5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and your yard is crying out for attention.  The winter months can do a number on the beauty of your yard, and springtime is the best time to start undoing the bleak effects of the cold.  

When the weather warms up, going outside is quite a treat.  Make sure going outside in your yard is everything it should be, and consider these helpful tips for sprucing up your yard for spring.  

1. Prune the bushes and shrubs

Pruning back your bushes and shrubs in the late winter, early springtime to get the most healthy, lush look from your plants.  Blooming shrubs will bloom in a more full manner, if you take the time to trim them back a bit before the weather changes.  

It’s also important to remove all the trimmings and any other debris from around the base of your trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Winter commonly leaves such messes behind, but it’s no big deal to pick up a bit.  

2. Fertilize the lawn for a lush result

A lush, green lawn is a great way to set the tone for spring and summer activities.  Your friends and family will love taking a day outside when the grass is an inviting playground around your home.  

Fertilizing the lawn once a year is a useful way to encourage even growth.  Regular mowing and tending is necessary to maintain the beauty of a great lawn, so invest in a capable lawnmower.  

3. Add a water feature to the yard

If you really want to go fancy in your yard endeavours, you could consider adding a water feature to your landscape.  Water provides a zen element to your outdoor spaces, and a great water feature could be the centerpiece of a relaxing space.  

Do a little research, and decide what you truly want in a water feature.  You may want a stone fountain with a natural look, or you may want something a bit bigger to spruce up your outdoor space.  

4. Clean up the patio furniture and ready the grill

Spring is the beginning of family barbecues and fun in the sunshine.  It’s time to get the patio furniture in shape and ready for hosting all the fun that lies ahead.  Clean up the patio furniture, and get the grill ready to make some food.  

5. Plant some flowers around the place

Add the finishing touches to your yardscape with some colorful flowers.  Planting flowers around the yard will result in a colorful expression of spring when the temperatures begin to warm.  Make sure you’re choosing the right flowers for the occasion, so you can enjoy their blooms throughout the summer months too.