Keeping Your Car Clean, Cool and Professional All Summer Long

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for adventure. Whether it’s camping, going to the beach, or just playing in the park, summer is the time for you and your family to get outside and enjoy life in nature. This is the time you love spending quality time with your family. There’s just one thing that doesn’t love summer, and that’s your car. Even if you don’t often go off-roading in the mud and rain (although we recommend it), your car won’t escape this summer without getting sand or mud all over the floor and probably the outside as well.


When you show up for a business meeting after a weekend camping in the woods, you want your car to look just as cleaned up and professional as you do. A dirty car covered in sand and cluttered with toys doesn’t exactly make the best impression. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Here are a few easy ways to keep your car looking great even as you make the most of your summer.


Make Time for Washing

You may feel like you’re too busy to take an afternoon to wash your car in the driveway or consider waxing it, but you’re always going to be busy. If keeping your car clean is important, you need to make the time to take care of it. If you’re going on a lot of trips or off-roading at all, you might want to wash it at least briefly every week. This means setting time aside to wash the outside with soap and water, vacuum the inside and washing the soft surfaces inside the car too.


If you really don’t have the time you can take your car to a car wash as well. The quick car washes sometimes use abrasive chemicals that may wear down your car over time or degrade the paint, but more professional car washes also have lots of helpful chemicals and waxes that you might not have. And whether it’s at a car wash or at home, waxing your car can be incredibly worthwhile. “Waxing your car may just seem like a time-consuming way to make it look nice and shiny,” says Matt D’Souza, vice president of sales operations for Washify. “But that layer of wax can fill in scratches, protect the paint, and even make the next car wash quicker and easier.”


Don’t Put Things Off

One of the most important things you can do to keep up the appearance of your car this summer is to respond to issues immediately. When a kid spills a drink in the backseat, don’t wait to respond and clean it up. Every time you get back from a trip, clean up everything and get it all out of the car before you sit down and relax. You’ll already be tired when you get home, but that effort will make sure you don’t forget things later.

Smart Ways To Maintain An Eco Friendly Lawn

Your home cannot be complete without a beautiful backyard where you can relax in the summer as you watch your kids playing around. Most people see healthy lawns on the internet and in other places and then think that achieving one is a very complicated thing to do. Growing a healthy lawn is one thing but what keeps it healthy and aesthetically pleasing is how you maintain it. In recent years, there have been concerns about the methods we use to maintain our backyards, and it is prudent to opt for the eco-friendly ones that are more beneficial. Here are some smart ways of keeping your grass green and healthy without having to incorporate the use of processed chemicals.

Water Wisely

We all know that water is good for the grass, but this does not mean that you have to flood your yard. Your lawn might not need as much water as you think, and you should be wise when watering it. If you have to do it, ensure that you restrict yourself to watering the grass in the early morning hours when the sun is not yet out. Doing this ensures that the grass retains the water and absorbs a significant amount before the sun comes out. Normally, a lawn needs close to an inch of water every week, and you may use whichever measuring technique you have in place to measure how much of it you need to do. If possible, you could water the first half inch of water first and then allow it to be absorbed into the ground before proceeding with the other half an inch. During the mid-summer, you might notice your grass turning from green to yellow and you should not panic as this is only temporary. All in all, water your lawn less often and ensure that you do it deep when the time comes so that they can develop the deep-lying roots that make them resistant to drought. Visit here for more tips about watering your lawn.


You will always be required to mow your grass from time to time, and you should know how to do it right. The first thing that you need to do regarding this is to ensure that your mower blades are sharp enough. If you notice that the tip of your grass turns to white or yellow after mowing, it might be because your mower blades are not sharp enough. Dull blades do not cut the grass as they tear them up and leave them bruised and exposed to diseases and pest attacks. Aside from that, ensure that you mow your lawn at the right height. Shorter is not always better when it comes to lawn care, and it is advisable to cut the grass at the height of three inches or more. This will help it grow better and become more resistant to weeds and erosion. Grass requires sunlight for growth and the longer the blades, the larger the surface area a single grass plant has to receive the UV radiation and grow faster. Whatever you do, do not cut more than a third of the grass at any particular point. Doing it will stress the grass and make it unhealthy.

Grass Clippings

When mowing your grass, do not make the mistake of cleaning the grass clippings. These are natural leaves, and they can offer your soil nutrients. They can save you the money needed to buy a single round of fertilizer, and you should let them lie around for some time. They will dry up and provide cover to the soil, something that helps in moisture retention since it reduces that soils exposure to the sun significantly.

