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  • These Bizarre Pics of Hitler Will Amaze You.

    The evil dictator in various forms, totally odd. 1. The Hitler mask, two kids playing in the street in London in 1938   2. The Hitler teapot, how quaint. 3. Pregnant Hitler 4. Hitler was a ladies man 5. The house that looks like Hitler 6. Hitler meets an alien to discuss interplanetary domination in

  • Wow! These Are Some Odd Toilets Around The World

    1. High tech Japanese toilet You would need a degree in computer science to be able to use it. Featuring things like heating, massage and water jets. It comes with its own control panel and if need be you can use it to fly to the moon. The Arabic squat toilet This is for expert

  • why do zebras have stripes?

    Why do Zebras Have Stripes?

    How the zebra got its stripes, with Alan Turing [intro]Where do a zebra’s stripes, a leopard’s spots and our fingers come from? The key was found years ago – by the man who cracked the Enigma code, Alan Turing.[/intro] In 1952 a mathematician published a set of equations that tried to explain the patterns we see

  • lsd

    LSD Trip Experience in the Desert

    An India guy named Eddy Gordo, decides to film himself taking an LSD trip in the Indian desert, apparently the desert is called Thar, while wearing headphones, in the middle of a sandstorm of sorts. Watch the video it’s really bizarre and interesting as at some points it looks like his head might explode.

  • The Most Expensive Watch Brands

    World’s Expensive Watch Brands Being one of the most treasured accessories for both men and women, watches come in different styles and are made from different materials. The cost of a watch highly depends on the material that is used in making it, the design, and the special features that it displays. There are the

  • The Lure of Absinthe…

    Absinthe refers to potent liqueur of emerald green color, made from a mixture of wormwood and a variety of herbs. It has amazingly-high alcohol content and a licorice flavor that users find rather appealing. Poets and painters hailing from Belle Epoque, France, passionately embraced the alcoholic beverage in early times. This action could have been

  • kuala lumpur at night

    A Journey to Kuala Lumpur

    Soooo….. I don’t know where to start. Haha. The last few days in Kuala Lumpur have seemed like a really weird dream. When I flew in I was pleased to see that I didn’t have to fill out any forms at immigration and after I handed my passport to the official and gave my fingerprints,

  • Top 10 Rappers

    Rap music is a vocal style that is associated with hip-hop. Rap is among the four pillars of hip-hop culture. There are many rappers who indulge in this musical genre. The following rappers should be on every list of the greatest rappers. 1. Biggie Smalls This rapper had a distinctive flow that was never heard

  • wales

    Welsh Secrets

    “Wales is a backward country.” I am sitting on the train from London, heading toward Carmarthen, Wales, where I am going to spend the upcoming semester. A young Englishman, after learning of my destination, is half talking to me, half to himself. I have already heard what he is telling me – that Welsh culture

  • Union Black

    As my departure date for London approached, well-meaning friends and family bombarded me with advice. Living as a minority in any country is never easy, but I would be living as a minority times two. Not only would I be an American in England, but a black-American. The next six months would take living out