Simple Small Bathroom Decorating Tips

If you want to decorate a smaller bathroom, there are different challenges that appear. For instance, you have to deal with the smaller possible design layout. Space is highly limited so lavish use is not possible. You need to use smaller furnishings and cannot add many items. Here at Fix It Right Plumbing we fully understand the challenges of decorating a small bathroom. Fortunately, there are many different things that can be done, as long as you have the information to do so.

Some of the things that you can usually do include:

  • Floors

Always use light-colored, large tiles on the small bathroom’s floor. Light beige, gray and white are wonderful options since they instantly create the illusion of having more available space.

  • Walls

You also have to choose lighter colors when you paint the walls. You do not necessarily have to go for beige or white, but you should avoid darker colors. They just make walls seem closer than they are.

  • Sinks

The best option to consider is a wall mounted, small sink that does not have vanities. It allows you to get more floor space. If there is more visible space on the floor, the small bathroom instantly appears to be larger.

  • Cabinets

A great thing that you can do is install cabinets that can easily be set right into your wall. Open shelves or cabinet doors are always preferred. Unbroken, smooth wall surfaces make the bathroom look wider and longer. Cabinet doors have to be painted so that they match wall color.

  • Mirrors

It is a really good idea to hang larger mirrors. They reflect space and will always make the smaller bathroom look as if it is double the size. Larger mirrors can be added right above sinks. You can even add extra mirrors if possible.

  • Bathtub

It is possible to have a bathtub installed in a smaller bathroom. If this is the case, replace it with a shower stall that has clear-glass-door. This instantly frees up space. Alternatively, you can go for the Japanese style bathtub since it is extra deep and small. You have a tub that is large enough for the smaller children and a shower for adults. Add a curtain and a shower whenever possible.

  • Accessories

Simply because you have a smaller bathroom does not mean you cannot add accessories. You just need to be smart about what you choose. A great opportunity available is contacting RV suppliers. They have wonderful accessories that can be added to smaller bathrooms. For instance, you can always install tumbler holders, toothbrush holders and acrylic mounts.

  • Plants And Pictures

It is always a very good idea to use plants and pictures. Prints or photos that are mounted in clear frames can so easily create a wonderful decorating theme. This is a preferred option for the smaller bathroom as the theme is created without having to use too many items. Combine everything with towels of a suitable color and do the exact same thing with shower curtains.