Reseed Smartly

If your lawn has some patches where the grass cover is not enough, you should reseed these areas and attain a uniform lawn all around your garden. This is mostly done during spring when the conditions are right to support the growth of new grass plants. Do not be tempted to reseed using a grass variety that is not in tandem with the one in your lawn. It is advisable to pick a type that is suited to your location and can survive through the conditions. When doing it, make a point of raking up any grass debris in that area to allow the seeds to come into contact with the ground for them to germinate.

Opt for Organic Fertilizer

Eco-friendly ways of maintaining a lawn entail avoiding any company processed fertilizer that may affect the environment. Luckily, there are several types of organic fertilizers produced from natural substances, and you need to find one to boost your yards nutrient content. In some cases, it might be advisable to conduct a soil test and check out some of the crucial nutrients that are missing from your soil before deciding which fertilizer to use. You should avoid fertilizer that contains phosphorous at all costs. If you have a lot of yard waste and keep a few animals in your home, you could use their waste to develop a compost manure system and use this to boost your soil’s nutrient content rather than buy organic fertilizer.

Go, Native

When planting new shrubs to complement your lawn, some people are tempted to go with the exotic and good-looking varieties that will make their yard a beautiful place. However, these exotic plants can give you a torrid time trying to maintain them as they may be suited to the climate in which they thrive. It is best to stick to the native plants so that you have an easy time maintaining your yard. Most of the native plants can survive on the water provided by the rain, and you could have a green and healthy garden without spending so much money and time on fertilizer and other enhancers. You can consult with the professionals to make sure you are choosing the proper foliage for your yard.

Some of the smart ways to maintain a lawn in an eco-friendly manner have been highlighted, and you should follow them. The environment is essential, and you should conserve it by going green. You do not have to invest in expensive machinery or expensive fertilizers as you could have a beautiful garden by just engaging in a few smart things.

How to save money on an HVAC system

Because homeowners spend, on average, 50% of their utility bills on cooling and heating, it’s important to have efficient systems in place for both. For cooling, older air conditioning systems are usually inefficient, which leads to higher energy bills.

Keep in mind that you’ve already made a smart choice by having an HVAC system, as there are many advantages to having a system rather than using individual air conditioning units. The major benefits are:

  • They are energy efficient and provide better airflow through the premises.
  • They are less noisy than older air conditioning units.
  • Because they’re less bulky, they can be positioned out of the way
  • They are controlled by thermostats
  • Ductwork can be shared with heating system ducts

 Whether you need to buy a new HVAC system or replace your old one, though, you are looking at a major household expense. Costs range from $2000 to $12,000 and upwards, depending upon SEER (energy efficiency) rating and options. The average cost, including installation, is $5,250. Investing in an HVAC system can eat up your savings or require financing. Though heating, cooling, and ventilation are all necessities, there are things you can do to save what could be a significant amount of a new system or replacement costs.


Types of Central Air Conditioners

The two main types of central air conditioning units are:

  • Packaged unit – With this type of central air, the compressor, evaporator, and condenser are located outdoors. Installation is easier, and the unit doesn’t use up any indoor space
  • Split system – Unlike the packaged unit, only the compressor and condenser are located outdoors, while the evaporator is installed indoors. Split system central air conditioners are very energy efficient, with SEER ratings between 13 and 23.


We’ve already discussed how a new system can be a significant investment, so here are a few ways you can save:

Check product reviews

If you’re wondering if the brand name products are the best out there, you can check online reviews from Consumer Reports, Angie’s List, and other reliable websites to inform yourself before deciding on a unit. Doing some research upfront should lessen the chance of paying more for repair costs and maintenance check-ups later.

Check contractor reviews

It’s also a good practice to check Better Business Bureau ratings before picking a contractor. You can also check Yelp or Angie’s List for reviews, which might lead you to cross some contractors off your list or be reassured about your choices, depending on their reviews.  Keep in mind that what looks like a great deal may cost you more down the line.  

Consider the installation cost

There are two costs when you replace or install a new air conditioning unit: the price of the unit, and the price of the installation.

Though you might be able to save money by comparison shopping for your A/C unit, it never makes sense to skimp on your installation costs. A high-quality, professional installation can make certain that the air conditioner is well-suited for your home before all the hard work is done.

