. For nature lovers, various companies provide lines that promise to smell like “sweater weather”, and “falling leaves”.

For smaller spaces, Chicago’s Beal Properties experts tout the transformative power of accent pieces. Ceramic pumpkins, plush throw pillows, and seasonal welcome mats create a perfect fall ambiance without requiring a total space overhaul. To stretch out the cozy feelings of fall even further, consider creating decor from naturally sourced objects, or via a group arts and crafts project. Nothing screams “fall” like sipping hot apple cider while creating a wreath out of acorns. 

Sip A Cup Of Fall

When it comes to sipping, Chicago’s quaint coffee shops are revered for their unique fall-in-a-cup recipes. These to-go craft beverages are the perfect accompaniment to a crisp walk in the park, or for late nights crafting seasonal decor. Beal Properties has an extensive apartment building portfolio that spans each bespoke Chicago neighborhood, and staff members visiting varying locations often discover the best local coffee shops during outings. These experts recommend ducking into coffee shops for a sip of fall.

With many local roasteries, Chicago is home to artisan coffee that rivals famed Seattle hotspots. The professionals at Beal Properties remind visitors to check out each shop’s social distancing policies and guidelines to make the most out of every caffeine quest. From Fulton Street’s Metric Coffee Co., to Wicker Park’s ultra-cool Wormhole, the city’s bespoke coffee shops offer something for every fall-aholic’s palette. From pumpkin spice everything, to spicy chai lattes, there is a perfect fall drink for everyone.

Celebrate Oktoberfest

With outdoor dining offering a socially distant compromise, spending a crisp afternoon with a locally brewed beer is the perfect way to celebrate Oktoberfest. Scattered across Chicago, various pop-up beer gardens are offering a safe space for the beloved annual celebration. Whether set up on a scenic patio, or behind the best grungy dive bar, Chicago’s pop-up beer gardens combine the best of outdoor adventures, seasonal ales, and revelry. The professionals at Beal Properties remind visitors to check websites for instructions, and to make reservations ahead of time, as seats will be limited.

In Ravenswood, local hang Fountainhead made the most of vertical space by creating a rooftop beer garden that can’t be missed. At Marz Community Brewing, the extensive parking lot has been magically transformed into an outdoor beer hall, complete with socially distant tables, and safe food ordering methods. The West Loop’s Kaiser Tiger highlights the city’s best micropub offerings under balmy string lights, making it the perfect destination at dusk. 

Bake (Or Order) Up A Pie

While Thanksgiving pies may not be baking quite yet, this transitional time is perfect for whipping up a comforting treat. For those who consider themselves skilled bakers, the aromas of warming ovens can transform an apartment into a fall-centric bakeshop for hours. For everyone else, Chicago’s famed patisseries offer up the taste of fall, without the mess. At Chicago’s Beal Properties, staff members bond over sampling treats from their local bakeries, a tradition that has been aided with the mainstream adaptation of socially distant food delivery services. They recommend ordering online, and enjoying seasonal pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No Chicago fall is complete without a pie from Hoosier Mama Pie Company, a staple for fall treats. Now, visitors can enjoy their Hoosier Sugar Cream pies on the patio behind the retro shop, or order pies on-the-go from expanded locations. Open for pick-up orders in Logan Square, Bang Bang Pie’s treats are well worth the walk. From apple cider to chocolate caramel pies, this sweet shop brings fall home.