What Sells to Millennial Homebuyers? 

Millennials are growing up – and they want to buy homes! The National Association of Realtors® recently shared that millennials aged 22-40 comprise 43% of the buying market. This generation has come of age, and most have families (or plan to start them).  The vast majority think now is a good time to buy, and over half are planning to purchase a home within a few years. 

What millennials desire in homes  

Millennial homebuyers are looking for “move-in ready” properties; they’re constrained by economic factors that may prohibit them from investing in “fixer uppers” and often lack the savings for a down payment. Therefore, home sellers need to make strategic home improvements that appeal to millennial buyers while meeting their budgets.  

Create “flexible spaces” when you stage your home so that millennial home buyers can visualize a home office, exercise corner, art studio, or nursery. Millennials favor open floor plans, so consider renovations if your kitchen and other living areas are separated. 

Listing your home for millennial home buyers  

Resonate with the largest growing demographic of prospective homebuyers with these essential tips in mind: 

  1. Repair maintenance issues: make your home as livable as possible before you list it on the market to attract the most prospective buyers! 
  1. Update kitchens and baths: new appliances, clean surfaces, and functional spaces are important to young home buyers. 
  1. Decorate your home in simple, light colors: neutral colors like white and gray are perfect for walls, baseboards, light switch plates, and other home details. 
  1. Update flooring and walls: outdated features are likely to impede sales, especially for younger home shoppers. 
  1. Add curb appeal to the exterior of your home: enhance your yard with attractive and tidy landscaping, repair porches, and paint the exterior if it requires a fresh coat!  

Additional considerations for homeowners  

Above all, keep things simple. Minimalist, modern features will attract millennial home buyers over “luxury” or high-maintenance ones. Don’t install a jacuzzi or intricate garden; opt for updated rooms that make your property versatile and easy to maintain.  

Call Curbio to make your home a hit with millennials 

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