Think about size

Many factors should be considered before choosing an air conditioner. These include how many floors or levels your home has, the square footage, and the amount of insulation.

A too-large unit will cycle on and off frequently, which wastes money on your energy bill. A too-small unit won’t be able to cool your entire home on the hottest days.

Ask for the warranty

According to HomeAdvisor, “any newly installed air conditioning unit will come with a manufacturer’s warranty.” Warranties differ depending on the manufacturer: they range anywhere from 5 to 15 years, with 10 years being typical warranty length. Your warranty will cover unit parts of the A/C unit and parts associated with the HVAC system.

The labor for A/C unit repair and additional work will also be covered If you choose to invest in a contractor’s warranty. Extended warranties, while usually more expensive than regularly scheduled maintenance visits, cover the cost of replacement parts and repairs by a third party. They usually have strict guidelines.

Look for rebates

Many states and HVAC manufacturers offer rebates to help offset the cost of a brand-new system, particularly those that are higher efficiency. Some states have hundreds of opportunities for tax credits, incentives and grant money, as well as loans, subject to approval. DSIRE, or the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®, is the best resource for information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Keep in mind that purchasing a new HVAC system can also save you money through tax deductions.

Don’t jump at the first estimate or the lowest price

It’s never a good idea to take the first estimate. A large household expense like an HVAC system merits more careful consideration.  Consumers need to think about the long-term–the 12 to 15 years that the unit should last–when purchasing a new air conditioning unit. A high-efficiency system that adds an extra $800 to your costs could save you $300 a year on energy bills.

Other Ways a New Air Conditioning System Can Save You Money

A new air conditioning system can save you money in other ways. These include:

  • Lower maintenance costs – Because newer air conditioning units are better constructed than their older counterparts, they wear better and will need less maintenance.
  • Control system – If you opt for control strategies in your unit, the system will activate only within the parameters you choose and otherwise be idle, which will lower costs.

Another advantage to installing a new system or replacing your existing one is that today’s air conditioners use Puron which–unlike Freon–is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

5 Stargazing tips for summer skywatching

During summer most lovers of nature and the outdoors mostly take the opportunity to go stargazing. Due to the fact that most people grew up stargazing during vacations by staying out and watching the skies at night, many of them understand and love watching the stars even when they are older.   

Skywatching during summer gives a clear sight of the skies and astronomical nature of the stars. Filling the skies with a dazzling look of a long stretch of stars across the sky, are numerous constellations and asterisms that form an alluring pattern.

Check the timings

Pick out a good stargazing place and take note of the best time to stargaze. The best time to stargaze is when there is no moon or during or the gibbous or crescent phase of the moon. This is because the moon produces bright light which blocks you from clearly seeing the skies.

For those that don’t mind the cold weather, clear winter nights provide a wonderful time since there is no humidity in the air. In the evenings during summertime, there is a lot of blurry views making it difficult to sky watch.

Carry a spray and binoculars

The nearest star is around 93 million miles away and it keeps on changing, making it essential to have binoculars for a closer look. Binoculars with large objective lenses are the best to use since they are comfortable enough for kids to use and also magnify perfectly. Alternatively, you can mount the binoculars on a tripod for extra support. Some areas have lots of bugs and it is wise to carry along a bug spray or repellant to reduce chances of getting bug bites.

Carry a sunblock

Skywatching involves more than just watching the stars at night. It can also include watching the sun. The sun tends to release strong rays which can be harmful to your eyes, especially when viewing it from a higher location such as on top of a mountain. Wear protective eyewear such as goggles for protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Carry backup, wear

While it doesn’t always rain during summer, sometimes it might. Carry some protection in case it rains to avoid getting wet as well as dampening your sky watching gear. Purchase a protective cover for your equipment to protect it from dust. You can also carry extra clothes in case it gets cold at night which includes a pant, jacket, and a blanket. The blanket can be spread on the ground when lying on your back to get a clear view of the sky.

Stargaze while on the water

Summertime involves relaxation and a lot of time is normally spent on the water. Whether it’s on a boat or cruise ship, you can carry binoculars with you and stargaze from aboard the boat. Do not at any point carry a telescope since it will not balance on a boat and it also doesn’t give a clear view. Alongside the water’s reflection stargazing will give you a brilliant look.

With just a few equipment and astronomy protective gears, your summer vacations can be turned into the most brilliant and unforgettable moments. Have fun and enjoy every minute you spend stargazing.

Fun Summer Activities

The abundance of time and choices that accompany the onset of summer can leave some of us feeling overwhelmed. It can be tricky to balance the wants and needs of your family or friends with so many places and activities available out there. The bottom line is that there is no reason for you to have a boring summer, and with careful planning, everyone can feel reset when autumn rolls back around. Consider traveling, installing a pool, making your own backyard fun, looking locally, and volunteering to create variety in a summer itinerary. There are plenty of options out there for you, and don’t forget to take your family and friends along for the ride!

Travel Fun

Consider traveling as an adventurous summertime option. Flying is always a fast option but planning out a road trip to your destination means sugary snacks and jamming out to your favorite tunes. Finding a new place to explore expands your world and a road trip provides tons of fun along the way. A different city offers a variety of new activities that you don’t usually have the opportunity to experience. Take advantage of this by finding what is unique about the area and see how it can fit your group. For example, an activity like surfing lessons in Waikiki can be done solo, in a group, or with your family at different levels of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask locals or do online research on what is popular and what is not as well known to make the most of a trip far from home. Find fun food places to sample local cuisine. From airfare to gas prices to entrance fees, traveling and attempting new activities can be expensive. Use websites that find the cheapest airfare for your travel dates, and find deals for those group outings. Saving money along the way will help you in the long run.

Install a Pool

If you’re looking to stay much closer to home but still have a great time this summer, consider installing a pool in your backyard. This option can provide so much fun for summers to come. With so many options, like above or inground swimming pool construction, it should be easy to find the best fit for your backyard situation. A bigger pool welcomes more family and friends to hop in and join the fun. Add-ons like a fun slide or diving board also add to the entertainment value that this summer addition can give you. This close-to-home option has a higher up-front cost but pays for itself in at-home and outdoor fresh air entertainment. A pool is the perfect venue to have a cookout for your Fourth of July or birthday party for your children. The theme is always summer fun, and a pool is the best way to beat the heat. Set up for the perfect summertime get-together with plenty of treats and exciting games to please the crowd. Parties and celebrations are always a blast, but a lazy afternoon to swim is perfect for a more low-key day.

Backyard Fun

Other options for fun that is close to home include setting up activities that can fit into your backyard. Be prepared for DIY crafts that your wallet will be happy about. If your family or group of friends want to watch a popular movie, you can create the coolest outdoor viewing experience for them. Use a projector and set up a screen using a white sheet. Provide the snacks and check your audio to complete the big-screen event. You don’t have to go far to enjoy camping. Your backyard is just far away enough to bask in the starry night sky while still enjoying the pleasures of indoor plumbing. In the morning, have some water fun in the sun with games like a water balloon or water gun fight. Don’t be afraid to cool off in a silly way.


Local Attractions

Don’t forget about local attractions in your own city or state that you might tend to overlook. These inexpensive options can still be loads of fun. Act like a tourist in your own hometown and visit or revisit locales for summer fun. For example, a tourist attraction in Halifax, PA could be the go-to place to visit even as a local. There’s no reason to ignore these. Even local eateries with foods that are unique to your area could be worth checking out again through the eyes of a newcomer. If you are joined by your family or group of friends, get their suggestions for different places. Attempt to be as inclusive as possible by accounting for any disability or discomfort of your family or group. Try places like sensory friendly activities in Lansing, MI to better meet the needs of those around you. These activities will ensure that everyone in the group enjoys themselves to the best of their abilities.



A fun and cost-free option for the extra free time that you or your family might have in the summer is volunteering. Teach the kids while reminding yourself of the importance of paying forward all the good in your life by helping those who are less fortunate. Find an organization or rotate between multiple groups that need volunteers. This can be in a variety of settings from a nursing home, a local soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. This bonding activity will help you newly appreciate your own lives. Donating time that would have been otherwise spent lounging around adds value that you can’t find anywhere else. Other options that have educational value are helping at a national park, your local library, or a museum. These sorts of publicly-funded places often need help organizing materials or setting up for events.

Whichever options you are able to work into your summer will be sure to provide an abundance of memories and fun photos to look back on for years to come. Overwhelming as they may seem, there is no shortage of possibilities for your sunny days. Establishing a budget, especially for the costlier activities that include travel, is important in order to make a successful and frugal trip. Maintaining an understanding of the bigger picture by lending time to others is also an important life lesson that can be a part of your summer. Supporting your local attractions with renewed purpose will establish a fun summer tradition.

Benefits of installing Solar on your house

Scientists have bee warning the population that global warming is starting to become is very serious problem for the entire plant.

The effects include rising temperature levels which is bringing very serious implications to the planet including rising sea levels, more constant droughts and even natural species of animals to die of redapt to the heating climate.

This all sounds very negative and it’s easy to just want to switch off to the facts and pretend that it doesn’t exist and to just keep living with our heads in the sand but the problem with this is if we keep travelling down this path the world and most of the animals on it including humans are going to face possible instruction.

So what can we I do?

Firstly realizing that this is a serious problem and it’s not going to go away just be ignoring it is the first step. The second major steps is to start living more sustainably and taking immediate action.

Most people know that doing things such as recycling and minimising the amount of plastics we both buy and use on a day to day basis is a great start. But what are some of the major changes we can make to lessen our carbon footprint?
One of the biggest ways we can help the planet is use less energy. We spend most of the hours in the day in our homes and they are using energy twenty four hours seven days a week. Think about appliances that are running all day everyday like fridges and freezers or even smaller appliances that are constantly on charge like shavers or electric toothbrushes.

Why is Solar such a good option

Solar is sure way to lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that are pumped out into the atmosphere. Most energy companies burn either coal or natural gases to produce energy which has a great impact on the environment in a very negative way.

Solar power is derived from the sun straight to your power board. Solar uses less than one tenth of the C02 emissions that natural gas uses and produces less than one fiftieth of emissions than coal does. This is an absolutely huge metric and will undoubtedly have a great impact on the planet if most people, or even everyone switched to solar energy.

So what are the steps to getting solar installed on your roof. If you have tradesman skills such as roofing you could install the panels yourself, make sure you sure to be safe and use the right roofer equipment.  This will save you a considerable amount of money if you shop around and buy the panels yourself. If you are not comfortable with trade skills we recommend that you call professionals and have them deal with the job.

You don’t have to own the property to have solar installed on the house you live in. Adding solar actually ads value to your house so if you approach the landlord and tell them you would be interested in extending the lease for the house if you could both make an agreement to have solar installed they may well be open to suggestion. After All both parties, the tenant and the landlord, are benefiting from this.

If you also own a rental properties or several rental properties this is a great way to have a positive impact on the environment. Installing solar on these houses will give the tenants a lower energy bill and overall uses less carbon emissions on the environment.

5 Ways to Avoid Awkward Silences on Your First Date

The first date is at once the most exciting and most terrifying step in the dating process. On one hand, you could be starting a new era of your life ― one filled with love and connection to a person who truly understands you. On the other hand, a first date is almost certainly going to be a big awkward.

Fortunately, with some preparation, you can mitigate the worst of the unease. Here are a few ways to cut silences short and get comfortable on any first date.

1. Have a Plan

Most people cannot claim improvisation as a strength, so the more you can plan ahead of time, the more comfortable you will be during your date. At least the day before your outing, you should know exactly what the two of you will do together and exactly where you will do it. You might even plan other aspects of the date, like your outfit or your topics of conversation (see below). Then, when the first date comes, you will be thoroughly prepared to overcome any awkward challenges.

Having a plan serves an even greater purpose than mitigating any first-date awkwardness: It shows that you have initiative and forethought, which are subtly sexy traits most people want in their mates. Still, it is considerate to inform your date about your plans in case he or she isn’t keen on certain activities.

2. Learn Some Icebreakers

Getting to know a complete stranger is stressful ― how can you possibly understand another human being? Do you start with softball questions about his or her job and hobbies, or do you go straight to learning his or her life values and future plans?

Most experts advise against delving too deeply into potentially traumatic or controversial topics on the first date, which means you should stay away from issues like politics or past indiscretions. You should also avoid snore-inducing lines of conversation, like recent dreams or minor health problems. Instead, you can peruse icebreaker lists to find inspiration for your first-date chatter. These will help you and your date reveal important information in a lighthearted and comfortable way.

3. Pay Attention to Body Language

A famous study found that people communicate primarily non-verbally: More than 93 percent of a person’s thoughts and opinions are conveyed through his or her body language and tone of voice rather than the content of his or her sentences. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to your date’s non-verbal cues to understand what he or she is saying. You will be better equipped to steer the date away from any looming awkwardness, especially unwanted physical interaction.

It is important to watch your own body language as well as your date’s. Sometimes, you might encourage the wrong opinion with subconscious actions or behavior, and being careful about your expression and limb placement will help your date understand you, as well.

4. Get Active

The simple act of sitting across from your date is actually one of the hardest ways to achieve first-date success. When you are limited to the dinner and drinks on your table, you and your date will likely run out of conversation topics fast.

A much easier date ― and usually a much more memorable one ― gets you both up and interacting with the world around. Not only do active dates provide a built-in distraction during lulls in conversation, but they allow you to hide your nervous, fidgeting fingers. Here are some suggestions for lively first dates:

  • Attend a local arts or food festival
  • Walk around the park
  • Hike an easygoing mountain trail
  • Bike around your favorite neighborhood
  • Play a round of golf (or mini-golf)

5. Sink Into It

Ultimately, unless you and your date were made for one another, you will experience a bit of awkwardness on your first outing together. However, a tiny amount of discomfort isn’t a good reason to end the date early. Those mutual feelings of self-consciousness arise from positive emotions, like excitement and attraction, which means nervousness is a good sign: It shows you want to make a good impression.

While it is definitely a good idea to have a plan and to keep your date engaged, it can also be useful to allow a little awkwardness on your date. When a silence starts, you should try to feel comfortable in it by feeling the sensations in your body, noting your breath, and sinking into the tension. Perhaps your date will find your coolness in the face of awkwardness even more attractive.

The World’s Most Expensive Homes

7 Of The World’s Most Expensive Homes

While to most of the earth’s inhabitants a shelter from the harmful weather elements coupled with some conveniences and amenities like food and water comfortably pass for a home, there are some homes in the world, which currently cost more than most of the people, can dare to imagine, more than even some of the biggest corporations.

Here is a comprehensive review of  the 7 world’s most expensive homes in the world.

7. The penthouse in One Hyde Park; London

One Hyde Park London

one hyde park

This house hosting a two-floor apartment with six bedrooms is currently the seventh most expensive home in the world standing at $159,000,000. The apartments overlook the Hyde Park, great scenery for the tenants and one worth the price too. The building has virtually all its aspects in great shape and quality too. One very unique feature in these homes is that all the windows are bullet proof for maximum security. Recently it has been said to have been bought by an Eastern European.

6. Palace Green in Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Palace Green

This mansion cost the owner Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal a cool $222,000,000. To match the value however, it has everything just right. The building, for instance portrays elegance and power just from a glance. What is, however, more breathtaking is the inside of the house. It has the best of everything; ample space, necessary appliances, up-to-date technology, and the best supporting staff to ensure the owner lives like the palace the castle is. Security is also quite tight and reliable.

5. Fairfield in Sagaponack, New York

Ira Rennert Homse

This is not only one of the most expensive homes in the world; owned by Ira Rennert, but one of the most beautiful too. Its beauty and glamor is however best enjoyed from above. Its current value stands at $248,000,000. The home itself is very big and it takes up most of the compound’s space but very strategically. It hosts 29 bedrooms and a ton of other necessities as well as convenient rooms. It is a bright brown and white from afar, colors both of which leak of elegance. The compound on the other hand is very well partitioned and maintained as it also harbors other facilities and pleasures like parking space, swimming pools, gardens, and plantations and others. In addition to the serene compound, the house also faces the beach, enjoying the best of nature too.

4. The White House, Washington DC

The White House

It is one of the most significant and protected homes in the world, but not the most expensive. It is nonetheless one of the most expensive ones with a current value of $320,364,354. It has the best of everything really, from amenities and resources to appliances and security. Even nature is subject to some degree of control here. The one unique thing about it however is that unlike the other most expensive homes in the world, buying this home is out of the question. There is only one way in.

3. The Villa Leopolda, France

French Villa

This is one of the most expensive homes globally, but the most expensive in Europe. It sits on 20 acres of land and is currently worth $506,000,000. A calm and serene environment surrounds it with trees, taking up most of the space set aside for nature. The compound, just like the inside, hosts some great resources and facilities like a swimming pool and a garden to relax in and enjoy the fresh and clean air. The inside too matches the outside in looks and quality. Other aspects like security too are guaranteed.

2. Antilla, Mumbai

Antilla Mumbai

This 27-floor tower hovering on the city of Mumbai and worth $1,000,000,000 (1 billion) is one single home. It is not only made with some of the best materials in the industry, it also hosts some of the best and most uniquely bizarre personal collections in the world; the owner’s collection of antique sewing machines for example. Albeit it is a single home, it requires the services of over 600 staff workers to keep on running smoothly on a daily basis. The most noticeable feature about it is that it has a parking space with the capacity to hold about 168 cars, making the chances of at least stepping in as a guest wider.

1. Buckingham Palace

Queen's home

This house tops the list of the most expensive homes in the world standing at $1,560,000,000. Perhaps the most significant feature about it other than the glamour and glory of its status, is its age. All in all, the home is made out of the best stone and construction, and it seems to have survived the years pretty well, without a scratch even. The compound too is not only big, but also plentiful as it hosts some of the best sceneries and the gifts of nature like flowers. A towering statue built just in front of the home; however seems to get all the attention at the first glance and for all the right reasons too since it lacks of among other things power.
All in all, those are the seven most expensive homes in the world, believe it or not.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands

World’s Expensive Watch Brands

Being one of the most treasured accessories for both men and women, watches come in different styles and are made from different materials. The cost of a watch highly depends on the material that is used in making it, the design, and the special features that it displays. There are the common steel watches as well as those that are adorned with diamonds and jewels. An elegant and stylish watch can easily receive recognition but a luxurious and expensive one is an envy of many. Expensive watch brands sell at over $25,000 to over $1 million in the market and if you have the resources and can afford to buy one, here is a list of the world’s most expensive watch brands to choose from.

Patek Philippe

Patek Watch

The Patek Philippe watch brand is among the top expensive brands worldwide. The model that has become the most expensive timepiece of all time is the Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Super complication Pocket Watch is costing 11 million dollars. It has 18-carat trimmings that are guaranteed solid and it took five years to design and build it. The other model, which has been categorized as a vintage piece, is the Patek Philippe 1527 Wristwatch made in 1943. The watch is adorned with eighteen-carat gold, 23 jewels, silver dial, and Gold Arabic numerals on the dial. The price is five million dollars, making it one of the most expensive watches. Another model is the Sky Moon Tourbillion 5002 P, which costs $1.5 million. It has 686 parts, double faced, with celestial movements. It also comes with special features like manual winding, 55 jewel movements, and a power reserve lasting 48 hours. The other material that is of interest is the crocodile leather band together with the sapphire crystal. The Platinum World Time Watch model will cost you a cool $4 million.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Watch

This is a Swiss watch manufacture established in the year 1755 making Vacheron Constantin the oldest watchmaker known in history. In fact, it was the first to develop engine- turned dials. It is also among the best three worldwide in the production of traditional brands. The model Tour de l’Ile, sold for $1.5 million in the year 2005. Another model, Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers sells for $390,000 is an 18-carat rising gold case, an alligator leather strap, and a thin case.


Hublot Tourbillon

This Swiss watch company that was established in the year 1980 is a highly selling luxury brand worldwide. The brand sells at between a few hundred to over a million dollars. The models, which initially cost a few thousand when the company was, started now selling at over a million dollars. The brand is common among many people who fancy fine watches because they are not highly expensive and many can quite afford it. The brand Tourbillion Solo Bang sells for $122,000 while the Big Bang Caviar, which is among its most expensive, costs $1 million.


Girard Perregaux

This is another Swiss watch manufacturer that specializes in expensive watch brands. The Opera Three Musical Hours watch model from Girard-Perregaux goes for about $420,000. Its features include a mini jewelry box, a drum, 150 mounted pins, and 20 blades. It is a watch that allows you to play music using a lever and depending on your likes, the watch has a personalization facility that allows you to choose your preferences.

Audemars Piguet

audemars piquet

This watchmaker has consistently produced the most expensive watches in the globe competing only with Patek Philippe in that matter. The Royal Oak is a self-winding watch with 52 jewel movements. In addition, it has an 18k gold case that is white, together with a bracelet that matches, transparent sapphire case at the back and a perpetual calendar indicating the time, day, week, month and the year including moon phases, leap years. Another model – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Self-winding diamond watch is a slim one, of 37mm that is perfect for those men with skinny wrists. The new model is slim, only 37 mm but perfect for lean men with skinny wrists. The model is perfectly crafted in pink gold and has 40 diamonds in the shape that resemble the original model Royal Oak.

These are just but five expensive watch brands, but there are others that fall in the same group in terms of design and cost. The internet is fully of reviews and customers’ views or comments about this particular type of watches. The watchmakers are also doing their best to bring great brands in the market.